The New MINI Cooper S Boasts 54.3 mpg

March 30, 2018
The MINI Cooper S

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That’s good advice to follow most of the time, but you need to know when to go your own road. The new MINI Cooper S is a shining example of this. The beautiful exterior is updated, but not overhauled. That’s good – MINIs have a look that just works. They turn heads and incite broad smiles. Here’s something to make that smile even bigger.


Under-the-Hood Overhaul On The MINI Cooper S

MINI decided that they could improve what’s under the hood to give the new MINI Cooper S a dynamite update. This was started with some smart weight reduction. Not only does this boost mileage, it also helps give the car a new handling profile. It feels more nimble, more aggressive.

To accommodate this new profile, there’s a new twin-clutch transmission. It’s mapped perfectly and shifts are smooth as butter, opening up the next gear before closing the last one. This gives the MINI Cooper more response. There’s no lag as the car shifts from gear to gear. You shift, it responds.


Improvements in Performance On New MINI’s

The combination of weight reduction and improved transmission make this iteration feel very different. It’s suddenly a much more agile car than you expect. With advances in torque and a lightening of the engine through carbon fiber-reinforced plastic covers, there’s a great deal of thought put into fine-tuning the dynamic of the car under the hood.

Now, we’ve talked about how this improved handling and performance, but one of the biggest improvements rests in the mileage. It’s at a firm 54.3 mpg. That saves you a lot of money while still giving you a dynamic, eye-catching vehicle.

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