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MINI’s Electric Could Be Ideal for City Dwellers

Today’s electric vehicles can win races and go further than ever before. Yet what if you’re in the city, and you want something that’s beautiful, cutting edge, and reliable? You’re not aiming to win any horsepower contests and you’re not driving a grand tour. You’re going to work, and you need something low-stress with good city performance. You also wouldn’t mind if it turned a few heads. Enter the electric MINI Cooper and MINI E.

Great City Performance

Perfect for city driving, MINIs are fun to drive, and they don’t waste space. The engineering is built around giving you good performance at low speeds. Performance cars are great when you need to get to 200 mph in 3 seconds, but you may notice that they often drive like boats when you’re motoring at 30 mph through the city. Similarly, you can camp out in a luxury car, and you might need to if you’re waiting for a parking space to open that’s large enough to accommodate it.

The electric MINI Cooper and MINI E are built with these challenges in mind. They handle with agility at low speeds. And unless you’re taking one for speed trials, they’ll do just fine on highways, too, going 70 mph like every other car. Their nimble build also lets them sneak into openings that other cars might not be able to make.

The range of 65 miles is plenty for daily driving around the city. You can just plug it into any outlet to recharge overnight.

Getting Ahead of the Electric Curve

When the new electric MINI Cooper models roll in, be sure to visit an electric MINI E dealer to put one to the test. You’ll be surprised at just how zippy it feels. Aside from the quieter drive, you wouldn’t even know it’s electric – it looks just like its gas-powered cousins. It’s just a little more responsible for the planet and easier on the wallet (especially with rising gas prices).

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Is MINI Next to Launch U.S. Car Subscription Service?

Will MINI offer a car subscription service along the lines of Access by BMW? There are a lot of indicators that suggest it’s only a matter of time. Imagine holding a MINI Cooper lease that allows you to swap models as you see fit. It’s like Netflix – but for cars. You subscribe, and as soon as you’re done with one, a concierge comes in to make the switch.

Nashville Pilot Program

The appeal of exploring different MINI Cooper models is certainly appealing. BMW is piloting the Access program in Nashville, TN to enable drivers to do just this. That program has separate tiers that allows you to access different kinds of cars. For instance, you could drive an electric MINI back and forth from work during the week, and then see a concierge deliver you a gas-powered MINI with a full tank of gas for a weekend trip.

There’s no limit in the BMW program as to how many times you change cars. You can have a different one delivered to you every day if you want. If extended to MINI, this would allow you to show off different MINI Cooper models with different capabilities and styles. And when you’re ready for the next adventure, it’s delivered right to you.

There’s Already a Program in the UK!

The next indicator of a MINI subscription service is that there’s already a subscription program going strong in the UK. If it works there, it would work here, in a country even more focused on car travel.

For the time being, the only thing standing in between you and a MINI subscription service seems to be ironing out the details. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the next evolution in your MINI Cooper lease arriving soon in a fun subscription package.

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Reviewing the MINI Cooper Countryman Hybrid

The MINI Countryman Hybrid is one of our favorite SUVs. It manages to be light and responsive, with room enough for both passengers and cargo. What should you know when signing that Countryman MINI Cooper lease?

Perfect Balance

This is a smaller SUV that’s fun to drive. Steering is responsive and firm, making it a perfect mid-ground for both weekend trips and daily driving.

The MINI Countryman Hybrid finds the sweet spot of adventure and routine, and manages to give it to us with a hybrid powertrain. The balance of the design is spot-on. It feels good cornering on a wild and winding highway, and it’s responsive when maneuvering through traffic.

The base model offers up a 134 combined horsepower version with a turbocharged 1.5-liter, 3-cylinder engine. For more zip out of the gate, there are 189 and 228 combined horsepower options. The Countryman feels much more aggressive even when loaded with cargo.

All the Little Touches in the MINI Countryman Hybrid

Its plug-in hybrid features mean that it can run on electric alone. This is useful for local and city driving and can save you substantially on gas costs.

Where the MINI Countryman Hybrid shines is in the experience. The infotainment system offers deep options and links well with a variety of apps. The transmission is exceptionally well attuned, and the suspension handles multiple surfaces skillfully. The noise levels are kept reasonably low, which can make the drive more calming.

Touches such as backup camera, heated front seats, sunroof, and dual-zone automatic climate control all contribute to the MINI’s superior comfort. That’s really what it’s all about. This is an SUV that’s just comfortable, that is intricately designed yet uncomplicated to drive. It’s built around the driver and the driver’s needs.

Not many cars feel designed to remove stress from a hard day, the daily commute, or errands you just don’t want to run this minute. This is one that can absorb some of that stress, and let you move through the day with more calm and control.

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The 2019 MINI Cooper Convertible

The MINI Cooper is such a perfected classic that all the changes now can be refinements. Many of these are continuing technical improvements, but that doesn’t fully capture the extent of improvements in the 2019 MINI Cooper Convertible.

As a MINI Convertible dealership, we’re always excited to see all the new bells, whistles, and customizations that each year’s iteration brings. It’s safe to say there’ an incredible amount of extra attitude in the 2019 edition.

Good Performance Options

There are many improvements in the details. The Cooper was recently made a fraction longer, particularly to increase passenger and cargo space. Now, the steps being taken involve making some components lighter. We still like the responsiveness in driving. It’s a well-tuned car that responds well in shifting and steering.

There are three- and four-cylinder variations that get you 124 and 189 hp. We especially enjoy the John Cooper Works version. This sports model ups the convertible’s power to 228 hp.

Boastful Aesthetics

The look is changing, something that might appeal well for those looking at MINI Cooper Convertible lease options.  LED headlights are optional on the front. This improves headlight performance as well as modernizing the look from the front. There are a number of other clever and subtle design choices that lend this new Cooper a sleeker, more aggressive appearance without losing its winning charm.

The tail light designs evoke a Union Jack to call out its British origins. This is a MINI Cooper, and attitude is just as important as everything else! To that end, the 6.5-inch touchscreen display is a winning choice. MINIs boast deep infotainment options as a good and accessible range of ways to link to your apps in-car.

Customizations Galore

Customizations are more flexible than ever. You’re able to design a full range of custom options, trims, and engravings. 3D printing and laser engravers are used to design LED door sills, door projectors, interior elements, and side scuttles, among other things. Your MINI Convertible dealership can deliver a vehicle that’s unique to you.

Head to Braman: the MINI Cooper Convertible lease is a stellar option for those who love these charming convertibles.

MINI Countryman

The MINI Countryman Makes a Move Toward Electric

Get ready for this plug-in power play. The world’s quirkiest ride is also driving in the fast lane of electric operation. The MINI Countryman now offers all-electric capability in the brand’s most versatile and roomy iteration yet.

The Cooper SE Countryman ALL4: “Emotionally Charged”

Since its inception, MINI has been eco- and fuel-conscious. Conceived during an energy crisis, its compact size and distinctive bulldog stance was born of necessity. Engineers innovated a solution to fit four people comfortably, while sipping – not guzzling – expensive, rationed gas.

Today, the brand recognizes the need to charge ahead into the electric genre. This MINI Countryman boasts a TwinPower Turbo engine paired with a gutsy lithium-ion battery and all-wheel drive for go-get-’em power. Turn your commute into an adventure – and your adventures into epic journeys.

Room to Roam

With room for five and generous storage space, the MINI Countryman offers more front and rear head room, more storage and more rear legroom than the Audi Q3 and Mercedes GLA250. So stretch out and enjoy the ride!

You also have more road to roam. This vehicle is nothing if not flexible: you can opt for gas-mode, hybrid-mode or all-electric mode to maximize performance, fuel economy and fun. Use virtually any standard outlet to charge up. If you forget? No problem. The MINI Countryman’s got you, baby! And it’s got you for 65 MPGe with an overall driving range of 270 miles and 12 all-electric (EPA estimated).

You’ll see 221 horses of combined system power, 284 ft-lbs of torque and a 6.7-second 0-60 mph. Not too shabby. Expect all that with the characteristic MINI handling and zip we know and love so well.

This beloved brand packs in a bunch of usable tech too: take advantage of rear view camera, rear park distance control, the MINI Connected infotainment system, Comfort Access and hands-free rear door features.

Visit Braman to ask about MINI lease specials so you can explore this innovative car – and all the possibilities it opens up for you.

Electric MINI Cooper

The New MINI E Starting Production in November 2019

Next November, you have more to look forward to than just digging into turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie (though, yes, definitely look forward to that too… and cranberry sauce… gotta have cranberry sauce). Everyone’s favorite fun and zippy brand is set to start production of the MINI E in late fall 2019. What do we know about this electric MINI Cooper so far?

Not a lot… but just enough! MINI loves to keep drivers on their toes – so it’s no surprise that the brand is ramping up anticipation by holding details close to the vest. Spy cams have caught this electric MINI Cooper during its extensive testing phase, but it’s been effectively camouflage. Oh, MINI: you’re killing us!

i3 Lessons

What we do expect is that this electric MINI Cooper will learn from, and improve upon, the BMW i3. Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW Board Member (MINI is under the BMW Group umbrella), says, “[The MINI E] carries a lot over from the i3. We have learned a lot about electromobility, which is why we say that we’re entering the second phase. Everything learned from i3 will be applied to MINI’s EVs.”

MINI is tailor-made for electric capability. Small, lightweight, gutsy and agile already, the next iteration will undoubtedly be completely on-brand. Expect it to be 100% MINI – which means a joy to drive and a cheap date at the gas pump. Torque and responsiveness, with the vehicle’s low center of gravity, will help it “stick to the ground” better than ever before.

The New Electric MINI Cooper: It’s so MINI

Most telling is, perhaps, this statement from brand boss Sebastian Mackensen: “We always joke and say if Issigonis [the engineer behind the original MINI] would invent the MINI today, it would definitely be an electric car. It is the answer to current challenges, as the original MINI was in 1959.”

Production should begin in November 2019 with a release date in 2020, giving you plenty of time to devour your Thanksgiving feast (and recover) before you visit your trusted electric MINI E dealer to test drive this efficient beauty.

My MINI Campaign

The My MINI Campaign

This MINI is mine – get your own! Everyone loves this quirky brand, and your favorite South Florida MINI dealership asked real customers to create videos explaining why they love their MINIs so much. Best of all: when you vote for your favorite My MINI campaign video, you can win a trip to the iHeart Country Music Festival in Austin or the iHeart Radio Wango Tango in Los Angeles.

Annie and Shaun, Katherine, and Olivia showed off their TV star sides with clever, fun videos as part of Braman’s My MINI campaign. Liv lives in her MINI and loves to pile her friends and all their fitness gear in to hit the yoga studio. Katherine heads to the beach with her dog (with plenty of room for Ava’s dog bed in the back) for some fun and sun; Shaun and Annie have his-and-hers MINIs, perfect for loading up all their canvases and attending art shows.

You can vote for your favorite My MINI campaign video (hurry – voting ends April 5 at midnight). The winning video star from the My MINI campaign will choose an iHeart trip for a chance to go to either Austin or Los Angeles. When you vote, you are automatically entered to win the remaining trip.

Imagine: round-trip airfare for two, hotel accommodations for two nights, and of course, two concert tickets for the show of a lifetime.

At Braman, we love MINIs – and we love our customers just as much! Take advantage of this fun, no-catch contest. You don’t have to buy or lease a MINI to win. But, why not! We have excellent deals on these gorgeous, zippy cars. Visit South Florida’s premier MINI dealership to discover why this brand captures the hearts and imaginations of so many people.

The MINI Cooper S

The New MINI Cooper S Boasts 54.3 mpg

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That’s good advice to follow most of the time, but you need to know when to go your own road. The new MINI Cooper S is a shining example of this. The beautiful exterior is updated, but not overhauled. That’s good – MINIs have a look that just works. They turn heads and incite broad smiles. Here’s something to make that smile even bigger.


Under-the-Hood Overhaul On The MINI Cooper S

MINI decided that they could improve what’s under the hood to give the new MINI Cooper S a dynamite update. This was started with some smart weight reduction. Not only does this boost mileage, it also helps give the car a new handling profile. It feels more nimble, more aggressive.

To accommodate this new profile, there’s a new twin-clutch transmission. It’s mapped perfectly and shifts are smooth as butter, opening up the next gear before closing the last one. This gives the MINI Cooper more response. There’s no lag as the car shifts from gear to gear. You shift, it responds.


Improvements in Performance On New MINI’s

The combination of weight reduction and improved transmission make this iteration feel very different. It’s suddenly a much more agile car than you expect. With advances in torque and a lightening of the engine through carbon fiber-reinforced plastic covers, there’s a great deal of thought put into fine-tuning the dynamic of the car under the hood.

Now, we’ve talked about how this improved handling and performance, but one of the biggest improvements rests in the mileage. It’s at a firm 54.3 mpg. That saves you a lot of money while still giving you a dynamic, eye-catching vehicle.

Look at MINI lease specials in South Florida. You can experience the thrill – while saving on purchase costs and filling up the gas tank. What more could you ask for!

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2019 MINI Cooper | Braman MINI

2019 MINI Cooper 4 Door Head and Tail Light Designs

Auto manufacturers often go to great lengths to keep updates and changes under wraps until they can plan a big reveal. And, it naturally follows, auto aficionados go to equally great lengths to uncover new additions and interactions. This is why we have some early intel on the 2019 MINI Cooper 4-Door model – its head and tail lights anyway!


What’s New?

2019 won’t bring a complete refresh of the beloved 4-door, but spy photographers caught some covert snaps of the MINI in Germany that appear to show changes to the head and tail lights.


While well-camouflaged, it seems that the shape of the lights is at least slightly different and that the Cooper may be utilizing the same type of design as featured in the MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept. What’s certain is there is some difference in the vertical aspect of the design. They’re not the exact same round bubbly lights seen on the current model.


Likewise, the headlights seem different to the 2018 model, and again, they may be modeled on those from the JCW GP Concept.


These may seem like minor changes, and in the grand scheme, they are! But because the MINI is so beloved, any aesthetic update can create anticipation in fans. Again, though, nothing major will change with the 2019 MINI Cooper 4-Door as the brand is still rocking this generation. Count on the spy photogs to give us a sneak peek when the time comes for a big update!


You don’t need to covert about your desire for one of these beautiful vehicles! Just stop by your Braman MINI dealership and ask about a test drive. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

2018 MINI Cooper Countryman Review

2018 MINI Cooper Countryman

New Year’s resolution: live life to the fullest. You can start by driving to the fullest! If you’re tired of stale rides and endless commutes, it is time to inject some fun back into the road. And we have just the set of wheels for you. 2018 MINI Cooper Countryman Review:

A Quick MINI Countryman Review

MINI roared its way into our hearts with the retro-funk aesthetic and zippy handling. The Countryman retains these beloved characteristics while offering an SUV-style experience. The Countryman is available in several options: Cooper, Cooper S, Cooper ALL4, Cooper S ALL4, John Cooper Works ALL4, and Cooper S E ALL4. Since 2018 brings two new models to the family, let’s take a look at the John Cooper Works and the Countryman S E.

The former is a sporty performer with a turbocharged four-cylinder capable of churning out 228 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. It powers from zero to 60 in 6.2 seconds. The latter is a hybrid that combines a turbocharged three-cylinder with a synchronous electric motor for an output of 221 horses and 284 lb-ft of torque. It just about equals the JCW with a zero to 60 acceleration of 6.7 seconds. And with 65 MPGe, the S E is a spunky a go-getter.

Benefits of 2018 MINI Countryman

The Countryman offers the spirit of the MINI in a more spacious package; you can comfortably fit two adults in the back, opening up the possibilities for more adventures. You can also feel more confident that you’ll get where you want to go – as a subcompact SUV with available all wheel drive, you can take the road less traveled.


Visit Braman MINI to learn more about the MINI Countryman and get behind the wheel for a test drive. This is one New Year’s resolution you’ll love keeping.