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2019 MINI Cooper 4 Door Head and Tail Light Designs

Auto manufacturers often go to great lengths to keep updates and changes under wraps until they can plan a big reveal. And, it naturally follows, auto aficionados go to equally great lengths to uncover new additions and interactions. This is why we have some early intel on the 2019 MINI Cooper 4-Door model – its head and tail lights anyway!


What’s New?

2019 won’t bring a complete refresh of the beloved 4-door, but spy photographers caught some covert snaps of the MINI in Germany that appear to show changes to the head and tail lights.


While well-camouflaged, it seems that the shape of the lights is at least slightly different and that the Cooper may be utilizing the same type of design as featured in the MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept. What’s certain is there is some difference in the vertical aspect of the design. They’re not the exact same round bubbly lights seen on the current model.


Likewise, the headlights seem different to the 2018 model, and again, they may be modeled on those from the JCW GP Concept.


These may seem like minor changes, and in the grand scheme, they are! But because the MINI is so beloved, any aesthetic update can create anticipation in fans. Again, though, nothing major will change with the 2019 MINI Cooper 4-Door as the brand is still rocking this generation. Count on the spy photogs to give us a sneak peek when the time comes for a big update!


You don’t need to covert about your desire for one of these beautiful vehicles! Just stop by your Braman MINI dealership and ask about a test drive. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

2018 MINI Cooper Countryman Review

2018 MINI Cooper Countryman

New Year’s resolution: live life to the fullest. You can start by driving to the fullest! If you’re tired of stale rides and endless commutes, it is time to inject some fun back into the road. And we have just the set of wheels for you. 2018 MINI Cooper Countryman Review:

A Quick MINI Countryman Review

MINI roared its way into our hearts with the retro-funk aesthetic and zippy handling. The Countryman retains these beloved characteristics while offering an SUV-style experience. The Countryman is available in several options: Cooper, Cooper S, Cooper ALL4, Cooper S ALL4, John Cooper Works ALL4, and Cooper S E ALL4. Since 2018 brings two new models to the family, let’s take a look at the John Cooper Works and the Countryman S E.

The former is a sporty performer with a turbocharged four-cylinder capable of churning out 228 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. It powers from zero to 60 in 6.2 seconds. The latter is a hybrid that combines a turbocharged three-cylinder with a synchronous electric motor for an output of 221 horses and 284 lb-ft of torque. It just about equals the JCW with a zero to 60 acceleration of 6.7 seconds. And with 65 MPGe, the S E is a spunky a go-getter.

Benefits of 2018 MINI Countryman

The Countryman offers the spirit of the MINI in a more spacious package; you can comfortably fit two adults in the back, opening up the possibilities for more adventures. You can also feel more confident that you’ll get where you want to go – as a subcompact SUV with available all wheel drive, you can take the road less traveled.


Visit Braman MINI to learn more about the MINI Countryman and get behind the wheel for a test drive. This is one New Year’s resolution you’ll love keeping.

Mini Countryman Hybrids

Reviewing The MINI Countryman Hybrids

What Mini Countryman Hybrids Are Available?

You love the MINI. You love the price; you love the style; you love how you feel driving it. But you’re trying to go green and you want a vehicle that doesn’t rely exclusively on fossil fuels. Let’s welcome the MINI Cooper hybrids! The quirky brand has decided to add hybrids to their menu, and let’s just say that we’re ready to feast! After all, how can we not be excited about something that looks exactly like all of the MINI Coopers we’ve come to love in an even more efficient package?

When it comes to the MINI Cooper hybrids, you’re looking at a vehicle that looks ultra-compact but has a surprising amount of space inside. It’s perfect for single people, couples, or anyone looking for a great ride with plenty of personality.  

With their hybrids, MINI went funky, and they went really funky. The hybrid gets a combined 65 MPGe thanks to a 7.6-kWh battery coupled with a 1.5 liter 3-cylinder twin turbo engine. Together, they crank out a combined 134 hp and 162 lb-ft of torque.

The six speed automatic transmission comes standard, and there are a ton of add-ons and extras that you can get to fully customize your MINI. You also get three different driving modes: Max eDrive, Auto eDrive and Save battery mode. If you’re looking to save the environment, and you love a funky look, the new MINI Cooper hybrids will definitely fire up your engines.

You love the MINI. You love the price; you love the style; you love how you feel driving it. You love MINI’s legendary efficiency. And you are going to love an even lighter carbon footprint and less time and money spent at the pump.

Find the right MINI hybrid for you at your local MINI Dealership.

2018 MINI Clubman John Cooper Works Review

MINI Clubman John Cooper Works Review

Reviewing the 2018 MINI Clubman John Cooper Works

Looking to get your hands on one of the most powerful Mini Coopers of all time? Say “hello” to the 2018 Mini Clubman John Cooper Works Countryman. It packs a major MINI punch.

Thanks to a 2.0 liter turbocharged 1-4, this 2018 MINI Clubman churns out a more-than-respectable 228 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. You’ll get plenty of zip out of this muscular model; it can hit 0-60 in 6.2 seconds, which is .4 seconds faster than the first generation version of the vehicle!

And don’t worry: the John Cooper Works Clubman can handle itself. It features standard all wheel drive and six speed manual to ensure you are in complete control of every mile of your experience. An eight speed automatic transmission is available as well, and it’s every bit as fun.

There are a lot of other upgrades to discover when you visit your local MINI Cooper dealership, including the “active engine speed adaptation”. Sounds sexy – but what does it mean? The car has an automatic downshift rev-matching that comes standard. When you downshift, that “whirring” sound your engine makes? This process stops that from happening and not only is a less jarring experience, it’s much better on your engine as well.

The 2018 Mini Clubman also has a few other performance upgrades, including the aero kit, a stiffer suspension, torque vectoring, and Brembo brakes. You’ll also find plenty of tech and luxury-oriented elements inside the vehicle as well. LED headlights, a panoramic moonroof, a keyless entry, and parking sensors all come standard with MINI. You can also opt to add features like driver assistance tech (including forward collision avoidance), active cruise control, navigation and a very cool heads up display.

Does the John Works live up to its name? More than! Come see for yourself at Braman MINI of Palm Beach.

Express Yourself in the New MINI Convertible

New MINI Convertibles

We live in a world where everything is customized. From individually hand-crafted items on Etsy to the concept of “mass customization,” consumers today expect the products they want, the way they want. You can trust the quirkiest brand in the world to deliver! The new MINI Convertible is a canvas: paint your picture!

Color is one of the biggest ways that you can express yourself with the new MINI Convertible. And you’ve got a full palette from which to choose! Three different types of silver, a few blacks, and some of the most vibrant blue colors you’ve ever seen (the Caribbean Aqua is one of our favorites!).


With the MINI convertible, you can also customize virtually every feature from boot to bonnet. Speaking of bonnet: add the white bonnet stripes that lend that special MINI zip. You can choose the type and size wheels you want, and then there’s the interior: Want leather seats? No problem! Prefer to have a piano black surface on the dash? That can be arranged!


And if you’re just as worried about how your MINI works as you are how it looks, you can control that too! Change the standard 6 speed manual transmission to an automatic or boost the power with a 1.5L TwinPower Turbocharged engine. You can even upgrade your alarm system and your stereo. If you want it, it’s possible with the new MINI Convertible.


Even “standard” MINIs offer the chance for customization. You can drive this convertible, for example, in your choice of driving modes: Sport, Green, or Mid. Then there’s the eternal question: top up or top down? MINI throws in another option: both. The 3 in 1 roof acts as a panoramic sunroof.

Stop by Braman to inquire about MINI lease specials. We hear a convertible calling your name!


Complimentary Scheduled Mini Maintenance

Scheduled Mini Maintenance

Do you know why so many vehicles give their owners increased headaches as they get older? If you’ve ever purchased a used vehicle, you might have been on a first-name basis with your mechanic because you’re in the shop so often. But why do some used vehicles seem to break down constantly while others don’t? Oftentimes, it’s the original source of the automobile (did they purchase from a respected pre-owned dealership?) and the quality of the maintenance.

Regular maintenance is an essential aspect of car ownership, whether you purchase your vehicle new or used. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t develop serious problems, and helps to lengthen its lifespan as well. As any MINI dealer will tell you, the better you treat your car, the better it will treat you.

Unfortunately, many vehicle owners don’t recognize how important regularly scheduled maintenance is. There are even a number of car owners who put off changing their oil, which can quickly kill an engine. Lack of maintenance turns small problems and routine issues into major inconveniences – and equally significant expenses.

If you’ve ever looked at MINI cars for sale, you will undoubtedly be interested in the complimentary scheduled maintenance. Wait… what? Complimentary scheduled maintenance? MINI, under the marquee of the iconic BMW brand, offers this benefit to owners. But it begs the question: why would any automaker offer free maintenance?


The Theory Behind Free MINI Maintenance

In today’s world, we’re not used to hearing the word “free” without some sort of condition attached to it. For example, you may hear a company say that you’ll get free oil changes if you purchase the new car. The fine print, however, tries to hide the fact that you must spend a certain amount of money in order to get the “free” oil changes. Or you receive free winter tires that are only “free” because of the additional money tacked onto the cost of the vehicle.

With MINI, however, there are no strings attached to the free maintenance. MINI, and, of course, BMW,  want their cars to enjoy a long, powerful life – just as much as you do. At BMW, they recognize that vehicle owners dedicate a significant amount of money to the cars they drive; the automaker wants to ensure drivers receive a positive return on their investment.

To this end, they developed an ideal maintenance program. For 3 years, or for 36,000 miles (whichever happens to come first), MINI will have your vehicle serviced at an authorized MINI dealer as a perk of ownership. This includes routine items, such as engine oil services, brake fluid service, wiper blade inserts, cabin air microfilter and engine air filter change, brake pads and rotors, and much more. The company estimates that this will save you almost $1500 in service costs – and untold sums in avoided  hassles and inconveniences.

Will this really affect the lifespan of your vehicle? Absolutely. Auto experts agree that regular maintenance can extend the life of your car by a number of years. And not only will it keep running beautifully, regular maintenance will catch any other problems that might pop up. This prevents minor issues from escalating and ensures that your vehicle will perform optimally, even as it “matures.”


Other Tips to Help You Extend the Life Of Your MINI

While regular maintenance can extend the life of your vehicle, it’s reassuring to know that there are other steps you can take to accomplish this as well. For starters, regularly rotating your tires can dramatically increase the life of your tires as well as the life of your vehicle. When they’re run in the same place, tires will have wear and tear in only one location. By rotating the tires, the wear and tear is evened out and makes the tires last much longer.

It’s important to keep the outside of your car washed and waxed to protect it, but keeping the engine clean is just as important. Having a qualified expert remove the sludge off the exterior of the engine, where it tends to accrue, can keep it running beautifully for a very long time

And, believe it or not, if you live in a cold climate, it’s important to run your air conditioner a few times. It might be cold, but if you don’t run the AC at least a few times during the cold winter months, your moving parts may seize up which will prevent the system from working properly when the weather really gets warm.

The regular scheduled maintenance that comes bundled with MINI cars for sale adds even more value to your purchase. It not only helps the vehicle to last longer, it also can give the owner confidence that any problems that might occur will be caught before they become huge expenses. And that is just one more reason to love MINI.

New Mini Connected Advanced Technology

What is today but a high speed, high tech world? With a few clicks of a mouse, or swipes on a phone, you can any item you want right at your fingertips. The internet and modern gadgetry has revolutionized our world – and shifted it over to the fast lane. In this fast-paced world, vehicles need to be just as speedy. Not only do they need to be quick on the roads, they need to be up-to-speed in the technology world as well.

Today, even the most basic of vehicles you’ll find on the lot come with optional satellite technology. The new MINI cars for sale, however, have gone a few steps further than offering satellite or bluetooth. Visit a MINI dealership and you’ll experience the very best of British auto design – and the very latest in technology. They work together seamlessly to provide an exceptional experience.

All About Mini Connected

The new MINI cars for sale are all about Mini Connected. This exciting feature is an intuitive system that enables you to keep connected to the digital world effortlessly. With the MINI, you can choose between two different high resolution displays – either the 6.5” or the 8.8”. Regardless of what size display you select, the MINI Connected feature is designed to integrate flawlessly with your technology.

How? To start with, any Bluetooth device can connect easily thanks to controls on your steering wheel. MINI Connected is also GoPro ready! GoPro is a camera (beloved by everyone from celebrities and reality stars to adventure- and thrill-seekers) that is able to record in just about any conditions, including underwater. The MINI Connected feature not only is able to control the key functions of the camera, it can also give you a video preview of what you’re recording.

Not loving the radio stations in your area? Hook up your MINI Connected; you’ll be able to play music from all sorts of sources, including iHeartRadio, Spotify and Pandora.

Want to connect to everything quickly and easily? Some MINI models come with the special touchpad that allows you to simply write a few letters with your finger onto the touchpad in order to tell the car what you want it to do. You can, for instance, use the words “HOM” and the car will automatically plot a course to home. Or you can sketch out the first few letters of your favorite song, and it will play through your speakers.


Other Fun and Helpful MINI Technology

At a MINI dealership, you’ll also be able to find a number of other advanced features, including a heads-up display. This display was actually inspired by the technology that you find in the cockpit of a jet. It’s retractable and puts virtually everything you need to know right at eye level. It will show you your speed, what’s on the stereo, important alerts, and, of course, real-time navigational instructions. With this fun little piece of technology you’ll never have to worry about veering or becoming distracted. You don’t have to look down or away from the road – ever.

Have a hard time parking? The parking assist technology will make parking a breeze – too bad parking spots are not included! The system utilizes video technology to check if the potential spot has enough room for you to park in it. Then the vehicle takes control of the wheel and steers with precision into place. You can find many video demonstrations of how this works online, or better, visit your MINI dealership to experience it in person. If you have a fear of parallel parking, these models have the cure.

The new MINI cars for sale also come with LED headlights that have cornering enabled. Cornering is a feature that allows the headlights to automatically adjust their angle based on the speed that you’re driving and how heavy your load is. This helps to ensure that the lighting from your vehicle is optimal and that you can see around corners much better.

While new MINI cars for sale incorporate the latest technological features, they still retain that quintessential MINI identity. They’re sleek, agile, safe, and fun. When you visit your MINI dealership, you’ll see first-hand how technology enhances the classic vehicles we know and love.

2016 MINI Clubman vs. 2016 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen

2016 MINI Clubman | Braman MINI

When we’re young we often dream of having a high-end luxury car. As we get older, however, we become more practical and realize that while there are definitely occasions to own a luxury car, there are also times when you need something a little bigger and less ostentatious. That’s when a wagon is a great option. Not to worry; these aren’t the wood-paneled monsters of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. The body style – and amenities – have changed quite a bit in recent years.


The Mini Clubman and the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen are two of the most popular wagons, or “highway cruisers,” if you’d rather, available in today’s market. When you look at the numbers, it’s easy to see that while the cars have a few similarities, several key factors distinguish one from the other. How, then, can one know whether to purchase a new or used Mini Clubman or a Golf SportWagen?


The Numbers

In the world of vehicles, the numbers tell the tale. These specs highlight the contrasts between these two high-end cars.


The Car Mini Clubman Golf SportWagen
Engine Inline 4 Inline 4
Horsepower 134 hp 170 hp
Torque 162 pounds – feet 184 pounds – feet
Top Speed 124 mph 126 mph
0 – 60 Acceleration 6.6 seconds 7.6 seconds
Transmission 8 speed automatic 5 speed manual
Fuel Economy City / Highway 27 mpg / 34 mpg 18 mpg / 26 mpg


The Look

One factor that draws people to 2016 Mini dealers instead of heading straight to the VW dealership is the look of the Mini. Minis have become tremendously popular since they were introduced into the US from Britain. Their unique, boxy look, coupled with serious power, makes them not only instantly recognizable but also a fun and fuel efficient ride.


The Mini Clubman features the classic lines you love but the 2016 model has added more cargo space and replaced the hatchback with two doors that open in opposition. When you are loading or unloading groceries, gear, or luggage, this design makes the process that much easier.


In comparison, the Golf SportWagen looks much more similar to the traditional wagon that most of us envision. It has the typical four door entry with hatchback in the rear, as well as the elongated shape of a typical wagon.


The Handling

Something most drivers and even critics can agree on: the Golf SportWagen handles and rides beautifully. It has a well-damped suspension system and that, when coupled with tightly controlled body movement and a larger wheelbase, gives it stability and a very smooth feel.


But as 2016 Mini dealers will tell you, the Clubman definitely holds its own in regards to handling. Even though it is a bit heavier than the traditional Mini, the Clubman has fantastically sharp steering and has been found to respond very nimbly on curves, twists, and turns.


Why would someone opt for a used Mini Clubman over the VW Golf SportWagen? One reason is because of the style; there is nothing quite like a Mini Cooper in regards to aesthetics. Another is because of how quiet the car is. While it handles comparably to the SportWagen, and has similar power and fuel economy, the Mini Clubman has been found to be extremely quiet both outside of the vehicle and on the inside as well. (Quiet not included if you have a family!)


Test drive the Clubman and the SportWagen to see which fits your life – and your definition of a great vehicle – best. You’ll see you don’t have to give up your dream of a high-end luxury car; you just have to redefine it a bit!


Mini Cooper Clubman The Ultimate Family Car

MINI Cooper Clubman dealership

The New & Improved MINI Cooper Clubman

Sure, there are cars you instantly recognize as they drive by. Their makes and models are so ubiquitous, so common, that you could identify them in your sleep. And then, there are the others. The elite. The exclusive. The ones you not only recognize – but desire. The MINI Cooper is one of them. This vehicle is so iconic that it’s become a symbol of agility, speed, and control. The MINI Cooper Clubman is an outstanding update on the previous version. With a few changes, MINI has done the impossible: made a classic even better.

What Changed With The MINI Cooper Clubman?

What makes this MINI Cooper Clubman distinct from last year’s edition? The beloved British automaker has redesigned a few key elements, starting with the quirks that were a bit frustrating for some people. Components like the center-mounted speedometer and the awkwardly-placed window switches that were, for reasons that escaped most drivers, located on the console, have all disappeared.

The designers listened to consumers and adjusted the very few things that we found vexing. Now the window switch is where you’d expect it, on the door, and the speedometer is also intuitively positioned. But, of course, a MINI Cooper wouldn’t be a MINI Cooper if it didn’t have a large circle element in the center of the dash. And the MINI Cooper Clubman definitely has that. This time, however, the designers have realized that this space is the perfect location for an infotainment screen.

And, even more fun, the ring around the distinctive circle is illuminated with LED lighting so it can be changed to a number of different colors. The interior of the vehicle is so much fun that you’ll find yourself delaying arrival at your destination in order to spend a little more time inside the Clubman.

MINI Inside and Out

The Clubman is, of course, a bigger version of the classic MINI Cooper and you will certainly feel the extra space. This makes the bigger – though equally sleek – Clubman ideal for busy professionals or those with families, friends, pets, and/or gear for the next adventure.

The vehicle has about 6 more feet of space than the traditional MINI Cooper. Keep in mind, however, that the headroom for passengers in the rear of the Clubman doesn’t change. Due to the slightly sloping roof, any rear passengers who are over 6 feet tall will likely find that they don’t have the most comfortable of rides. They will have plenty of legroom, thanks to the fact that the seat backs of the front seats are sculpted for optimal space usage. Still, the headroom will be a tight fit. For kids or furry friends? No problem.

It’s also important to note, for those who aren’t familiar with the MINI Cooper Clubman,, how the rear doors open. Unlike traditional family vehicles, which often have a hatchback, the Clubman offers a unique touch: suicide doors. The front doors open as usual, while the back are hinged at the rear instead of the front. This makes it easy to  fit large objects in the rear of the vehicle. Some rear passengers may also find it easier to enter and exit the Clubman thanks to this door design. (Bonus: it manages to add both old-world charm and contemporary appeal.)

Driving the Mini Cooper Clubman

While the space is fantastic, what’s under the hood is also worthy of discussion. The base model has a 1.5 liter turbocharged I3 engine which can handle 134 hp and 162 lb-ft of torque. It does take almost 9 seconds to hit 60 mph, but if you’re looking for a vehicle for your family or to haul gear or equipment, you’ll find that what the Clubman lacks in start-up acceleration it makes up for in power. If you opt for the manual 2016 MINI Clubman, You’ll gain a lot more control – and you may just shave a few seconds off that 0-60 time.

While it might not be the zippiest vehicle in the MINI Cooper line, it’s one of the most fun to drive. Twisty highways are easier than ever to navigate thanks to the wide stance of the car, and the suspension that BMW has added makes the ride extremely smooth. So smooth, in fact, we’d hazard a guess that you could drive the MINI Cooper Clubman on almost any type of uneven road and still keep the baby in the back asleep.

From it’s quirky, eminently recognizable style to its power and comfortable ride, the MINI Cooper Clubman is truly one of the most perfect family cars out there. It looks great, drives even better, and has a delightful interior. It’s a total – immediately recognizable – package of driving exhilaration.

Visit a trusted dealer and test drive a MINI Cooper. If you’ve craved the excitement of these British beauties but needed more space, the Clubman has the solution.