Where Can I Race My MINI Cooper?

April 22, 2020
MINI Cooper Engine

Racing the MINI Cooper brand. Sound like a dream come true? You can take this amazing MINI challenge too, but only if you’re a Club Braman member, and it only happens on the Autocross Course at PBIR.

What is Club Braman?

Anyone who has purchased or leased a vehicle from a Braman dealership in the past two years is a Club Braman member. For us, Braman Motorcars is so much more than a brand. Instead, we’re a tightly knit club that means a chance to connect with others.

You probably noticed the difference the moment you stepped into our dealership – Wi-Fi, comfort everywhere, gourmet coffee. It’s all part of our corporate culture. We want you to have the best of everything, and membership in Club Braman is part of that deal.

The Autocross Course at PBIR: A Perfect Setting

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit PBIR, it’s time. Club Braman reserves five dates every year to provide members an opportunity to get some serious track time, and that includes racing your MINI. During our track days, you’ll learn how to handle your vehicle, and you’ll get at least two timed runs around the course in your MINI. We offer you the tips you need to create some serious speed, and you bring your MINI out for some real fun.

We even have a date reserved for your teen driver. We want your teen to be safe on the road, and we want to help them understand just how much fun the Braman driving experience can be. This special date means a chance for fun and safe driving skills. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Not yet a member of Club Braman? There’s never been a time like right now to come out and see us for a test drive. Contact us today.

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