Braman Motorcars Super Bowl Commercial

February 08, 2015

Braman Motorcars Test Drive

Looking into making a new luxury car purchase? If you missed out on the Braman Motorcars Super Bowl commercial, now might be a good time to take a peek. It’s a quick look at what Braman has to offer when it comes to investing in a new MINI or other amazing vehicle.

Braman is, as the commercial states, all about elevating customers to the next level. Bringing more than just amazing cars to the forefront, if you step onto a Braman MINI lot, you’ll find helpful sales associates who do more than just show you the cars. They’ll answer every question you have about how one MINI is different from another. What is under the hood? What options you can get with each one? What are your buying and leasing possibilities? And, of course, they’ll encourage you to take any one of their vehicles for a test drive so you can see for yourself how your car will handle in normal conditions.

But the service doesn’t stop there. Braman Motorcars is more than just a dealership. They don’t sell you a car, wave goodbye, and watch you go on your merry way. No, Braman offers many ways to get in touch with others who have the same likes as you do. Ways to interact with other members of the community by offering all sorts of fun options to you. From VIP access to fashion events and polo matches to a workshop that gives you the chance to drive your MINI like the professionals do, Braman is intent upon providing customers with all kinds of amazing opportunities.

It’s a commercial that isn’t all flash and glitz. You’ll see gorgeous cars, yes, but you’ll also be reminded of how hard Braman Motorcars works for each individual. The second you step onto a Braman MINI location, you’ll wonder why you’ve waited so long to do so.

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