• roof rack on a mini
    Many assume that a Mini Cooper is too small for a roof rack to fit. But this is not the case. As much as there might be limited space inside your Mini, you can overcome this limitation by optimizing the usage of your roof. Putting a roof rack on a Mini enables you to carry
  • manual mini returns
    Car enthusiasts have long been nostalgiac for manual transmissions, but it didn’t look like they were making a comeback with Mini. But, Mini heard the people, and the mini manual returns later this year! Partly due to the global supply chain crisis, Mini USA phased out manual transmission options from its lineup. However, this is set
  • financing a mini cooper

    How to Finance Your Mini

    • November 24, 2022
    If you’ve been eyeing a brand new Mini, but you’re worried about the financing options for financing a Mini Cooper, then this post is for you. You can choose from a variety of financing options. These offers are tailored towards helping you get your hands on the Mini of your dreams. Mini Financing Options You could
  • mini culture wave
    Understanding Mini Cooper Culture Mini Cooper has been part of pop culture for more than five decades since its inception in 1959. The car manufacturer created a simple, functional, fun car that was marketed as an economical option to what was in the market. However, global consumers took the Mini Cooper brand for themselves, leading
  • mini cooper with american flag
    All American Mini: It’s in the Flag The Mini Cooper S 20 Years Edition replaces the typical Union Jack theme with an American flag theme in commemoration of the car’s 20th anniversary of being sold in the United States. After being in the automotive market for 43 years, the British marque – Mini (owned by
  • buying or leasing a mini
    Whether you’re a recent college graduate just starting out in the real world or a working professional who’s been driving the same car for years, it’s time to start thinking about buying or leasing a Mini in 2022. However, the decision can be tough since both options have pros and cons. Read on to understand
  • fuel guage
    There are a few factors to consider when it comes to finding a new Mini model that meets your fuel efficiency needs. The most efficient Minis tend to have smaller engines and are often lighter in weight. All Minis also have features that help them get better gas mileage, such as aerodynamic design and low-rolling
  • cutomizing a mini
    The New Mini Cooper trims are not one size fits all vehicles hence the urge to customize. There are various options, from cosmetic and performance enhancements for your new Mini. Attaining the best Mini Cooper entails seeking out different trim levels and optional upgrades. Mini Palm Beach is determined to assist in customizing your Mini
  • mini special editions
    Mini says that nearly sixty percent of its new cars sold are custom-builds. In 2023, there will be three new Mini Special Editions, all uniquely exciting. The special edition cars include specifications that remain regular features in the mass-production cars, but each has its own iconic features that are sure to make them stand out.
  • mini aceman

    What is the Mini Aceman?

    • September 06, 2022
    Ready to catch a sneak peek of MINI’s latest concept? As MINI’s first all-electric crossover, the Aceman is well-positioned to transform the vehicle industry. If you’re looking for a vehicle that combines sustainability with the latest technology and a hip experience, then the MINI Aceman is a car you want to keep an eye on.