Every MINI is Your MINI with Vision Next 100 concept

August 22, 2016

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Urban mobility is extremely limited. The frustration of owning and operating a vehicle in the city is reason enough to go without, without even factoring in the environmental impact. More millennials are forgoing car ownership – and MINI is, once again, adapting to the demands of the market.

Car Sharing: An Emerging Trend

When you visit Braman MINI, you’ll see first-hand that this brand is renowned for being exceptionally customizable. You can make each element reflect your unique personality. MINI’s Vision Next 100 Concept’s motto, “every MINI is your MINI” exercises the philosophy that MINIs are a great fit for everyone. Moreover, every MINI is a great fit for you. To this end, the concept is designed to be implemented into urban life through car-sharing technology.

The new Vision Next 100 Concept is a digitally superior vehicle, available 24/7. Much like a car share of this decade, the vehicle is handed off between drivers– except with this concept, the MINI can drive itself to you.

The concept car is fully automatic but can switch to adapt to a driver simply by moving  and locking the steering wheel. It will then adapt to your individual preferences, effectively shapeshifting its interior to match your needs, whether your ride lasts for 10 minutes or a whole day.

The car arrives in a silver skin with a silver, blank interior. It adapts to the driver’s design preferences, effectively keeping the spirit of MINI customization alive and adhering to the “every MINI is your MINI” motto.

One of the most eco-friendly aspects of this car is that it is made from recycled and recyclable plastic and aluminum– but don’t worry, it’s still as sleek as our current MINIs.

This technology vision is expected to reach its potential within the next 100 years. The concept behind this will truly revolutionize the way we think about driving and riding. Until its debut, be sure to check out MINI lease specials for today’s best cars while you dream of tomorrow.

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