MINI Doesn’t MINImize on Safety

October 17, 2016

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A lot of people make the assumption that smaller cars aren’t safe. However, usually that assumption isn’t backed up by hard evidence. The truth is, small cars are not inherently less safe than larger vehicles. And when it comes to MINI, getting safety right is a top priority.

That’s why this year, you’ll find every new MINI for sale sporting a great rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). To start with, the 2016 MINI Cooper Hardtop Two-Door left the facility with a “Good” rating –  the highest that the IIHS offers – not in one, two, or three tests, but each and every one.

This model also scored an “Advanced” rating when it comes to crash prevention, which provides drivers with forward collision warning and auto-braking capabilities. When you talk to the experts at Braman MINI Cooper in South Florida about these results, they’ll proudly tell you about the industry-leading features that keep you and your passengers safe.

People may remember in 2014 when MINI failed the side crash test, which lead to a recall. MINI was motivated; failure was in no way acceptable. This is why they performed the recall and then worked hard to not just fix their error, but create improvements for even better results later on. This year when the side crash test was administered , MINI passed with flying colors – and again, with the IIHS’s top marks.

In fact, if you were to inquire about a new MINI for sale, experts are more than happy to show you all your options. Especially when the MINI earned the top rating for the Small Front Overlap test, which is the hardest test for a car to pass.
Modern technology has allowed MINI to truly ramp up the stakes so that other cars have a lot to live up to. No longer can size be a factor when it comes to safety – that myth is long gone.

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