Are Smaller Cars the New Industry Trend? Try Out the MINI Cooper Convertible

April 12, 2016

MINI Dealer | Braman MINI Palm Beach

At one point in time, we were all about “bigger is better.” Except now the times have changed. Opinions and ideas have shifted. And that phrase has come into question. Is bigger really better? Big cars became known for being gas guzzlers. And considering what America has been through with the economy, gas prices, and our new found desire to make true change when it comes to being a little more earth-friendly, smaller cars have become the trend of the year.

But is it a trend or something that’s here to stay? Though it may be hard to tell for certain now, one thing is clear: cars such as the 2016 MINI Cooper are getting more scrutiny than ever before. People walk into a MINI dealer looking for a car that won’t cost them a lot, still has high quality, and won’t eat up their dollars in gas pricing or monthly payments. Likewise, something such as MINI maintenance doesn’t provide folks with a migraine because the cars themselves are so high quality to begin with. Simple things such as oil changes and checkups are easy, fast, and get you back on the road in no time. What’s more, the quality means the vehicle can stay on the road much longer.

A 2016 MINI Cooper – indeed, the newest one on the market – starts at just $36,000. Compared to other larger cars of years past that began at $48,000, MINIs are exceedingly appealing.  What’s more, people can now head into a MINI dealer with more knowledge than ever before, with the internet giving folks the edge people simply didn’t have in years past. From rebates to knowing what to expect, it’s about getting the car they want the first time around.

So what are you looking for? Easy MINI maintenance? Less gas overall? A smaller car with high quality and a low price? Join the ranks of people across the nation who seek the same thing. Start with the 2016 MINI Cooper and get the most bang for your buck and drive away happy.

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