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JD Power Rankings | MINI Cooper Countryman Sale | Braman MINI West Palm Beach, Florida

MINI Ranks Among Highest for Sales Satisfaction

MINI has more than earned its reputation as a beloved, quirky, fun, and budget- and eco-conscious brand. Drivers love the spirit of these innovative vehicles, and, according to JD Power rankings, they are just as happy with the sales experience. MINI placed highest in terms of sales satisfaction, according to the renowned research company.

Reclaiming Its Title

MINI held the title for best in sales satisfaction from 2010 to 2015. In 2016 and 2017, the brand placed second. Never content to be second best, our favorite bulldog-stanced performance beast is back on top! The JD Power rankings study looks at how satisfied customers are with the sales experience and is based on responses from nearly 26,000 consumers.

Thomas Felbermair, VP of MINI Region Americas, says, “We know that today’s consumers have a high expectation for an exceptional retail experience so we are very proud of our dealers for delivering the most satisfying experience when shopping for a new MINI.”

There are 127 MINI dealers in the US, each of which VP Felbermair thanked for their hard work and dedication. Braman MINI is proud to be among these dealerships: we are fully committed to ensuring that each and every customer is given personalized – and never pressurized – attention. The enjoyment associated with owning a MINI should begin even before you slide behind the wheel!

What models are consumers loving? Well… all of them! But MINI Cooper Countryman sale figures look especially strong. This compact SUV, which is also available in a plug-in hybrid, shot up 29% compared to the first 10 months of 2017.

Whether you want to check out a JCW model sale, a MINI Cooper Countryman sale, or a sale on another of MINI’s excellent offerings, you’ll find both the vehicle and the buying experience you want at Braman MINI. Stop in and see us!

John Cooper Works MINI | Two Door MINI Cooper | Braman MINI Palm Beach, Florida

Orange You Glad for John Cooper Works MINI?

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

The John Cooper Works MINI International Orange Edition! This fun-loving vehicle is designed to be an eye-catching, head-turning stunner. And it pulls it off like only a MINI can! If you’re looking for a subtle, subdued ride… well, this is not the car for you.

MINI’s JCWs models are renowned for their flair and extravagance. They’re performance machines, and they certainly deliver the “Wow” factor. This model is orange. Very, very orange. Jalopnik reviewer Erica Lourd calls it a “flying pumpkin.”

Ok, appearances aside for a moment: this two door MINI Cooper features the spirited engine and performance suspension that is part and parcel of the JCW line. The 2.0 liter generates 228 hp and 236 ft-lb of torque. You’ll zip from 0 to 60 in a very respectable 5.9 seconds. The sporty six speed manual transmission makes it a joy to drive, though the six speed automatic with paddle shifters provides plenty of thrills too.

In terms of drive style, MINI is on its game with this bright orange JCW. It’s just fun! Its smaller size makes it seem even quicker and more agile, and in sport mode, your steering tightens for a moving adventure. Definitely throaty, there is also a Bluetooth-controlled JCW Pro exhaust, with which you can boost the roar. We told you this car wasn’t subtle!

This MINI also offers an intuitive heads-up display, touchscreen infotainment system, driver safety and assistance technology, a 12 speaker Harman Kardon stereo, colorful ambient lighting, bold black accents, and a double panoramic moonroof.

With the limited edition International Orange John Cooper Works, MINI indulges in its fun side. If you prefer options that are equally bold but don’t seem to glow in the dark, there are plenty of other great two door MINI Cooper models from which to choose. Visit the experts at Braman MINI to learn more and take a test drive. We guarantee you’ll have the ride of your life!

All Electric MINI | MINI Concept Cars | Braman MINI Palm Beach, Florida

All Electric MINI to Deliver Good Green Fun

“We’ve always been quite clear that we don’t want this to be a boring car. Anyone could bring an electric car to market, but it’s got to drive right, it’s got to fit right with the brand, and I’m quite confident this will.” – Steve Roberts, MINI’s head of corporate and used cars

Roberts is speaking of the eagerly anticipated all electric MINI. Due to take over the streets in 2019, this MINI is guaranteed to be a lean, green, fun machine.

MINI Concept Cars to Become a Reality

What do we know about the all electric MINI? It’s expected to be similar to MINI concept cars that debuted at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July of this year. It’ll blend performance and sustainability beautifully, and as Roberts says, “We want people to get out and have a smile on their faces after driving that car with the typical go-kart dynamics.”

MINI has held off introducing an all electric model until technology had advanced to the point where they could offer an eco-conscious ride without sacrificing their distinctive, and beloved, driving style. This model will also deliver great range, enabling drivers to hit the road with confidence. While BMW is mum on specifics, a 300 mile range seems likely.

BMW will build the electric drivetrain at its e-mobility center in Bavaria and then finish assembly at its UK plant. It looks like the all electric MINI will be a three-door hardtop. Beyond that, specs are scarce at this point.

What we do know is that we can’t wait to get behind the wheel of the all electric MINI. It’ll deliver that fun, quirky appeal we all know and love with what we expect to be industry-leading electric technology.

MINI Countryman 2019 | MINI Countryman Interior | Braman MINI West Palm Beach, Florida

A Look Inside the MINI Countryman 2019

The MINI Countryman interior represents the highest quality interior in a MINI to date. It’s exceedingly well thought out and keeps up with many far more expensive luxury brands in quality. The material choice in the MINI Countryman 2019 is superb, with a number of leather types available. The interior is luxurious and extensively engineered around the driver.

Driver First Philosophy

What really makes an interior stand out from its competitors is how well its set up. Does it feel natural to drive in? When you reach for a control, do you have to look around and search for it? Or is it set up so well that reaching for it is second nature and you don’t have to take your eyes off the road? There’s so much sensible design built around the driver’s needs that it always feels comfortable.

This comes out even more because MINIs are such incredibly fun cars to drive. When everything is second nature and the MINI Countryman 2019 feels like a second skin, driving becomes much more enjoyable. You react as a driver rather than second-guessing and that can really take advantage of the Countryman’s agile handling.

There’s a remarkable philosophy to the MINI Countryman interior. It doesn’t just feel good, it makes you feel good as a driver so that the experience of driving becomes more natural – and even primal!

Technology for Safety & Entertainment

That’s even before getting to the technology suite or the considerable cargo space. There are multiple assist features including parking sensors and parallel park assist, as well as a head-up display and forward collision warning. From the rearview camera to automatic emergency braking, the number of safety features that come standard in the MINI Countryman 2019 is incredible.

The entertainment system boasts an infotainment display, a larger touch screen, 12-speaker Harman Kardon sound system, Apple CarPlay, and other features.

Expansive Cargo Space

While the interior makes you feel better as a driver, it’s also practical in a lot of other ways. There’s 17.6 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats up. Fold them down and you expand to 47.4 cubic feet. The hybrid is almost exactly the same – just 0.2 cubic feet less on both measurements.

Visit Braman and test drive the exciting MINI Countryman 2019 to experience the thrill for yourself.

Affordable Cars for College Students | MINI Oxford Edition | Braman MINI of West Palm Beach, Florida

MINI Offers Affordable Cars for College Students

It can be hard to find an affordable ride while you’re in school. High quality, affordable cars for college students don’t exactly grow on trees! The ones you can find often aren’t of the highest quality, and they certainly don’t come with additional options. This is the reason the MINI Oxford Edition was made. It breaks these rules and carves out a new mold.

MINI Oxford Edition Price

The MINI Oxford Edition is made for college students and recent college grads, and it’s priced for them as well. It’s open to full- and part-time students who are either at a two- or four-year accredited college or university. If you’ve graduated within the last 12 months, the MINI Oxford Edition is still available to you. The “list price” is $19,750 for the 2-door and $20,750 for the 4-door.

One of the best parts of this is that it comes with $6,900 in optional features as standard – there’s no extra cost for them. That includes an infotainment system, touchscreen, rear-view camera, park distance control, teleservices and emergency call, upgraded wheels, choice of transmission, dual-pane panoramic moonroof, and heated seats, just to name a few elements.

Making Students, Grads, and Parents Happy

This allows college students and recent college grads to enjoy a quality car that isn’t stripped of features. MINIs are renowned for their fun driving dynamics, easy control, high safety ratings, reliability, and of course their looks.

Affordable cars for college students are rare, and MINI set out to deliver cars that should appeal both to students and to parents who may be helping with that purchase. The goal is to provide a car that both will be happy with the student or recent grad driving for years to come.

Stepping Into the Larger World

When you first get out into the world from college, there are a lot of potential setbacks. It can seem overwhelming. Having a car that will be there day in and day out, that will be fun to drive as long as you have it, and that will keep you safe can do a lot to keep you active, engaged, and relaxed, whatever else may happen. The MINI Oxford Edition is a car you can take into the world with you.

MINI Electric | MINI Hardtop | Braman MINI West Palm Beach, Florida

MINI Teases Electric Hardtop

The MINI electric is an exciting prospect. The MINI hardtop lends itself well to a fully electric vehicle. It’s already a light but strong car with an aesthetic that blends modern functionality with a retro look. That’s just another way of saying it’s a lot of fun to drive.

A Tease of Things to Come

The currently teased MINI electric looks very good. It maintains that funky MINI look with its big, round headlights and unsubtle features. The look is smart and eye-catching.

We still don’t know the exact details of the electric MINI hardtop, but it looks like it will have a single, front-mounted motor. At the rate that battery technology is advancing, MINI is staying quiet on the exact specs.

This is smart, since what’s available closer to production may present even better options than what’s available today. What we do know is that it will continue to push MINI’s classic mobility forward. Performance and nimble handling should feel familiar and advanced.

What We Do Know

The grille will obviously be sealed off, since the electric motor won’t need it. The four-spoke wheels that are unique to the teased concept car will be kept for the production line, which should get underway come 2019.

Range is anticipated at 200 miles or more. This again depends on the exact battery specs at the time of production. Electric vehicles are, of course, easier and less expensive to maintain. Join this with potential tax credits and they become extremely sensible vehicles to own.

An Electric Wave

With this in mind, the new MINI electric is part of a larger push by BMW Group to launch 12 new fully electric cars by 2025. The new electric MINI should be one of the most affordable in that group, allowing drivers to enjoy superb, fully electric performance as soon as next year.

We’re excited to see what this new MINI hardtop has to offer, how it performs, and how owners customize theirs. More than anything, though, we can’t wait to see how owners decide to show off their new MINI electric.

Hybrid MINI Cooper | MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid | Braman MINI West Palm Beach, Florida

Is There a Hybrid MINI Cooper?

Is the hybrid MINI Cooper real or just a rumor? It’s real – and the MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid excels at the fun and agility that earns every MINI its name.

Punching Above Its Weight

The MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid isn’t just a hybrid version of what you already know. It’s chock full of advanced technology. The combined system power of electric and gas-powered engines reaches 221 hp, and it punches well above its weight at 284 lb-ft of torque. It also boasts an eALL4 all-wheel drive system that keeps the MINI hybrid incredibly quick and nimble.

Getting the Hybrid Right

The electric mode is perfect for city driving and running errands. It produces zero emissions, helping you stay environmentally responsible on a daily basis while also saving a ton on fuel costs.

For longer drives, you can recharge the battery as you drive by switching to gas, and then rely on hybrid mode (using both engines) for an extra kick in performance. The combined range is 270 miles, and the combined mileage is 65 MPGe, which are both fantastic stats.

Personality and Practicality

As a hybrid MINI Cooper, the exterior conveys a fun personality and quick performance. The interior is a balance of beautiful and clever design. A number of features come standard, such as rear park distance control, an ultrasonic sensor that helps you parallel park and avoid hitting objects as you reverse.

Combined with the rear view camera, it keeps you safe and makes parallel parking a breeze. Features like keyless comfort access and a hands-free rear door are designed to help you go about your day with less stress.

If this all weren’t enough, owners are eligible for up to $4,000 in tax credits, making ownership extremely reasonable.

The Hybrid MINI Cooper

MINIs have always been known for their eye-catching, off-beat style and agility. The hybrid MINI Cooper simply takes the next natural step. It brings those elements forward into a MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid with standout style, verve, and performance. This is absolutely a MINI, through and through.

2018 MINI Countryman | Subcompact SUVs | Braman MINI Palm Beach, FL

2018 MINI Countryman Ranks #6 in Subcompact SUVs

The US News & World Report scorecard for cars is out for this year, and the 2018 MINI Countryman does exceptionally well. It ranks #6 in subcompact SUVs with an incredible 8.0 rating. The new plug-in hybrid powertrain is superb, and all versions scored well in a range of key categories.

Safety First, and First in Safety

Where it truly excelled was in a best-in-class safety rating: achieving a perfect 10.0. MINI’s commitment to delivering safe vehicles is second to none. You need to rely on many things about a vehicle to make it safe – it’s agility, brakes, strength, design, and driver assistance elements.

Interior Space

The interior scored an 8.1. This bested four of the five cars ranked above it! Many subcompact SUVs really squish in their owners. Crunched up without enough leg or head room isn’t any way to drive. The 2018 MINI Countryman was praised for its spacious seating and luxurious interior. There’s a real focus on giving driver and passengers alike a very comfortable, refined ride.

There’s plenty of room for five to ride in comfort and ease. That can’t be said for many full-size SUVs, let alone subcompacts.

Agile Handling

The 7.8 score for performance is an excellent score, embarrassing most other cars in its category. Of particular praise was the Countryman’s exceptional handling. The 134 horsepower base engine is very practical, and the Countryman upgrades easily to 189 horsepower and the 221 horsepower plug-in hybrid with ease.

Power and Options

This exemplifies the MINI Countryman’s flexible design. The Cooper S version is even more powerful and its handling has been designed accordingly. The Cooper S E plug-in hybrid is very quick.

The ratings don’t necessarily take into account the stunning range of options MINIs offer, either. All-wheel drive, the Dynamic Damper Control adaptive suspension, a technology package with head-up display, and a power liftgate are just a few of the many available options. MINI’s done a good job of making their options affordable so that the price stays reasonable.

The 2018 MINI Countryman bests the vast majority of subcompact SUVs while offering a plentiful range of options.

2018 MINI | MINI Cooper Road Rally | Braman MINI Palm Beach, FL

2018 MINI Takes the States a Success

MINI Coopers have always been a great road rally car. Nowhere was this highlighted better than MINI Takes the States 2018. The MINI Cooper road rally was hosted on both sides of the country this July.

More than 1,000 MINI drivers gathered in Orlando, FL and Portland, OR on July 14. They drove the 2018 MINI and models from other years, converging at Keystone Report in Keystone, CO on July 20. It was all done to raise money for Feeding America.

Feeding America

The charity partner raised an incredible amount with the road rally and the associated #DriveForMore campaign. Feeding America is a stellar nonprofit dedicated to supplying more than 200 food banks, and operating food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters across the country. They help feed more than 46 million people.

Fundraising Success!

The MINI Cooper road rally stretched 5,000 miles in all, with each side driving 2,515 miles. It included 15 American cities and 14 US states. The event in 2016 raised enough money for one million meals. 2018’s road rally topped this, providing at least 1.1 million meals (and counting).

How It Happens

Each rally participant pays a registration fee, part of which is donated to Feeding America. Food donations are collected at the rally sites, and every participating MINI driver can set up a fundraising page, which can be grouped person by person or by teams.

Participants get a badge they can display on their MINI, collecting additional badges as they hit donation milestones. These badges help someone feel proud and serve as conversation piece – and they also help encourage others to join in and donate.

The 2018 MINI

MINI itself came to the US in 2002 and has been overwhelmingly popular ever since. The 2018 MINI models are some of the most dynamic and playful models yet, with agile handling, spacious and comfortable cabins, and exceptional safety. These traits should serve them well in any future rally, commute, road trip, or journey to help others.

Buy a MINI Cooper | MINI Cooper Owners | Braman MINI Palm Beach, Florida

5 Reasons to Buy a MINI Cooper

Why buy a MINI Cooper? Let us count the ways! From a design that conveys a heavy dose of attitude to a performance heartbeat making itself known in every curve, MINI Cooper owners know they’ve got an agile car that will surprise even the most jaded critic. In other words: the MINI Cooper’s just going to make you smile.

  1. Appreciate its design. Few other cars leap out and tell you to enjoy – thoroughly. The MINI Cooper’s practical, sure, but it’s also art you can drive. In the middle of the city, it fits in. On the beach? It fits in. On the road for a camping weekend? It fits in. It fits in precisely because it stands out as fun and unique – and fun and unique fits in anywhere.
  2. Double down on agility. When you buy a MINI Cooper, you’re getting one of the most nimble cars on the market. It’s not going to beat a Porsche on grand touring, but it can literally drive circles and drift figure eights around it. The MINI’s not interested in drag racing you; it wants to impress you with tight, nifty, agile racing.
  3. Driving should FEEL fun. MINI Cooper owners aren’t pretending to fly spaceships or staring and swearing at the 10,000 knobs and dials underneath their arm. They are feeling the bite of tire on the road, the eager burst of the engine, the lean of the next turn. The MINI’s got racing blood in it, with a long heritage of track duels and impressive rallies.
  4. The price is good. Heck, to you can buy a MINI Cooper pre-owned when you’re still in college or the one working on the renovation. They’re accessible in a way most cars with their attitude and performance aren’t.
  5. They have more space than you think. Expect comfort – even if you’re tall. You can fit a family comfortably or two people with luggage on a romantic getaway.

For what you’d use a car like this to do, it’s going to come through every time, and it’s going to be reliable doing it.