2015 Mini Cooper S Interior

March 06, 2015

View of the MINI Cooper S Dashboard

MINI knows how to have fun with their cars. And they know that the people that drive them love to have fun, too. So the next time you find yourself inside of a 2015 MINI Cooper S, switch on the Sport Mode and discover what happens.

In a great showing of engineering skill and a keen eye for design, the 2015 MINI Cooper S lights up in fun fashion. The interior lights glow a bold red, ready for action and adventure in Sport Mode. But that’s not the only thing you can expect when it comes to a bit of a light show. Switch over to MINImilize Green Mode and, naturally, the lights all flash into a fresh green. The center console is where all the excitement happens, doubling as the tachometer or the radio depending upon what you need to do at the time. The circular design around it lights up when you rev the engine, turning up the volume, and change as necessary depending upon your actions in the car.

And while you cruise around Florida under the sun, be sure to turn up your music and rock out. The Harman Kardon Premium system will let you really enjoy your tunes with crystal clear sound. Sit in seats made for comfort, and simply have a good time. MINI is the sort of car that doesn’t swing too far into the luxury area because they want their drivers to enjoy driving. These aren’t the sort of cars that demand chauffeurs – they’re meant to be driven and for those in charge to really love what they do.

So drive one home yourself! Head over to your Braman MINI dealership and test-drive a 2015 MINI Cooper S and discover all the nifty things it’s ready to show you. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, you might find yourself wondering why you haven’t gotten into a MINI sooner.

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