2016 MINI Cooper

July 10, 2017

There is nothing quite like the classic lines of a Mini Cooper. This British export has won its way into the hearts of American car lovers thanks to its looks, its comfort, its handling and its power. Mini dealers in South Florida have found that keeping the product in stock can be challenging due to its popularity. But what makes the Mini Cooper so appealing? What is it about this British car that makes it so endearing to so many people?

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The Basics

Most car enthusiasts know how cars like Porsche and Ferrari became popular, but many don’t know the story behind the Mini Cooper. Before you look for a Mini Cooper for sale it’s a good idea to know a bit about the history of the car, especially since it was chosen as the second most influential car of the 20th century.


In 1956, a fuel shortage brought on by the Suez Crisis, prompted Leonard Lord to begin work on a design for a revolutionary vehicle. Because gas was rationed in England at the time, Lord worked to create a car that would be affordable to both manufacture and run. By the end of 1957, he had created the Mini Cooper. The Mini had its ups and downs, however, so it wasn’t until 2005 before it made its permanent appearance on American soil. Since then the Mini has only grown in popularity globally – and most certainly in the United States.


Mini Cooper Options

One of the great things about the Mini Cooper is that there are a variety of options from which to select when you visit Mini dealers in South Florida. The 2016 Mini Cooper gives the owner the choice of either a two- or a four-door hatchback. Additionally, a number of exceptional features come standard on the Mini Cooper including full power, leather-wrapped steering wheel, automatic headlights, a cooled glove box, cruise control, and much more.


So what are the options open to Mini owners? One is the engine. Vehicles within the Mini Cooper line have different engines, with the Cooper S hailing the most powerful engine of the lot. No matter which engine you choose, you’ll have the distinct Mini experience you crave.


Other options include 17” wheels, an aerodynamic body kit, special seats with cloth upholstery, and a sport steering wheel as well. You can also choose to incorporate more safety features into the Mini Cooper, such as a rearview camera, an automated parking system, a keyless ignition and entry, and rear parking sensors among many others.


One consideration to be aware of when making your Mini Cooper selection is that the three different engines offer varying levels of fuel economy. For example, the base model has a turbocharged 3 cylinder engine that achieves 28 mpg in the city and 39 mpg on the highway.


The Cooper S has a 4 cylinder engine that returns 23 mpg city and 33 mpg highway. Finally, the John Cooper Works, which is only available in a 2-door, has the same engine as the Cooper S but with more horsepower and torque. This makes it return 25 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. Even the most “fuel  hungry” Mini will wow at the pump.


One feature that helps to make the Mini Cooper so fuel efficient, no matter which option you opt to purchase, is the automatic stop-start feature. This feature shuts the engine off when the car is stopped. So, for example, whenever you are at a red light or are mired in unmoving traffic, the vehicle turns the engine off in order to save fuel and lower emissions. Then, when you’re ready to go, the vehicle starts back up without having to do a single thing other than press the accelerator. It’s that easy to conserve.


Safety Features

As mentioned before, the Mini Cooper has a number of additional safety options. But even models with the standard safety package will find that they are eminently secure and protected in this vehicle. The park assist and backup camera are a helpful tool for those who didn’t pay attention in drivers’ ed class – so, everyone! – and the multiple airbags, including side-curtain and front-side airbags, are industry-leading.



While the look of the vehicle is a critical factor for most owners, it is the power and the handling that differentiate the ordinary from the extraordinary. The Mini Cooper does not disappoint. This unique brand of vehicle is known for is it’s ability to integrate great fuel efficiency while generating enough power to make any car lover thrilled.


The low center of gravity makes the Mini Cooper an excellent vehicle for someone who likes cars that can handle tight corners. It doesn’t matter if you’re just running errands around town or going on a long trip to see the nation – the car is simply fun to drive.


It is important to note before you look for a Mini Cooper for sale, that the four-door Mini Cooper does have a wider base than the two-door, so it feels a touch more stable. The turbocharged four-cylinder engine allows the car to keep up with larger vehicles, such as the Volkswagen Golf GTI, while still being quiet enough to enjoy conversation – or silence.


If you think that a Mini Cooper might be the right option for you, head to Mini dealers in South Florida sooner rather than later, as this is just the type of vehicle that tends to fly off the lot as soon as it’s stocked.

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