New Mini Connected Advanced Technology

September 26, 2017

What is today but a high speed, high tech world? With a few clicks of a mouse, or swipes on a phone, you can any item you want right at your fingertips. The internet and modern gadgetry has revolutionized our world – and shifted it over to the fast lane. In this fast-paced world, vehicles need to be just as speedy. Not only do they need to be quick on the roads, they need to be up-to-speed in the technology world as well.

Today, even the most basic of vehicles you’ll find on the lot come with optional satellite technology. The new MINI cars for sale, however, have gone a few steps further than offering satellite or bluetooth. Visit a MINI dealership and you’ll experience the very best of British auto design – and the very latest in technology. They work together seamlessly to provide an exceptional experience.

All About Mini Connected

The new MINI cars for sale are all about Mini Connected. This exciting feature is an intuitive system that enables you to keep connected to the digital world effortlessly. With the MINI, you can choose between two different high resolution displays – either the 6.5” or the 8.8”. Regardless of what size display you select, the MINI Connected feature is designed to integrate flawlessly with your technology.

How? To start with, any Bluetooth device can connect easily thanks to controls on your steering wheel. MINI Connected is also GoPro ready! GoPro is a camera (beloved by everyone from celebrities and reality stars to adventure- and thrill-seekers) that is able to record in just about any conditions, including underwater. The MINI Connected feature not only is able to control the key functions of the camera, it can also give you a video preview of what you’re recording.

Not loving the radio stations in your area? Hook up your MINI Connected; you’ll be able to play music from all sorts of sources, including iHeartRadio, Spotify and Pandora.

Want to connect to everything quickly and easily? Some MINI models come with the special touchpad that allows you to simply write a few letters with your finger onto the touchpad in order to tell the car what you want it to do. You can, for instance, use the words “HOM” and the car will automatically plot a course to home. Or you can sketch out the first few letters of your favorite song, and it will play through your speakers.


Other Fun and Helpful MINI Technology

At a MINI dealership, you’ll also be able to find a number of other advanced features, including a heads-up display. This display was actually inspired by the technology that you find in the cockpit of a jet. It’s retractable and puts virtually everything you need to know right at eye level. It will show you your speed, what’s on the stereo, important alerts, and, of course, real-time navigational instructions. With this fun little piece of technology you’ll never have to worry about veering or becoming distracted. You don’t have to look down or away from the road – ever.

Have a hard time parking? The parking assist technology will make parking a breeze – too bad parking spots are not included! The system utilizes video technology to check if the potential spot has enough room for you to park in it. Then the vehicle takes control of the wheel and steers with precision into place. You can find many video demonstrations of how this works online, or better, visit your MINI dealership to experience it in person. If you have a fear of parallel parking, these models have the cure.

The new MINI cars for sale also come with LED headlights that have cornering enabled. Cornering is a feature that allows the headlights to automatically adjust their angle based on the speed that you’re driving and how heavy your load is. This helps to ensure that the lighting from your vehicle is optimal and that you can see around corners much better.

While new MINI cars for sale incorporate the latest technological features, they still retain that quintessential MINI identity. They’re sleek, agile, safe, and fun. When you visit your MINI dealership, you’ll see first-hand how technology enhances the classic vehicles we know and love.

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