December 16, 2013

Removing the last barrier between you and a happy relationship with your pre-owned car

So you’ve pretty much arrived at the decision that a pre-owned MINI is the right car for you, or any other that may be in Braman’s vast inventory.  But, as with any major financial decision, there are a few little worries in the back of your mind.

What if I get the car home and drive it for a couple of days and find out I don’t really like it?  What if my wife / husband / children / dog don’t like it?

There are a lot of ‘What ifs’ that can come between you and a happy relationship with your new pre-owned car.  And Braman MINI is absolutely committed to making our customers happy, so we came up with something brand new… the “Braman What If Warranty.” Or, by its official name, THE BRAMAN MOTORCARS PRE-OWNED VEHICLE 3-DAY/200 MILE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE POLICY.

And here’s how it works.  Buy a pre-owned or Pre-Owned Certified MINI from Braman MINI and if the ‘What Ifs’ get to be overwhelming before you’ve driven the car for three days or 200 miles, bring the car back and you’ll get your money back.

Of course it has to be in the same condition as you got it.  And if you traded a car in and it’s still at the dealership, you get it back.  But if it’s been sold already (cars go fast at Braman), you’ll get a refund for the trade-in price on your contract.  There are a few more details, which you can view here, but it’s just little things to make sure that both you and Braman are getting a square deal and walk away friends.  After all, someday the ‘What Ifs’ will be gone, and you’ll need a car and Braman would like to be the one to sell it to you.

Braman… you’ve arrived at the place where your automotive dreams not only come true, but they get a second chance.

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