Mini Manual Returns to Hardtop

December 08, 2022
manual mini returns

Car enthusiasts have long been nostalgiac for manual transmissions, but it didn’t look like they were making a comeback with Mini. But, Mini heard the people, and the mini manual returns later this year! Partly due to the global supply chain crisis,┬áMini USA phased out manual transmission options from its lineup.

However, this is set to change following the announcement by Mini USA that it’s reintroducing the manual gearbox to the two-door Mini Hardtop variants: Cooper, John Cooper Works and Cooper S.

The thrill that comes with driving a stick shift is unmatched. For some manual Mini enthusiasts, it’s about maintaining the Mini’s unique and illustrious heritage and driving it the way it was meant to be.

Interesting Developments, But There’s A Catch

While news that the manual mini returns this year is welcome, not everyone is impressed. Some enthusiasts argue the initial phasing out of manual transmission by Mini USA was the right move. Others lament the high price point for the Mini manual is unjustified. But are any of these concerns genuine Buyers looking to purchase a manual Mini will have to dig deeper in their pockets as the relatively steeply-priced Signature trim will be the only entry point.

Given the current economic situation, this is bound to rub off the wrong way on many people. Still, the Mini manual value proposition makes sense, considering the sheer amount of tech, additional features, and style retouches in the 2023 Mini manual lineup.

Aside from that, the manual transmission option won’t be available on convertible Mini Coopers or the four-door variants. The automaker is also adding three special editions to the Mini lineup: Resolute, Untamed, and Untold.

Is the Mini manual worth the hype? You be the judge.

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