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Is MINI Next to Launch U.S. Car Subscription Service?

Will MINI offer a car subscription service along the lines of Access by BMW? There are a lot of indicators that suggest it’s only a matter of time. Imagine holding a MINI Cooper lease that allows you to swap models as you see fit. It’s like Netflix – but for cars. You subscribe, and as soon as you’re done with one, a concierge comes in to make the switch.

Nashville Pilot Program

The appeal of exploring different MINI Cooper models is certainly appealing. BMW is piloting the Access program in Nashville, TN to enable drivers to do just this. That program has separate tiers that allows you to access different kinds of cars. For instance, you could drive an electric MINI back and forth from work during the week, and then see a concierge deliver you a gas-powered MINI with a full tank of gas for a weekend trip.

There’s no limit in the BMW program as to how many times you change cars. You can have a different one delivered to you every day if you want. If extended to MINI, this would allow you to show off different MINI Cooper models with different capabilities and styles. And when you’re ready for the next adventure, it’s delivered right to you.

There’s Already a Program in the UK!

The next indicator of a MINI subscription service is that there’s already a subscription program going strong in the UK. If it works there, it would work here, in a country even more focused on car travel.

For the time being, the only thing standing in between you and a MINI subscription service seems to be ironing out the details. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the next evolution in your MINI Cooper lease arriving soon in a fun subscription package.

Certified Pre-Owned MINI Cooper S Countryman All4 for sale | Braman MINI Palm Beach, FL

A Certified Pre-Owned MINI Cooper Could Save You Thousands!

Getting a beautiful new MINI Coupe doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, you don’t even have to spend a lot of money if you head to the right dealer for a certified pre-owned MINI Cooper.

The best MINI dealerships know how to provide customers with high quality MINIs that are at excellent pricing, but nowhere near the new price mark. That’s because these MINIs, though used, are still in amazing shape. This isn’t just any used car – this is a certified pre-owned MINI Cooper. That means it has to run the gamut of testing before it is ever even seen by outsider eyes.

Braman goes to great lengths to ensure that customers are wholly satisfied with their used MINIs. In order to do so, they have a very long and particular set of guidelines that the returned MINIs must meet before hitting the sales floor again. From the mileage amount to the condition of various parts, from the quality of the interior to the functionality of its technology, every point must be met or exceeded before the MINI can move on. It doesn’t matter what model it might be. If a MINI Coupe comes back looking perfect but has too many miles and a damaged interior, you’re not likely to ever set eyes on it. Braman only takes back the best and makes certain that they come back out even better.

And you can rest easy knowing that the certified pre-owned MINI Cooper you choose is of that standard. Many of the cars that come back to the Braman dealership are leases, which means they’ve been out on the road perhaps only 2-3 years and only a handful of miles on them. If they pass, then they also pass on the savings. You can get a 2015 MINI for thousands of dollars less for this simple reason.

A quick look at Braman’s website will show you everything you need to know – including which MINI you should buy next!

Certified Pre-Owned MINI Cooper S Countryman for sale in Palm Beach

Why Not Get a Certified Pre-Owned MINI Cooper?

When shopping around for a used MINI Cooper for sale, you want to make sure that the MINI you get is in good condition. This can be a difficult job – unless you’re an expert at all things MINI, how do you know that the car you are getting is in the best possible shape it can be? How do you know the MINI dealership you’ve visited is giving you the best MINI at the best price? Instead of hunting just for a used MINI Cooper for sale, you should check out Braman MINI and look at the idea of a pre-owned, certified MINI Cooper.

With Braman’s certified pre-owned MINI Cooper program, you can get a MINI for thousands of dollars off the retail price and be certain that it’s in pristine condition. Braman has very strict rules when it comes to putting a MINI back out for sale under their pre-owned listing. If the MINI doesn’t fit these rules, then it simply isn’t going to happen. Braman has high standards for the vehicles they work with, so the MINI must adhere to these. This isn’t just a used MINI Cooper for sale – it’s a pre-owned, certified MINI Cooper, and there’s a difference. Old parts are replaced by brand new ones, mileage is low, interiors are cleaned, exteriors are sparkling, and every feature works. Braman is about top tier vehicles and service; and it shows.

Take a look at their list of pre-owned, c ertified MINI Cooper cars. You’ll quickly realize that they’re worth every penny. You save thousands of dollars and get a car that is practically new. Many MINIs that come back for this program have been under the Braman lease program, which means they’ve only been on the road for a few years with light use. It’s an excellent way to get a beautiful MINI and save a great deal of money all at the same time.

Used MINI Cooper JCW Coupe for sale in Palm Beach

See Braman’s Used MINI Cooper Inventory in West Palm Beach

Welcome to MINI’s certified pre-owned program, MINI Next. If you’re checking the market for a used MINI Cooper, this is where you want to be because you can be certain that the MINI you choose has been examined top to bottom, inside and out, and given a brand new life as your future car. It doesn’t matter if it’s a MINI Cooper Hardtop or a Coupe – you’re bound to find a gorgeous MINI ready to rock and roll down the road at a price point that’s thousands of dollars less than a brand new car.

A quick look at Braman’s used MINI Cooper inventory and you’ll see a plethora of MINIs to choose from – and it’s an exciting list. From slightly older MINIs to current 2015 models, you can get something that suits you to the last detail. Choose from a 2012 MINI Cooper Hardtop and pay only $15,990. With its 29 city mpg and 37 highway mpg, it’s a fantastic investment. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Continue looking and you’ll find a 2013 MINI Cooper Hardtop at only $17,990, a 2014 MINI Cooper S Roadster at just $28,990, and much more.

Ask Braman about financing options, and start thinking seriously about investing in a MINI. With such an amazing list of used MINI Cooper cars, you’re bound to find something that fits with what you want for your lifestyle. Braman will let you know everything about the cars you decide to check out. From providing you with dozens of pictures on their website to letting you know how many people owned the car before you, you can be confident in your purchase.

Take some time to check out Braman’s MINI inventory today and drive home in your MINI Cooper. Don’t be surprised if everyone thinks you bought a brand new car!

Blue CPO MINI Cooper Convertible for sale at Braman MINI in West Palm Beach, Florida

Certified Pre-Owned MINI Cooper For Sale in Palm Beach

Braman takes their cars seriously so you never have to worry about the integrity of a vehicle when you make a purchase. From new vehicles to certified pre-owned MINI Cooper cars, you’ll get nothing but the best of the best. MINI Coopers for sale at Braman are given a thorough examination when they return to the lot after years of enjoyment and care, and are only released if they qualify for Braman’s certified pre-owned MINI Cooper program.

There are very strict guidelines that Braman follows before entering a MINI Cooper into their program, thus ensuring that you’re getting a car that’s like new all while costing thousands of dollars less. A few requirements include a clean Carfax history, maintained as per the factory guidelines, and all original owner’s manuals. There are also two different certified pre-owned MINI Cooper programs that Braman handles. The CPO 575 means that the car has less than 36,000 miles on it, while the regular CPO maintains the car has less than 60,000 miles.

However, Braman finds that it’s rare MINIs return to them with higher mileage. The vast majority that enter into the program are coming off their leases, in which case the MINI Coopers for sale have very low mileage, are well-maintained, and still have that quality of being bright, shiny, and new. In fact, many are even still under factory warranty. Even so, interiors and exteriors are given a meticulous examination while also undergoing a 300-point inspection. If the car makes the cut, but still needs adjusting, brand new MINI parts are installed. They’re also test driven in order to make certain it drives like new.

It’s a careful, involved process that ensures you only get the highest quality certified pre-owned MINI Cooper into your hands. The combination of peace of mind and your new favorite MINI makes Braman the best place to shop.