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Mini Cooper Custom Roof Art

Get Customized: Limited Edition Mini Cooper Roof Art

The rejuvenation of the MINI Cooper two decades ago has been a resounding success and one of the reasons why this vehicle has done well is because the manufacturer has continued to be innovative, creative, and forward-thinking. Worldwide, close to 350,000 MINIs are sold each year and the reasons for the popularity include: 1) it’s a really fun car to drive; 2) it’s less expensive than a lot of other “fun” cars; 3) it’s easy to park; and 4) it’s just the right size for inner-city driving. 


MINI has always believed in the self-expression of its cars. Now, there is one more added artistic feature to the car, a designer MINI Cooper roof art, which gives the MINI added glamour and a unique, distinctive look. The MINI Cooper limited edition roof art best describes MINI’s motto, “We are all different, but we’re better together.”


The MINI Cooper manufacturer has collaborated with three creative artists to uplift the roof with a creative, exotic, and vibrant design. The initial prototypes of the MINI Cooper roof art look absolutely fantastic! MINI USA says that the MINIs with the three art pieces layered on the roof will only be available for a limited time. Further, the murals will also be showcased in the suburbs of Brooklyn and Soho, New York, and Portland, Oregon.

This artistic collaboration is part of MINI’s “Big Love” campaign, which is intended to spread love and peace among different cultures and races. MINI USA believes that this MINI Cooper limited edition roof art will send a powerful message to the masses about peace, fun, and love. The rooftop designs are vibrant, vivid, colorful, and they are eye-catching and mesmerizing, potentially provoking thought and conversations about the world trying to live as one. Besides showcasing the artistic talent, MINI is also showcasing sustainability in a fun and creative way at the same time.

The three artists who have designed the MINI rooftops include:

  • Rich Tu is a Filipino artist who calls his work “Hiraya,” which means, “fruit of hopes, dreams, and aspiration.” He has created a hand image with an eye in the center with surrounding tendrils.
  • Shane Griffin, who calls his artwork GRIF, has created a multicolored sheet flapping in the wind. Originally from Ireland, Shane lives in New York and has also worked for Apple, Nike, Kanye West, Adidas, and many others.
  • Shawna X is another New Yorker who has created the artwork, “Roads we travel,” which shows people in different poses with colorful ovals in the rear. She utilizes several mediums to showcase her art, including spatial, digital, and motion spaces.


MINI USA will be offering the custom-designed MINI Cooper limited edition roof art by the three artists to celebrate National Immigrants Day. This day was first celebrated in 1987 at the 101st anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. This annual observance is a reminder of America’s immigration history and its contributions to society. All donations will go towards supporting the American immigration council. Way to go, MINI! The pricing of the MINI Cooper roof art models has not been released yet.

To learn more about MINI Coopers and perhaps drive one for yourself, see Braman Motorsports MINI. Customize your MINI with one of these three eclectic designs today and tell the world how you feel.

MINI Countryman Cargo Space

Mini Cooper Clubman vs Countryman

Mini Coopers have steadily been gaining in popularity in North America for several reasons including: compactness, ease of parking, driving experience, great fuel efficiency, and ideal city driving. The small size, however, has limited the number of customers who would like to purchase these vehicles, and thus, over the past few years, Mini has slightly expanded the size of its latest models: the Clubman and Countryman. So, today let’s explore the Mini Cooper Clubman vs Countryman.

Both the MINI Cooper Clubman and Countryman have similar features, including the shape and same four-door hatchback design.


The 2021 Countryman is a classy car with many upgrades (compared to the previous models) but more importantly, it has expanded cargo space and roomier rear passenger seating. For supreme comfort, the Mini Countryman will not disappoint. But, how does it compare to the 2021 Clubman, which also offers many upgrades and luxury?

The MINI Cooper Clubman vs. Countryman: 

To start, the Countryman is a slightly larger MINI than the Clubman in length, width, and height. In addition, all Countryman trims come with a standard moonroof and several extra color options to enhance the style. On the road, both MINIs are easily able to tackle all types of terrain effortlessly.

Though both MINIs offer good fuel efficiency, the Clubman is slightly faster than the Countryman, but the latter has 4-wheel drive and offers much better traction. 

While both the MINI Cooper Clubman and Countryman have expanded to seat a fifth passenger, the Countryman has slightly more cargo and headspace. In addition, because the Countryman has split rear doors, it also permits easy loading and unloading of luggage.

The Clubman, on the other hand, features standard heated front seats. Both MINIs have similar driver-assist features, like electronic stability control and emergency brake assist, but the Clubman also has other standard features, such as daytime running lights, intelligent rain-sensing wipers, auto-leveling headlight for better visibility, keyless start, and fog lamps, which are optional for the Countryman. 

Both models have the same modern infotainment system and allow a hands-free operation but only the Clubman offers wireless connectivity as a standard feature. Further, the 2021 Mini Clubman also comes with standard climate control features, which ensures a more comfortable ride – a definite edge over the Countryman.

In regard to the MINI Cooper Clubman vs. Countryman fuel efficiency, there is no difference in the fuel economy between the two MINIs, which average about 29 mpg in the city.


So: Mini Cooper Clubman vs Countryman: Which one is the best MINI Cooper?  For luxury and more space, the 2021 Countryman stands apart, but if you are looking for a sporty driving and comfortable experience, the Clubman stands tall. In the end, the differences between the two are minor and both cars offer similar performance on the road. The only way to know which MINI to select is to test drive one and determine which you like the most.  You can’t go wrong either way.

Finally, the MINI Cooper Clubman vs. Countryman are similar in price. The Countryman S starts at $33,250 for a front-wheel-drive base model, while the Clubman starts at $31,750. Add in the accessories and other fees and the cost averages about $40,000.  Call a MINI Cooper expert at Braman Motorcars today at 1-561-666-4791.  Which is the best MINI Cooper?  Swing on by the dealership today to compare the MINI experience!

The Ultimate Driving Machine: Mini Cooper Key Features

MINI Dealership | Braman MINI

Owning a MINI is a great experience. Maybe you’ve owned one for years. Maybe you like to lease them and get a fresh and new model every few years from your favorite MINI dealership. Or perhaps this will be your first time owning a MINI Cooper. Whatever the case may be, there are quite possibly still a few features you haven’t yet discovered.

Turn signals are great, and if you’re the polite type to signal lane changes, you may very well enjoy the setting in which a single tap on the turn signal will cause it to flash three times instead of just once.

Don’t have automatic headlights? No worries. If you have your headlights still on when you turn off the car, you won’t come back to a dead battery—the headlights will turn off as well!

The next time you’re in your MINI Cooper, take a peek in the glovebox. Many include a vent that will blow the same air temperature as you have set. So if you need something to stay cool during summer, pop it into your glovebox with the AC on!

At a MINI dealership? Check under the front seats of a MINI to discover cubbyholes beneath that you can use to tuck away essentials. Likewise, beneath both front seats are small sub-woofers for that extra boom when you’re blasting your music.

Keep an eye on the tachometer display; when you first start up the MINI Cooper, a mileage counter will appear that informs you how many miles are left before you should get regular service.

These fun features all add to the MINI experience, and you can ask the representatives at a Braman MINI dealership about more. Then you can feel more connected than ever to your MINI Cooper as you learn all of its secrets! The best way to get to know MINI? Drive one – ASAP!

Why Drive a Minivan When You Can Drive A MINI Cooper?

MINI Cooper Clubman | Braman MINI

There is plenty of love – and plenty to hate – when it comes to the Minivan. Some people adore the spaciousness it provides. Others can’t stand the idea of driving something that feels like a house on wheels or makes them feel like a soccer mom (or dad!). Yet something people tend to forget is that a lot of cars—such as the MINI Cooper Clubman and the MINI Countryman have a surprising amount of room. All while giving you the chance to feel sporty and have fun while driving.

MINI knows how to make the most out of every inch of their vehicles- which is why it should come as no surprise that the MINI Countryman and Clubman can feel amazingly roomy once you pop inside. The problem is that so many people are used to MINIs being, well, mini. But the year is 2016 and now is the perfect time to switch up those preconceived notions. And while you’re at it, trade up for a sporty little vehicle that still has room for kids, groceries, camping gear, or anything else you’ll need to haul around.

Even better? The MINI Cooper Clubman and Countryman won’t cost an arm and a leg. In fact, a brand new 2016 MINI Cooper S Clubman from Braman can start at around $31,000. A 2016 minivan, such as the Honda Odyssey, can cost up to $450,000. You can further  cut  costs by opting for a used MINI. You will save money, and rest assured that when you buy from Braman, you’re getting a car that meets and exceeds Braman’s exceedingly high standards.

Save money and enjoy a nimbler, more luxurious experience with a MINI Countryman or Clubman. Stop in at Braman and tell them what you need in terms of space, and let them show you the MINIs that will fit your lifestyle. Be sure to stop by the new MINI Café as well and enjoy a refreshing treat.