Ditch the Crossover…Go with the MINI Cooper S Clubman

Looking for just the right crossover can be exhausting. There are so many to choose from, trying to figure out which one will deliver the power, performance, comfort, and cargo space you need can be a bit much.

So skip looking and go straight to one of the top choices in the industry: the 2016 MINI Cooper S Clubman. The Clubman may not seem like a crossover

Keeping Your MINI On The Road

Your MINI is special to you. MINI knows this. That’s why they make them with such care and attention to detail. But there’s more to it than that, and they make sure to go the extra mile for you. That’s why every MINI comes with a warranty at no cost to you. Something not working right? Part malfunctions? While MINI’s standards are very exacting, they know that not everything can be perfect 100% of the time. This is why a good MINI

A Closer Look at MINI Handling

Been eyeing the new MINI Cooper for sale? There are definitely more than a few to choose from. Your final choice will most likely come down to personal preference in terms of design, size, and aesthetics. Why just those? Because every MINI is imbued with fantastic driving capabilities, power, and amazing handling. You simply cannot go wrong.

A quick visit to your 

MINI Could be Joining Team Hybrid

Hybrids are growing in popularity – and no small wonder. Now that luxury car makers are finally taking note about people’s desire to enjoy a car that is better for both the environment and their pocketbooks, hybrids have been appearing across the board. And with Tesla making waves throughout the industry, MINI may be the next to take up the reins of luxury hybrid power.

The 2016

MINI Takes the Gold with “The Defiants”

Unexpected stories are always appreciated. They are the kind that get written into legend, into the annals of history. And MINI highlighted numerous Olympic athletes this year due to their amazing stories and ability to defy the odds. In this, MINI has dubbed them “The Defiants” and showcased these athletes in an ad to support them and everything they do.

The ad wasn’t just about MINI

Every MINI is Your MINI with Vision Next 100 concept

Urban mobility is extremely limited. The frustration of owning and operating a vehicle in the city is reason enough to go without, without even factoring in the environmental impact. More millennials are forgoing car ownership – and MINI is, once again, adapting to the demands of the market.

Car Sharing: An Emerging Trend

When you visit Braman MINI, you’ll see first-hand that this brand is renowned

MINI Announces the All-New MINI Seven

MINI recently announced the new MINI Seven, which will be available in the 2017 Cooper and Cooper S two and four-door models. This iteration of the classic is made even better by an exorbitant amount of space for your passengers. The roomier package still features the same small surface area that is synonymous with Mini. The go-cart feeling has not been compromised, either. In short,  this is still the most fun car on the road.

One of the coolest new