A Closer Look at MINI Design

February 10, 2017

South Florida MINI Dealership | Braman MINI

When you step onto the lot of a South Florida MINI dealership, you may at first be overwhelmed with the stunning selection of MINI vehicles right at your fingertips. As you search for the perfect new MINI for sale, you’ll quickly notice how pristine each car looks – and it isn’t just because it’s new. It’s because MINI takes pride in its work, seeking to make each and every car just so. You’re buying not just a car, but pure excellence.

MINIs aren’t just made in factories like other cars, put together piece by piece on a conveyor belt by machines. Instead, they are built one at a time. A new MINI for sale can have handcrafted wooden accents, hand-stitched leather, top quality interior finishes, customizable door bezels, and even ambient lighting that is available in an astounding 255 color tones.

MINI may also have the implication that the car is small. Indeed, it is a compact car, but that doesn’t mean drivers and passengers alike will feel cramped and uncomfortable. Instead, it’s quite the opposite. Visit a South Florida MINI dealership and see for yourself how spacious the inside of a MINI is. From the classic 2-Door to the Clubman and Countryman, there’s something for everyone.

MINI vehicles are also available under the bespoke program, which allows a customer to pick and choose practically every single element of the vehicle they desire. Add some stripes? Choose the color of your mirror caps? Unique spokes and wheels for your car? The choices are, quite literally, yours to make, giving you an amazing ability to create a one of a kind car that reflects your style and personality in every way. The makers of MINI want you to love your vehicle as much as they’ll love making it.
So craft your own, or choose a new MINI for sale from a Braman South Florida MINI dealership. Either way, you’re sure to drive onto the road a very happy new MINI owner.

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