MINI Cooper: South Florida Style!

November 11, 2014

All of South Florida in One Car!

When you imagine the South Florida scene, you imagine sunshine, palm trees, free-spiritedness and energy. Did you ever think that a car could capture all those qualities? Well, all those features are captured in the MINI Cooper, which might as well be an ambassador for South Florida fun. Here are some great reasons to visit your MINI Car Dealer in South Florida today!

Whether in a drop top or a hard top, the MINI is just plain fun to drive. Just watching people smile as they approach their car from our dealership is fun to watch! While it may seem small, that belies the amount of room inside, which is actually fairly spacious. Add this to the ample trunk space for those trips to the beach or the mall, and you’ve got a fantastic little car that’s fun to look at, but roomy enough to meet all your daily needs.

Speaking of fun, it’s also incredibly fun to drive. Just in case you were thinking it was a pushover, it sports 200 horsepower with enough handling to impress even the most ardent sports car lover. It’s steering is impressive, and there is nothing “mini” about the driving experience. The electric power steering gives precise, impressive feedback.

Sound like a good time? Your MINI Palm Beach dealership can help you select the car that’s right for your needs and your budget. With MINI financial services and savings on our hardtops, you are sure to find something you love. Our service extends beyond the purchase of the car. When you shop at MINI Palm Beach, you’re part of our family. The holidays are always the best season to check out your next ride!

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