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Electric MINI Cooper | MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid | Braman MINI of West Palm Beach, South Florida

How to Charge Your MINI

Electric cars have meant real changes for many vehicle owners. Unfortunately, the charging process isn’t always what they expected, and that’s as true for the MINI as it is for every other electric vehicle on the market. In fact, many electric vehicle owners engage in incredibly dangerous behaviors that might not only damage the car, but everything around it as well. 

Fear not: your electric MINI Cooper is remarkably safe – but it pays to follow the brand’s instructions when you charge up your ride!

What Not to Do

A recent survey from the organization Electrical Safety First found that 75% of the 1,500 EV owners surveyed admitted to using unsuitable extension cords at some point to connect their EVs to charging stations. Of those individuals, 75% said that they had linked multiple extension cords together to reach their cars. Don’t!

A Fast Guide

Whether you have a MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid or any other plug in vehicle, use your dedicated, weatherproofed EV charging cable every single time you plug in. The MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid uses the Type 2 charging standard when you’re at home or in public. 

You can find the inlet behind the front left wheel (just in front of the driver’s door). You can open it by tapping on the charging socket flap, then removing the cover of the plug if you need to. Plug the connectors in, and if you’re at home, it should automatically begin the charging process. If you’re in public, you may need to activate a smartphone app or something similar to initiate charging.  

Once you’re plugged in, you can walk away until it’s complete, which usually takes two to three hours, depending on whether you’re using a fast or slow charging station and cable. Keep in mind, though, that charging time can vary, as you have to factor in how low the battery might be as well as a number of other issues. There is an indicator light on the charging socket to help you know more about where you’re at in the process. If it’s green, the charging process is complete. It it’s flashing yellow, it’s still charging. 

If you lock your vehicle when you walk away, the charging cable is also locked. You’ll have to unlock the vehicle before you walk away. Then, you release it by pressing the button on the handle and grasping the charging cable in the gripping area. 

Owning an Electric MINI Cooper can be a fun change of pace, but understanding how and when to charge it safely is nothing short of a must.

Plug-In Hybrid | MINI Countryman Review | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, South Florida

Plug-In Hybrid MINI Countryman Review

According to a MINI Countryman review, “The Countryman is the MINI’s least mini model.” We like to think of it as MINI – maximized. This plug-in hybrid has ample room for five (yes, even if you’re in the back), and with 17.2 cubic feet of space, you can even bring your stuff along for the ride. Leave the rear passengers at home, and you have 46.4 cubic space to work with. What else do you need to know about the big MINI?

The MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid Basics

This MINI hybrid houses the regular 1.5 liter three-cylinder engine, capable of 134 horsepower. This is coupled with a 7.6 kilowatt battery/motor. Combined output is 221 horses and 284 ft-lb of torque. More than respectable!

Now, the hybrid’s range is not spectacular, and that is a common theme of many a MINI Countryman review. It runs about 12 miles on electric power alone. After that, the 1.5 kicks in to power the vehicle. Remember, though, that MINI was founded on fuel efficiency back in 1959, so you’re looking at up to 28 mpg city and 38 mpg highway…. More than respectable! 

If fuel economy and range are your primary goals in a plug-in hybrid, there are arguably better choices on the market. The Countryman, however, offers that distinct MINI look and feel, and it is superior in terms of build and design than subcompact competitors. 

And it’s a manual! Hey, if you love to drive a manual, this is a huge benefit. It’s one of the only vehicles of its kind with this type of transmission. This car is simply a joy to drive and is packed with all the MINI charm you expect. 

Visit Braman MINI of Palm Beach, Florida to learn more about the plug-in Countryman. We’re happy to answer all of your questions.

MINI Countryman Tent | MINI Accessories | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, South Florida

Why Your MINI Countryman Needs a Roof Tent

Want the freedom to hit the road, explore, and embark on adventures when – and where – the urge strikes? Don’t want to drag a heavy – and gas guzzling – camper or RV behind you? You’re in luck. The MINI Countryman tent offers an easy, convenient, and cozy way to camp on the road. 

There are a host of MINI accessories designed to enhance your experience even further. One of our favorites – especially in the summer months – is a tent specially designed for the MINI Countryman. The 2019 is the biggest model in MINI history, and it features ALL4 all-wheel drive. This means you can take the road less traveled. And if you decide to stay, you can set up your roof tent.

Designed by Autohome and the MINI Design Team, the AirTop roof tent easily mounts to the MINI Countryman’s roof (you’ll need a roof rail carrier, another useful MINI accessory). As you drive, its light, aerodynamic design won’t impede gas mileage or performance. When you’re ready to sack out, just release two safety clasps at the front and two at the rear. From there, four gas pressure springs automatically raise the superstructure of the tent.

The MINI Countryman tent offers a sleeping area for two measuring 6.9’ x 4.3’, a high density mattress with cotton cover, rain proofing, two doors, two windows with zips, close-meshed nets to keep pesky bugs away, battery powered LED interior lighting, luggage nets, storage pockets, noise and heat insulation, and an aluminum ladder – which makes climbing up on your roof a breeze.

The rooftop design allows you to create a safe barrier between you and bugs, critters, snakes, bears… pretty much every creepy crawly that wants to investigate your campsite. You’ll also eliminate the uncomfortable problem of waking up in a puddle when it rains. Another benefit, with the tent on the roof, you have more cargo space for your gear and room for a bike rack on the back. Perfect!

This is one of the most exciting MINI accessories on the market. Take advantage of the freedom and flexibility it offers!

MINI Electric | 2020 MINI Cooper SE Hardtop | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, Florida

First MINI Electric Named

MINI already has hybrid models on the road (e.g., the Cooper SE Countryman All4), but the beloved British brand is poised to release its first mass produced all-electric vehicle soon. The 2020 MINI Cooper SE Hardtop may be a first for the automaker – but it won’t be the last.

MINI Electric

Details about the Cooper SE are still scarce, but MINI has let a few slip. For example, the electric vehicle will have the same powertrain as the BMW i3. Engineers made some tweaks, such as shifting the driven wheels and electronics to the front end, to accommodate the Cooper S architecture. The i3 has a range of about 114 miles; the Cooper SE is expected to deliver about the same.

To accommodate for the extra weight of the battery (the SE is about 384 pounds heavier than a base Cooper), MINI borrows the springs from the Clubman and Countryman, uses unique dampers, and elevates the ride by 0.6 inch.

MINI engineers balanced the goals of adapting to full electric capability with retaining that classic zip and handling. From test drives, they more than accomplished that mission. The added weight doesn’t hinder performance, and the Cooper SE moves effortlessly through twists and turns. More good news: thanks to the 170 hp boost in power, the electric MINI feels faster than a gas-powered MINI Hardtop.

The brand has said they plan on introducing more fully electric models to the family soon.

The 2020 MINI Cooper SE Hardtop will roll out early next year and is expected to be priced similarly to gas models. If you have your eye on a MINI electric vehicle, come in and speak to the experts at Braman MINI of Palm Beach. We’re happy to answer your questions about this model or others that strike your fancy.

2020 MINI | John Cooper Works GP | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, Florida

2020 MINI John Cooper Works GP Arrival Imminent

In 2020, MINI will roll out its most powerful road car yet. Fans of the British icon couldn’t be more excited. The new John Cooper Works GP is already generating plenty of buzz. But what do we know about it so far?

As with most up-market brands, MINI is notoriously secretive about its yet-to-be-released vehicles. Teaser images and spy photos gave us a glimpse of this offering earlier this year, and the latest images bear little disguise. The 2020 MINI JCW GP will feature the beloved bulldog stance with a few race-worthy tweaks.

Of note are the dramatic wheel arches. They are big and bold, so naturally MINI also incorporates larger wheels. We also see a huge rear spoiler and deeper front spoiler. The JCW will have larger brakes and engineers ditched the backseat altogether. This road car is clearly inspired by MINI’s racing heritage.

Speculation is that the John Cooper Works GP will boast the same engine as the BMW X2 M35i. If so, you will see about 302 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque. It’s also expected to have the same drivetrain as the X2.

Questions remain: will it be front wheel drive or all wheel drive? Will a manual transmission be an option? We expect so: offering standard transmission has always been a MINI feature we love.

These questions, and more, will be answered later in 2019, with the first models coming out in 2020. In the meantime, visit Braman MINI of Palm Beach to inquire about other exceptional models for lease or purchase. Our expert team is ready to help you drive away in your dream car. MINI has always been a quirky, fun favorite. The John Cooper Works GP both lives up to MINI’s high standard – and, we think, exceeds it!

MINI Cooper customization, buy a new MINI | Braman MINI in West Palm Beach, Florida

MINI Cooper Customization Speaks to Today’s Auto Shoppers

What really matters to today’s auto shoppers? What do they care about most when looking to buy a new MINI? You might be surprised. According to a recent survey commissioned by MINI, it all comes down to personalization, making the power of MINI Cooper customization absolutely essential in today’s market.

About the Survey

The market research firm Engine handled the survey, looking for car shopping trends both among general consumers and millennials alike. Their results are based on a sample size of 1,003 adults, half men and half women, all of whom were eighteen or older. The survey was conducted in November of 2018.

Customizing for Men More Than Women

The survey results found men ranked customization as two times more important than women, and millennials, more than anyone else, were looking for some serious options, particularly within the car’s technology and infotainment choices. A close second to the need for customization was the demand for interior comfort and style.

Nearly 59% of those responding, though, really looked for the ability to personalize a vehicle, not just in the world of wheels and color choices, but also in many other areas.

Why It Matters to MINI

MINI has long looked toward offering customers a variety of options. The goal with the entire vehicle line has been to encourage customers to make the car their own, and with continual redesigns and added options, many have been able to do just that.

The Reality of Today’s Car Buying Market

In a world where nearly every commercial claims people want bigger and better SUVs and trucks that provide cargo space, the simple reality is that today’s shoppers want so much more. They’re looking for something MINI has been offering for years – better personalization. So, if that’s at the top of your priority list, too, maybe it’s time to lease or buy a new MINI.

MINI Cooper SE Electric, electric MINI Cooper | Braman MINI in West Palm Beach, Florida

MINI Cooper SE Electric Preliminary Specs

MINI tends to have a lot of fans. Most will be happy to tell you how amazing these cars are thanks to the fact that they get great gas mileage, they’re incredibly affordable, and they have a serious resale value, but like every other brand today, MINI is looking to head in a different direction. The MINI Cooper SE Electric is that new direction for the company, and the preliminary specs on this model make it look like something nearly every fan will crave. The electric MINI Cooper may even bring a few new fans to the brand.

A Closer Look at the Specs

In early March, MINI hosted what is sure to be the first of many press conferences about the SE, and the preliminary details look absolutely impressive. Range is what many look at when they think electric car, and this one is little different. At the moment, they’re suggesting 120 miles of electric range, but whether that’s based on WLTP standards or EPA ratings is not yet clear, and those can be two very different metrics.

Either way, that range likely comes from the fact that the car weighs just 1360 kg with a front to rear weight distribution of 54/46. The center of gravity has been lowered by at least 12 percent for this model.

Usable battery capacity is also one of the most important specs as you think about this new rollout, and here, it makes the car feel very similar to its conventional counterpart. Manufactured by the Chinese firm CATL, the battery offers a capacity of 29 kWh, delivering about 181 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque.

Coming in at just 200 kg, the battery is fairly small and it fits neatly in the space that this model previously released for its exhaust and transmission tunnel. Charge time is just 40 minutes using a DC fast charger.

This electric MINI Cooper doesn’t sacrifice speed for its green nature. It can hit sixty-two in seven to eight seconds, making it both beautiful and fast in traffic.

The MINI Cooper SE Electric doesn’t become available until the first quarter of 2020, so until then, you may just have to look forward to more press releases from MINI.

MINI Cooper S | MINI Cooper 3 Door | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, Florida

MINI Cooper S Drag Race Results

Were the MINI Cooper S vs. Ford Fiesta ST drag race results on Top Gear accurate? Of course they were: it’s a real race, it happened in reality, it’s on video. They were also a foregone conclusion because of one key oversight. Had they used the MINI Cooper 3 door instead of the 5 door model – like they did for the Ford – the fight would have been a fairer comparison.

Three-Door vs. Five-Door?!?

On paper, you can already tell who’s going to win. The MINI Cooper S 5 door model accelerates from 0-62 mph in 6.9 seconds. The Ford Fiesta ST accelerates in 6.7 seconds. It has slightly more horsepower (although translating into less torque) and it weighs just a touch less.

This is because the Ford Fiesta ST that was raced is a three-door. The MINI Cooper that it squared off against was a five-door. There’s a version of the Fiesta that’s a 5 door model – why not use that? Or use the MINI Cooper 3 door.

Viewers Deserve More

Truth be told, either of the 3 door models is going to perform better than the 5 door ones. Perhaps it was an oversight by the Top Gear crew to run unlike cars against each other. Perhaps those were just the cars they could get hold of that day. It’s certainly understandable, but it leaves open the question which car would really win in an even drag race of like models.

A few reviewers have found the MINI Cooper 3 door has the same acceleration as the Ford Fiesta ST, so not only would that race be fairer, it would also be more exciting. The viewers deserve at least that much. A 3-door beating a 5-door in like models isn’t really a mindblowing occurrence. It doesn’t show anything, and the whole point of a comparison like that is to show some kind of real result.

What Would a Rematch Look Like?

The two 3-door models should see their day at the dragstrip. The 3-door MINI Cooper S outperforms the 5 door model. Given how close MINI’s 5 door already was to Ford’s 3 door, you’ve got to think MINI Cooper S 3 door could bring some serious game to that match-up. Hopefully we get to see it one day.

John Cooper Works GP | 2020 MINI Cooper | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, Florida

John Cooper Works GP Gets 300 HP in 2020

MINI’s John Cooper Works GP takes advantage of a mythical concept that nobody ever thought would really come to pass. The stunning concept look was originally unveiled in 2017. It’s been updated and worked on ever since. The concept was so aggressively new that enthusiasts and onlookers alike thought it was too ahead of its time. Turns out they were wrong. The 2020 MINI Cooper may be the most talked about release the maker’s ever created.

Unprecedented Horsepower

First thing’s first: the new John Cooper Works GP will be the most powerful MINI ever made. The front-wheel drive car will be powered by a 2-liter, 4-cylinder delivering 300 horsepower. This is the same engine that BMW calls its most powerful 4-cylinder ever. It powers the BMW X2 M35i, a nimble crossover with coupe-like power and handling.

Current John Cooper Works models start with a 228 horsepower engine. That’s been plenty, but there’s always been a dream of a MINI with speed and acceleration that goes beyond this.

Joining Speed with Famous Agility

In a 2020 MINI Cooper, that 300 horsepower combined with the model’s already famed agility is going to be even more jaw-dropping. MINI’s developing a new suspension specifically to handle the raw power this 300 horsepower engine brings. Everything is built around the speed it can deliver – aerodynamics and braking are expected to be top-notch. The inevitable YouTube videos of the new GP performing maneuvers only a MINI can ought to be out of this world.

Your Window of Opportunity

MINI knows just how anticipated this car will be. That’s why they’re only making 3,000 of the new John Cooper Works GP. Every time this line’s seen a model, it was sold out before it even technically launched.

This will be a car built for escape – from the everyday world as you zoom down a winding country road, or in a race as you widen the gap between those who follow. With such a limited run, just make sure the John Cooper Works GP doesn’t escape from you.

MINI Cooper JCW 2020 | MINI JCW GP | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, Florida

What’s So Special About the 2020 MINI JCW GP?

While details are carefully guarded about the MINI Cooper JCW 2020, we do know without a doubt that this will be an unforgettable car. And in a lineup as impressive as MINI’s, that’s saying something. MINI USA product head, Ishaan Khatri, says to expect “some big surprises.” We cannot wait.


The 2020 MINI JCW GP will feature the beloved two seat layout; they will add a functional cross brace in the rear compartment to increase structural rigidity. Racing, anyone? We love that MINI stays true to its roots as a champion! We also expect to see an enhanced digital cluster and special exterior colors and trims.


What about power? The 2020 is likely to offer around 280 hp and 300 ft lbs of torque with an automatic transmission. Will they offer a manual too? Khatri plays it coy, so we’ll have to wait and see. But with the high (for MINI) horsepower and the reduction in weight, we do think this will be the fastest MINI yet.


Another insight from Khatri indicates that the GP3 will be extremely limited in production. The previous GP line produced only 1,000. We expect that this will be bumped up to 3,000 – worldwide. In the United States, we may only get a few hundred. If the MINI Cooper JCW 2020 is on your wish list, visit Braman MINI to learn more.

The new MINI JCW GP will likely roll out in late spring of 2020. In the meantime, consider another MINI Cooper or JCW to tide you over. A great lease can help you drive away in an iconic vehicle as we await 2020!