Serena Williams Supports #DefyingTheLabel of MINI Coopers

May 20, 2016

Used MINI Dealers | Braman MINI

Over the past several years, brands have begun to see a rebellion of sorts as people realize more and more; a label is not what defines anyone or anything. In February, MINI Coopers partnered with Serena Williams to showcase that very fact.

Serena Williams knows what it’s like to be stereotypes and pigeonholed; the campaign is all about defying and shedding those labels. About leaving them behind and defining who you are yourself, without what other people try to put upon you. MINI understands labels, While they have been a part of the company since its creation in 1959, ultimately what MINI Coopers are called doesn’t matter. In the end all that matters is that people love to drive them and have a good time.

The campaign uses #DefyLabels in social media to get the message across as well, which allows people to discover what MINI is doing alongside Serena Williams and other notable celebrities. Owners of MINIs as well as members of the MINI John Cooper Works racing team have all banded together in defiance of labels; they’re determined to be nothing less than themselves.

You can discuss the concept with representatives at Braman MINI, where you’ll discover an excellent group of used MINI dealers that are dedicated to making you happy. Remember, it isn’t about the labels people associate with MINI Coopers – you’re not buying this or that. You’re buying a car you like. A car that will make you happy to drive it every morning. A car that will last you for many years to come. Braman, as new and use MINI dealers, are ready to help in any way possible.

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