Introducing the Mini Hatchback 5 Door

June 12, 2014

The newest update to the Mini family, the Hatchback 5 Door provides a lot of things that people are looking for in their next vehicles. Braman Mini is excited to see this coming to lots so everyone can test drive them and see first-hand what a great little vehicle it promises to be.

The Hatchback 5 Door has its base design rooted in the F56 3-door model. But while the 3-door only had space for two people in the rear, the new Hatchback has enough space for three. And it’s nothing cramped either. Cars today have somehow seemed to master interior space like never before – it may be a Mini Cooper, but it’s quite roomy in there. Not only is the 5-door wider, but it’s also taller and a bit longer as well, providing people with more headroom and legroom. Even luggage space has been expanded.

While the 3-door had just that – three doors – now the 5-door allows for rear passengers to get in and out on their own due to the revamped size. No more pushing seats forward and crawling in. It’s about luxury and space, and the Mini Hatchback 5 door has crafted that and more with aplomb.

You get your choice of the Mini Hatchback 5 door as well. There will be four model variants, including those with the Mini TwinPower Turbo Technology. These include:

  • The Mini Cooper 5 door with 100 kW/136 hp 3-cylinder gas engine
  • The Mini Cooper S 5 door with 141 kW/192 hp 4-cylinder gas engine
  • The Mini Cooper D 5 door with 85 kW/116 hp 3-cylinder diesel engine
  • The Mini Cooper SD 5 door featuring a new 125 kW/170 hp 4-cylinder diesel engine

The Hatchback 5 door also includes a 6-speed manual transmission as a standard, but you can always opt for the Steptronic transmission in 6-speed or Steptronic sports transmission if you’re looking for increased power. There’s a lot to see when it comes to this new Mini Cooper. Stylish and fun to drive, it’s easy to fall in love.

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