2019 MINI Cooper 4 Door Head and Tail Light Designs

January 15, 2018
2019 MINI Cooper | Braman MINI

Auto manufacturers often go to great lengths to keep updates and changes under wraps until they can plan a big reveal. And, it naturally follows, auto aficionados go to equally great lengths to uncover new additions and interactions. This is why we have some early intel on the 2019 MINI Cooper 4-Door model – its head and tail lights anyway!


What’s New?

2019 won’t bring a complete refresh of the beloved 4-door, but spy photographers caught some covert snaps of the MINI in Germany that appear to show changes to the head and tail lights.


While well-camouflaged, it seems that the shape of the lights is at least slightly different and that the Cooper may be utilizing the same type of design as featured in the MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept. What’s certain is there is some difference in the vertical aspect of the design. They’re not the exact same round bubbly lights seen on the current model.


Likewise, the headlights seem different to the 2018 model, and again, they may be modeled on those from the JCW GP Concept.


These may seem like minor changes, and in the grand scheme, they are! But because the MINI is so beloved, any aesthetic update can create anticipation in fans. Again, though, nothing major will change with the 2019 MINI Cooper 4-Door as the brand is still rocking this generation. Count on the spy photogs to give us a sneak peek when the time comes for a big update!


You don’t need to covert about your desire for one of these beautiful vehicles! Just stop by your Braman MINI dealership and ask about a test drive. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

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