Grand Turismo Gets a MINI Cooper Clubman

March 01, 2015

The MINI Cooper Clubman in Gran Tourismo

For those who love to play video games, things just got a little more interesting. Normally in speedy games, you’ll find all the usual names – Ferrari, Corvette – and sometimes names that are entirely made up. But some game builders like to stick with the realistic design – and MINI has decided to get in on the game.

Gran Turismo 6 gets a new update that includes a MINI Cooper. That means now you can cruise around the tracks at breakneck speed in a MINI Cooper Clubman. The bodykit with two “barn” doors, the 395 hp under the hood, all-wheel drive, and 180 mph as the top speed – it may not be a car that you can drive in real life, but it’s going to be amazingly fun to careen around corners in the game with this car.

So far screen caps and a few other images are circulating, but everyone is still waiting on the final release of the update. The car itself looks as one might expect in a nonexistent video game world. Likewise, there are dozens of customizable colors and other aspects to suit your gaming style. Many wouldn’t mind seeing MINI making an attempt at creating a real-life version of this insane car, but until then, we’ll have to live vicariously through Gran Turismo 6.

Or you could always go out to a MINI dealership and test drive one for yourself and discover all the different MINI Coopers for sale. Then you can get the real MINI experience and realize what makes them so amazing in the first place. Any Braman MINI dealership will be more than happy to show you all the different features and just what makes MINI so special. Going home with one gives you the chance to drive a MINI any time you want in case Gran Turismo isn’t quite doing it for you anymore.

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