MINI Cooper vs Honda Fit

July 28, 2017

A great number of people in the automotive industry have changed their minds about cars. It used to be that the bigger the vehicle, the louder, the more powerful, the better it was perceived by both critics and consumers. Now, however, drivers have made their voices heard: they want smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles that still have the style and power that they’ve always wanted. They are in luck.

2016 MINI Cooper | Braman MINI

Enter the 2016 Mini Cooper and the Honda Fit. Both small, subcompact coupes have caught the attention of diehard car fans thanks to their small size, big power, and fantastic fuel consumption; but when it comes time to purchase a small vehicle, do you look for new mini’s for sale or do you sit yourself in a Honda Fit?


The Specs

Both vehicles have their advantages and disadvantages, as all vehicles do, and the numbers show that while the horsepower and the engines are similar, the top speed of the Fit is just a slight bit higher than the Mini Cooper. Both are fantastic in the world of fuel economy: who wouldn’t want to get 40 mpg on the highway? The numbers show that both of these are fantastic cars, so we’ll have to dig a bit deeper to figure out which is the best option for you.


The Car Mini Cooper Honda Fit
Engine Intercooled Turbo Premium I-3 1.5 liter Unleaded I-4 1.5 liter
Horsepower 134 hp 130 hp
Torque 162 pounds – feet 114 pounds – feet
Top Speed 146 mph 155 mph
0 – 60 Acceleration 6.5 seconds 6.5 seconds
Transmission 6 speed manual 6 speed manual
Fuel Economy City / Highway 29 mpg / 40 mpg 29 mpg / 37 mpg


The Style

The Honda Fit is a small vehicle, the shape of which is decidedly ovoid . It’s design is unique in that the engine compartment is relatively small, while the lines gently slope up and back.  This leaves more than enough headroom so even the tallest of your passengers can avoid bumping their head. The smaller wheels are widely set to help with stability while the hatchback makes it easy to put things into the vehicle and take them out.

The 2016 Mini Cooper, however, has a very different look compared to the Fit. The Mini Cooper was born in England and combines the classic characteristics of German engineering. Much more “boxy,” the Mini Cooper has lines and contours like no other. The moment you see one it’s very easy to tell exactly what type of car it is, making this car a unique site in driveways  – and an attention-grabber on the road.


Daily Use

One of the best aspects of owning a subcompact coupe is that it’s the ideal car to use every day. It not only is fantastic when it comes to fuel consumption, it also is a size that can comfortably transport a family while also carrying the groceries or other essential items as well.

One of the biggest differences between the Mini Cooper and the Honda Fit is that the Mini Cooper has been road tested to have slightly better handling than the Honda Fit. The Mini Cooper has extremely sharp handling, making it ideal to use in large cities or on winding roads. The Honda Fit doesn’t have substandard handling by any stretch of the imagination, but when tested it was edged out slightly by the Mini.

Both the Mini Cooper and the Honda Fit can be fantastic vehicles for a single person looking for a car with great fuel economy, or for the family person who wants a compact vehicle that’s still large enough to carry the kids to soccer practice. While both vehicles are great options, many families will find that the looks, and the handling, of the Mini Cooper is just enough to make them start searching for new Minis for sale.


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