MINI Heritage: Over 50 Years on the Road

October 30, 2017

MINI Heritage

Mini Heritage & 50 Years of Excellence

It’s interesting to think about how now-iconic products were invented. I mean, have you ever stopped to wonder who invented the first s’mores? (Thank you, whoever it was!) Some questions we’ll just never have answers to. But we do have an understanding about why the MINI was created.

It started back in 1957 when the Suez Crisis sent the fuel prices into the stratosphere. People avoided driving their big gas guzzlers as much as they could and there were cars lined up outside of gas stations for hours. Innovators searched for a solution. They couldn’t find one. So they made one.


Soon, there would be the new MINI for sale.


The MINI was created by Alec Issigonis. The Morris Company designer was challenged by the owner, Sir Leonard Lord, to build a car that was small enough to use less fuel, yet large enough to carry four people. A vehicle that was fuel efficient and that was affordable enough for the average family. A tall order. Head to any MINI dealership today, and you’ll see exactly how Mr. Issigonis rose to the occasion.


Issigonis decided to push the wheels of the vehicle out further to the corner. By doing this he was able to create more room in the cockpit for people to sit. He also found that he could turn the engine sideways in order to get more stability for the vehicle. This also allowed a bit more space inside. Compact yet spacious — and fuel-efficient. An instant hit?


No! Believe it or not, the MINI was not as beloved as it is today. When it first arrived on the scene the public didn’t know what to think. It wasn’t the tank of a car they were used to. A few years into it’s release, however, and people began seeing how affordable and, honestly, adorable the MINI was.

Now, people fly to their MINI dealership whenever the newest version hits the lot. They still honor Issigonis’s goal: to create a roomier compact car that was great on gas. And their quirk and charm are wonderful “bonus” features that we can’t help but love! Stop by and find your new MINI!

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