MINI Superleggera Vision Premieres in Italy

June 16, 2014

Braman MINI SuperleggeraMini Coopers have always inspired the idea of speed; their compact design and quick handling have made them icons in the world of cars. Now there’s a new Mini in town – it’s the Superleggera, and it’s definitely the one to watch out for.

A stunning blend of contemporary British design (Union Jack tail lights, anyone?) and classic Italian flair, the word on the streets says that the Superleggera will be even more of a success than the current Mini Roadster. The creation came about through collaboration between the Mini Design team and the design and coach building company, Touring Superleggera. Anders Warming, Head of Mini Design, calls it a “reduction to the essentials.” Indeed, the Superleggera has minimalistic design all while maintaining a really sleek look that will make anyone look twice.

It’s quite clearly a roadster, with the top down, the smooth lines, and the low slung shape. The dash is, in fact, an untreated sheet of aluminum. While other luxury cars are all about dishing out tons of technological goodies in the dashboard area, the Superleggera keeps it simple with a main central console that has pertinent safety and entertainment information that can change with just a touch. The future is still well within this roadster, however, such as with the electric drive-train and select carbon fiber components.

It’s still a little early for detailed specs, but thus far reactions have been nothing but enthusiastic. Its debut in Italy was met with flashing cameras and a lot of buzz. There are currently several videos out for a slightly closer look at the design and detail of the Superleggera as buzz continues to increase. And there isn’t going to be a moment when that buzz slows down. Not when such a slick car rolls down the road with that kind of handcrafted work and amazing collaboration. Braman Mini looks forward to the day that the Superleggera comes to the US and people can discover what it’s like to drive a little slice of heaven.

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