The Ultimate Driving Machine: Mini Cooper Key Features

June 13, 2016

MINI Dealership | Braman MINI

Owning a MINI is a great experience. Maybe you’ve owned one for years. Maybe you like to lease them and get a fresh and new model every few years from your favorite MINI dealership. Or perhaps this will be your first time owning a MINI Cooper. Whatever the case may be, there are quite possibly still a few features you haven’t yet discovered.

Turn signals are great, and if you’re the polite type to signal lane changes, you may very well enjoy the setting in which a single tap on the turn signal will cause it to flash three times instead of just once.

Don’t have automatic headlights? No worries. If you have your headlights still on when you turn off the car, you won’t come back to a dead battery—the headlights will turn off as well!

The next time you’re in your MINI Cooper, take a peek in the glovebox. Many include a vent that will blow the same air temperature as you have set. So if you need something to stay cool during summer, pop it into your glovebox with the AC on!

At a MINI dealership? Check under the front seats of a MINI to discover cubbyholes beneath that you can use to tuck away essentials. Likewise, beneath both front seats are small sub-woofers for that extra boom when you’re blasting your music.

Keep an eye on the tachometer display; when you first start up the MINI Cooper, a mileage counter will appear that informs you how many miles are left before you should get regular service.

These fun features all add to the MINI experience, and you can ask the representatives at a Braman MINI dealership about more. Then you can feel more connected than ever to your MINI Cooper as you learn all of its secrets! The best way to get to know MINI? Drive one – ASAP!

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