MINI is Going Electric!

November 24, 2016

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MINI is a unique brand. Not only is their distinct bulldog styling instantly recognizable – and much beloved all over the globe – but their history is steeped in practicality, value, and innovation. Created during a fuel crisis, the MINI was designed to offer an efficient, affordable ride. Today, the brand, under BMW leadership, is driving towards the next level. An all-electric model will be at a Palm Beach MINI dealer near you in the not-so-distant future.

BMW has indicated it will create electric versions of various cars in its lineup, presumably the X3 and/or X4 crossovers. Rumor has it they’re also working on an electric MINI. It is not without precedent. Before the introduction of the i3, BMW’s electric offering, they created the MINI E. Owners in a pilot program were leased the vehicles so they could provide real-world testing. This data was then applied to the i3.

BMW is hoping to leverage its engineering prowess to accelerate past the competition, particularly Volkswagen and Daimler. Both of these brands have aggressive electric plans. As well, luxury brands Audi and Tesla have been owning the market with stunning offerings. An electric MINI would appeal to the brand’s diehard fans, as well as drivers who want an eco-conscious ride.

While still in the speculation stage, we can expect the all electric MINI to roll out in about three years. This will give parent company BMW time to perfect their electric powertrain – and fans time to anticipate this new addition to an iconic line.

Visit Braman for great MINI lease specials; you will get to enjoy the thrill of driving this gutsy little performer – and leave yourself open to upgrading or switching to an electric model in the future. Come and see what MINI has in store for you.

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