Lego Mini Cooper Coming in August

July 20, 2014

MINI cooperNo – not a Mini Cooper with a Lego-inspired theme (as amazing as that would be), but it’s the next best thing. Coming in August, you’ll be able to satisfy your love of Legos, Mini Coopers, or both with the Lego Mini Cooper.

That’s right – it’s a model of the iconic Mini Cooper that you put together piece by piece. Lego finally realized some years back that adults aren’t afraid to dive right back into their childhood by hauling a box of Legos back to their home. Lego states that the Mini Cooper is almost a kind of follow-up on the Volkswagen Bus that was released a few years ago.

This isn’t a tiny little model either. It’s got a nice size to it, in fact. Made up of 1,077 pieces, once finished it stands four inches tall, five inches wide, and nine inches long. It’s a classic British Racing Green body with a white roof, hood stripes, and yes, even a license plate. In fact, there are several pieces included that Lego has simply never made before.

The attention to detail is, in a word, brilliant. Once finished, Lego builders will be delighted to see that all of the doors open, a peek under the roof reveals the interior, complete with detailed dashboard, gearshift, and movable steering wheel. But there’s still more. On one end, you’ll have the simulated engine, and tucked away in the boot of the car is a little picnic set that can be taken out, as well as a spare tire. This is the sort of model that even non-Lego builders can’t help but appreciate.

If you don’t have the money to buy yourself a larger-than-life Mini Cooper, you can always do the next best thing and put together your own. Landing in stores this August, you can obtain your own Lego Mini Cooper set for $99.99.

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