Complimentary Scheduled Mini Maintenance

September 26, 2017

Scheduled Mini Maintenance

Do you know why so many vehicles give their owners increased headaches as they get older? If you’ve ever purchased a used vehicle, you might have been on a first-name basis with your mechanic because you’re in the shop so often. But why do some used vehicles seem to break down constantly while others don’t? Oftentimes, it’s the original source of the automobile (did they purchase from a respected pre-owned dealership?) and the quality of the maintenance.

Regular maintenance is an essential aspect of car ownership, whether you purchase your vehicle new or used. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t develop serious problems, and helps to lengthen its lifespan as well. As any MINI dealer will tell you, the better you treat your car, the better it will treat you.

Unfortunately, many vehicle owners don’t recognize how important regularly scheduled maintenance is. There are even a number of car owners who put off changing their oil, which can quickly kill an engine. Lack of maintenance turns small problems and routine issues into major inconveniences – and equally significant expenses.

If you’ve ever looked at MINI cars for sale, you will undoubtedly be interested in the complimentary scheduled maintenance. Wait… what? Complimentary scheduled maintenance? MINI, under the marquee of the iconic BMW brand, offers this benefit to owners. But it begs the question: why would any automaker offer free maintenance?


The Theory Behind Free MINI Maintenance

In today’s world, we’re not used to hearing the word “free” without some sort of condition attached to it. For example, you may hear a company say that you’ll get free oil changes if you purchase the new car. The fine print, however, tries to hide the fact that you must spend a certain amount of money in order to get the “free” oil changes. Or you receive free winter tires that are only “free” because of the additional money tacked onto the cost of the vehicle.

With MINI, however, there are no strings attached to the free maintenance. MINI, and, of course, BMW,  want their cars to enjoy a long, powerful life – just as much as you do. At BMW, they recognize that vehicle owners dedicate a significant amount of money to the cars they drive; the automaker wants to ensure drivers receive a positive return on their investment.

To this end, they developed an ideal maintenance program. For 3 years, or for 36,000 miles (whichever happens to come first), MINI will have your vehicle serviced at an authorized MINI dealer as a perk of ownership. This includes routine items, such as engine oil services, brake fluid service, wiper blade inserts, cabin air microfilter and engine air filter change, brake pads and rotors, and much more. The company estimates that this will save you almost $1500 in service costs – and untold sums in avoided  hassles and inconveniences.

Will this really affect the lifespan of your vehicle? Absolutely. Auto experts agree that regular maintenance can extend the life of your car by a number of years. And not only will it keep running beautifully, regular maintenance will catch any other problems that might pop up. This prevents minor issues from escalating and ensures that your vehicle will perform optimally, even as it “matures.”


Other Tips to Help You Extend the Life Of Your MINI

While regular maintenance can extend the life of your vehicle, it’s reassuring to know that there are other steps you can take to accomplish this as well. For starters, regularly rotating your tires can dramatically increase the life of your tires as well as the life of your vehicle. When they’re run in the same place, tires will have wear and tear in only one location. By rotating the tires, the wear and tear is evened out and makes the tires last much longer.

It’s important to keep the outside of your car washed and waxed to protect it, but keeping the engine clean is just as important. Having a qualified expert remove the sludge off the exterior of the engine, where it tends to accrue, can keep it running beautifully for a very long time

And, believe it or not, if you live in a cold climate, it’s important to run your air conditioner a few times. It might be cold, but if you don’t run the AC at least a few times during the cold winter months, your moving parts may seize up which will prevent the system from working properly when the weather really gets warm.

The regular scheduled maintenance that comes bundled with MINI cars for sale adds even more value to your purchase. It not only helps the vehicle to last longer, it also can give the owner confidence that any problems that might occur will be caught before they become huge expenses. And that is just one more reason to love MINI.

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