MINI Coopers at Thunder Hill Raceway

March 13, 2015

MINI Coopers at Thunderhill Raceway

If you’ve ever owned a MINI or currently own one, there’s one thing that’s more than likely true – you’ve always wanted to go full throttle with your MINI and drive it like they do in the movies. You may not be pulling off an Italian Job, but there’s something inherently satisfying in the idea of being able to drive a car that is fashioned to be able to drive in such an amazing way.

That’s what makes the MINI Thunder concept so excellent. At Thunder Hill Raceway, MINI owners are given the chance to drive their MINIs around the racetrack at speeds they’d never get to hit in the real world. Drivers range from advanced to beginner, and everyone learns how to handle the track properly and safely. This year, over 170 students showed up to learn how to handle their MINI like a pro, while over 60 coaches worked with them to show them how to work curves and handle proper speed. It’s a great way that not only lets people enjoy their MINIs, but also shows them how to control their car even better than before.

Watch the video here.

This might be something that needs to be brought to Florida. The next time you’re looking for a MINI Cooper for sale, West Palm Beach might be the very place to look – and perhaps you might be the one to discover a great racetrack and start up a MINI driving event. Likewise, you can also talk to Braman MINI as the representatives at Braman already have a similar concept with the Braman Performance Driving Program. This could be a great chance to learn how to handle your MINI like a pro. Don’t have a MINI yet? Then what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to get a pair of keys into your hands.

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