Entry-Level MINI Cooper

February 18, 2015

MINI Rocketman (Minor) Concept Car

People like MINI Coopers, oftentimes whether they fall into a person’s budget or not. Even for those who can’t afford a MINI at the time, it doesn’t mean they can’t still admire the car’s spunk and style. It’s ability to get up and go, the way it can handle tight corners and sneaky gaps. It’s a diverse little car and easy to love. But sometimes it just doesn’t fit within everyone’s budget.

MINI is well aware of this. For a long time, MINI has been searching for a partner to help develop an entry-level car, working on its purpose-built platform, but until now nothing has been certain.

MINI Rocketman Concept

Indeed, ever since the debut of the MINI Rocketman in 2011, people have wondered where the car went. Who is working on it? Anyone? What is the plan? It seems as though Toyota may be that partner. Recently, the German news outlet Autobild has stated that this may truly be the case. What’s more, the MINI Rocketman may finally return in 2018 or 2019, only it would do so under the name of MINI Minor. The name is a throwback to the Morris MINI-Minor from the 1960s.

What would this MINI concept cost? Because the goal is to craft an entry-level MINI, the price tag is currently rumored to be about $15,200. But remember, this is still rather early in the game, especially since it will be several years before the MINI Minor appears before us. Still, if it is able to keep such a price tag, that puts it neatly below even the current base model MINI, the Hardtop 2-door, which starts at $20,700. And let’s not forget that every car company is continuously innovating, so the designs of today may be even better tomorrow, which could transform the MINI Minor into something even more impressive with a low price. Perfect for all of us looking to roll to a stop in our garage with MINI keys in our hands.

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