Why Buy a MINI Cooper?

November 01, 2014

What Makes the MINI So Special?

You’ve seen them by now nearly every place you have been: that adorable size, those eye-popping colors, the convenience of parking, that surprising amount of storage. What’s not to love? If you have been putting off coming in to Braman MINI, here are some great new reasons to check out a MINI Cooper Dealership.


When the MINI Cooper was reintroduced into the market, it caught on like wildfire. It was a very different vehicle from the car that was debuted in the 1980s, and it was also very different from the offerings in the market place at the time. Perhaps not since the introduction of the Volkswagon “bug” have people been so caught up in a car! Why?


Size matters. The MINI Cooper is conveniently sized for your day to day needs. Worried about parallel parking in the city? No need to worry with a MINI, since its size lets you squeeze into even the tightest spots. With enough room to hold even the wildest of shopping sprees, the MINI offers room to spare for the things you need most.


Beyond size, fuel efficiency plays a big role in why most people want a MINI. For the performance you get for the fuel, the MINI can’t really be beat. The cost of the MINI is lower than what you might expect for a sports car, and sports car is exactly how you might describe the MINI. It performs well in a way that rivals most sports cars for the fuel efficiency.

Why not check out this phenomenon for yourself? Visit Braman MINI Cooper and arrange a test drive. You will be getting more than just a trendy, useful vehicle. You will also be getting Braman MINI Cooper’s award winning service. You could be driving your very own MINI just in time for the holidays!

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