A Closer Look at MINI Handling

October 31, 2016

new MINI Cooper for Sale | Braman MINI

Been eyeing the new MINI Cooper for sale? There are definitely more than a few to choose from. Your final choice will most likely come down to personal preference in terms of design, size, and aesthetics. Why just those? Because every MINI is imbued with fantastic driving capabilities, power, and amazing handling. You simply cannot go wrong.

A quick visit to your West Palm Beach MINI dealer will show you everything you need to know. Take a few spins yourself in different MINI Coopers, and you’ll be able to feel the difference between the iconic MINI and just about any other car. MINIs are built for speed and agility. In fact, racing is in MINI’s blood. You might be surprised if you rewound time to take a look at some of the past races MINI has participated in – or you could look at today’s list and discover all the races they’ve currently taken on. These little bulldogs are actually thoroughbreds in disguise!

Strip down any new MINI Cooper for sale and you’ll see a surprisingly simple looking concept. However, closer inspection will reveal all the secrets to you; all the intricate details and careful craftsmanship that go into each and every MINI drivetrain and more. Powerful all wheel control means that you’ll own corners, not just drive around them. You’ll be in control the entire time, with a powerful grip on the road that won’t let go anytime soon.

When you decide to get a MINI, one of the things you absolutely must do in order to fully appreciate what a MINI can do is take full advantage of Club Braman’s Performance Driving Event. Your trusted West Palm Beach MINI dealer can fill you in on all the details, but it will give you a chance to race your MINI like never before under the assistance of a professional driver. It’s an amazing experience, and one that will have you fully appreciating everything about MINI’s handling.

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