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2022 Silver and Black MINI Hardtop 2 Door

The 2022 MINI Hardtop 2 Door : First Look

The 2022 MINI Hardtop 2 Door will be on the market soon! Unfortunately, not everyone’s hopes are fulfilled with this model.

The 2022 MINI hardtop appears eerily similar to the 2021 model except for some minor changes. There are no major mechanical rejuvenations and the chassis and powertrain remain the same. 

Under the Hood

Both the Cooper and Cooper S will come with manual transmission though the JCW models will have an 8 speed automatic.

This isn’t a huge change from before. The base model offers a 134 horsepower turbocharged 1.5-liter engine with three cylinders. The JCW offers a bit more with a 2.0 liter engine offering 228 horsepower. 

The Same Iconic Look

Much of the exterior on this model hasn’t changed,  and the prime reason is that MINI wants the iconic look to remain.

The only difference with the 2022 MINI Hardtop 2 Door is the front fascia which comes with a new body color-making the mini look like a big bumper.

Other cosmetic changes include removal of the fog lights which have been replaced by ‘bad weather light’ that has neatly been integrated with the LED headlights.

There is a new rear bumper in all the 2022 MINIs except the electric Cooper SE, which retains the same bumper from the 2021 model.

However, the one nice change is the multitone roof designed to separate the 2022 MINI Hardtop 2 Door from the rest of the pack. The tri-colored roof blends from dark blue to light blue to black.

But it is the inside that has seen the most changes. All The 2022 MINIs including the convertible, hardtop, and hardtop Cooper SE have a newly designed dash with modified air vents.

Besides the 8.8-inch touch screen infotainment system, the 2022 MINIs come with Apple Carplay as an extra.

The steering wheel has some refinements and there is an option of heating, plus a few choices in upholstery. As with all MINIs, the 2022 hardtops have very little space in the rear.

The Price Tag

The pricing of the 2022 MINIs is already available; all of them will be slightly more expensive than the 2021 models by about $500.

The least expensive is the 2-door hardtop Cooper Classic which has a base price of $23,400. The JCW signature will cost an extra $750 as a convertible and $1,000 more for the hardtop model. Only the price of the electric Cooper SE’s remains unchanged and will start at $30,400.

The production of the 2022 MINI Hardtop, Hardtop Cooper SE, and the convertible will start in March and most dealerships will have the cars for sale by April. The time to place your order is right now!

2022 MINI Electric Dashbooard Feature

2022 MINI Cooper Electric Review, Pricing, and Specs

Like many other auto manufacturers, Mini Cooper has decided to go with the flow. What works this year will hopefully also work in 2022.

Apart from minor style changes, the 2022 Mini Cooper electric vehicle remains the same as the 2021 model, including the range on a single charge.

The few minor alterations include amended rear and front fascias, a new front splitter, and black elements, like the grilled sound that gives the 2022 Mini Cooper electric vehicle a sportier look.

Prospective buyers will have the option of a bluish tinge on the Multi-tone roof. As expected, the powertrain from the 2021 model remains unchanged as the Cooper SE has been on the market for less than two years.

The 2022 Mini Cooper electric vehicle powers the front wheels with a carry-over powertrain, featuring a 181 hp electric motor and a single-speed transmission.

Like the 2021 model, the 2022 version has an estimated range of 110 miles from its 32.6Kwh lithium battery.

Mini Cooper is well aware of the shortcomings of a short-range vehicle but says that this particular model is not only more affordable than other small EVs, but it is also more fun to drive because of its “go-kart” like handling.  Fun can be an important factor.

The few new cosmetic changes include a new body-colored trim piece that covers the black impact protection bar.

The previous long, wide yellow accent on the front has been replaced by a subtle “S.” The fog lights have been replaced by an extra LED element in the headlights. The LED taillights now feature a Union Jack accent.

Mini is also offering a collector’s edition of the 2022 Cooper SE called the Electric Collection.

This model will feature a similar exterior but will include extras, like a customized 17-inch wheel, matrix LED headlights, custom door sills, black side mirror caps, and leather trim on the steering wheel.

The interior has also seen some minor changes, including a standard 8.8-inch touchscreen, which is compatible with Apple Carplay. Other accessories offer a full range of safety features, including a lane departure warning, heated steering wheel, and satellite radio.

As in all previous Minis, the back seat is small and has limited cargo space. But the 2022 mini has been geared towards the Millenials, who, some statistics note, prefer to limit their travels within city limits and appear cool.

The one other thing about the Mini that has not changed is the price. The electric Mini Cooper price is the same as the 2021 model.

The basic price starts at $30,750, which does not include a federal EV tax credit of $7,500, which will bring the price down to close to $22K in some states.

The exact release date for the 2022 Mini Cooper EV is not known but dealerships can anticipate the cars arriving in late spring or early summer.  The electric Mini Cooper price is one more note of merit that will have customers flocking to purchase this model.

2022 MINI Cooper Exterior

2022 MINI Cooper 4 Door Specs and Pricing

News about the rejuvenated 2022 MINI Cooper 4-door hatch is filtering in and for the most part, there are no significant new changes compared to the previous models.

The iconic car still retains its same style and design with no major changes in the mechanics of the MINI. The 2022 MINI Cooper will be available in manual as well as an eight-speed automatic.

2022 MINI Cooper Types

The MINI will be available in hardtop as well as a ragtop convertible. The hardtop will also be available in 3 and 5 doors. The 2022 MINI will be available as a three-cylinder with 134 hp or a four-cylinder engine with 189 hp.

2022 MINI Cooper Exterior

It appears that the exterior is similar to older models but there is a new body-color insert on the front grille. The older fog lights have been removed and replaced by standard LED headlights.

However, two features that are distinct for the 2022 MINI Cooper 4-door hatch are the multi-colored (toned) roof and the new wheels.

2022 MINI Cooper Interior

However, it is the interior that has the most changes. The hardtop and the convertible have both undergone a modified dashboard with distinct air vents.

The digital instrument setup is the same as is the touch screen infotainment system, which also includes Apple CarPlay. Unfortunately, the MINI still does not offer an Android Auto feature.

The steering wheel is slightly smaller but comes with a heated option as well as a variety of choices in upholstery. Also new is a digital gauge display, lane-departure warning, and SiriusXM satellite radio.

2022 MINI Cooper cost?

The 2022 MINI Cooper in all three trims (classic, signature, and iconic) will cost at least $500 more than the 2021 models. The cheapest will be the 2-door hardtop Cooper Classic at a base price of $23,400.

The Signature in hardtop form will be an additional $1,000 and the convertible will cost an extra $750. However, the Electric Cooper’s price will remain the same with a base price of $30,400.

For consumers who want a reliable vehicle with style and comfort, the base model is very affordable but if you are looking for some luxury features and the “WOW” factor, go for the S models, which are just as fancy as other hatchbacks made by Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes.

The 2022 MINI Cooper will enter mass production in March and be available at dealerships within a few months.

Because the upgrades are minor, the price increase is not expected to be significant. But if you are on a tight budget and still prefer the older MINI look, you will not go wrong with a 2021 model.

2022 MINI Cooper Electric Vehicle

This Is What Makes The MINI Cooper SE The Best Cheap New EV

The world is waiting with great anticipation for the introduction of the 2022 Mini Cooper electric car. So far, pundits reveal that it will perhaps be the most affordable electric vehicle on the market but, more importantly, it will still come with many features and options that will put its other electric vehicle competitors at a huge disadvantage.

What Does the 2022 Mini Cooper EV have to offer?

Like previous Mini Coopers, the 2022 will be a two-door all-electric vehicle with sturdy handling, swift accelerations, and extreme stability on all terrains.

The one major difference compared to its competitors will be the smaller battery pack, which will limit the Mini Cooper’s driving range to only 110 miles on a full charge.

2022 Cooper SE Features

To overcome the shorter driving distance, the manufacturer has indicated that the 2022 Cooper SE will be one of the least expensive electric vehicles on the market.

But does that mean it will be bare of all the typical extraordinary features of the Mini? The exact opposite is true: the car will come with a host of popular customizable features.

The 2022 Mini Cooper EV is geared towards a certain demographic, those who typically don’t venture out of the city or go on long journeys. Therefore, they will not need to worry about the shorter driving range.

The 2022 Cooper SE looks much the same as the past models, with a small rear seat and tiny cargo space.

The limited cargo space is perfectly suited for a few grocery bags, a laptop, and perhaps a small carry-on. The space is not designed for large luggage.

Released in late 2021

The prototype of the 2022 Mini Cooper electric vehicle has been tested in China, where it will be introduced in the latter part of 2021.

Some novel design features of the Mini 2002 will be a trunk lid and a slightly changed wing mirror. There will also be some minor alterations to the rear and front bumpers to enhance the aesthetics.

With electrical vehicles constantly improving, the Mini electric will come with a battery pack of 28.9kWh/32.6 kWh.

It is hoped that the smaller battery will lead to a faster charge time of fewer than 60 minutes, but all this remains speculative as the manufacturers have been relatively quiet about the features of the Mini electric vehicle.

Currently, there is much global interest in Mini Cooper vehicles primarily because they are solid cars with a great reputation.

They are easy to handle and excellent for driving, especially in urban areas. While the exact price remains to be determined, it will be about $500 more than the 2021 model.

The base price for the Mini Cooper EV will start at $23,750, which is a very respectable and affordable price. 

John Cooper Works upgrades

How Different Is a MINI JCW from a MINI Cooper S?

When you think of a fun car to drive – think MINI. Zipping around town or out in the country in a MINI gives you fun and flexibility. In town, it is easy to park; out in the country, you get great gas mileage. When looking at a MINI, there are some differences between MINI John Cooper Works and the MINI Cooper S.

How different is a MINI JCW from a MINI Cooper S?

The simple answer is a lot and not very much. 

MINI is known for being a little mighty car. It is fast. Very fast. How fast? Well, winning three Monte Carlo races is part of its bragging rights amongst its 16 racing victories. Its simple suspension and front-wheel drive help make quick turns without problems of lag or spinout. The MINI Cooper S is based on the original classic version of the MINI. The MINI JCW is an homage to the creator John Cooper. In the John Cooper Works, MINI engineers went through 25 different exhaust systems until they found the sound they were looking for.

The MINI JCW has a more defined structural visual body. The front and rear bumpers are mainly where you will see the difference. Of course, there are differences in trims between the JCW and the Cooper S. When it comes to speed, there are differences but without a stopwatch, you wouldn’t be able to tell. The difference is less than one second. Only by looking at the list of specifications will you be able to tell the difference between the JCW and the Cooper S. There is more horsepower, 27 more to be exact, in the JCW. The JCW boasts 148 mph and in the Cooper S 138 mph. Both the MINI JCW and the MINI Cooper S are fun cars that turn heads when seen on the road.

If you are looking for a car that is fun to own and drive, then a MINI might be for you, contact Braman MINI of Miami to discuss your next car.

MINI John Cooper Cars Racing On The Track

MINI John Cooper Works Returns to Racing

The MINI John Cooper Works Team

The MINI John Cooper Works Team is back in the racing game. The team first made a splash in 2019 with the Manufacturers’ title and five race victories. It was certainly not an anomaly, though, as proved by the 2020 season.

At the start of the last season, the John Cooper Works MINI team managed some amazing performances. In fact, they captured the Manufacturers’ title in the Circuit of Americas.

The season started in March 2020 where #60, Tomas Mejia and #61 Mark Pombo finished strong with a 1-2 finish in the first race and Mejia grabbing the checkered flag in the second race.

July helped them further realize their goals at the Virginia International Raceway with six podiums. Pombo took home two wins alone!

A race at the Sonoma Raceway had them take home five podium spots. Due to limited fan attendance, all of the races were streamed live on YouTube, with both the MINI John Cooper Works Team owner and Pombo taking part in live debriefing sessions.

Unfortunately, the series had to take a break because of COVID19 restrictions, with the cancellation of a number of different races.

They finally took the title at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in October. Coming in with a 64 point lead in the title standings, the team managed to maintain that lead and take home the big trophy, fielding three different cars in that finale: Mejia, Pombo, and Clayton Williams.

Mejia managed to finish second overall in drivers’ standings while Pombo finished third.

The upcoming season begins in March and many expect similar amazing performances from this fantastic team.

Many are looking forward to an exciting season, maybe even one with enhanced fan ability to see the races in person. One thing is certain: the Mini John Cooper Works team is absolutely amazing and will continue to be.

MINI Vision Urbanaut

A Future Car Worth Waiting For: MINI Vision Urbanaut

One of the Future cars worth waiting for is the Mini Vision Urbanaut. This fully autonomous electric car with an odd shape may be the wave of the future. Designers at BMW have been tight-lipped about the Urbanaut but it will be an electric vehicle with partial self-driving capability. While still on the drawing board, the Urbanaut will have obligatory swiveling seats, an octagonal grille, and function as a multi-purpose family vehicle with a large sliding door on the side.

From the descriptions provided by BMW, it appears that the body form will resemble the first generation minivans used by the hippie generation of the 70s. But of course, Urbanaut will be much classier.

The concept for the Urbanaut was just revealed to the public but no date has been set for production. The Urbanaut will follow the same footprints as the previous minis- cute with a minimalist design and effective use of all space in the car. The key difference is that this Mini will be autonomous.

However, BMW has been reluctant to divulge any details about the chassis, power train, or the type of autonomous technology that will appear in the Urbanaut. A few things are known; it will be an electric car with partial conventional driving abilities. When not in use, the steering wheel will retract into the dashboard. 

Another feature about the Urbanaut is that it will be 14 feet 8 inches, which is nearly 7 inches longer than any MINI currently on the road. Besides, it will be taller so that the occupants can stretch out. Many of the external features may be similar to the old minis but the one exception will be the octagonal grille (all minis on the road have a hexagonal grille) and the headlights will only be visible when illuminated.

So far there is no firm confirmation if these concepts will come to fruition or when the Urbanaut will be built. Perhaps only a few of the reported design elements mentioned will make their way into the eventual Urbanaut. If you love Minis, visit Braman MINI.

2021 MINI John Cooper Works GP Motor

2021 MINI John Cooper Works GP Top Speed

Find your way toward taking a really good look at a John Cooper Works GP for sale.  The MSRP is $44,900 for the ultimate Mini Cooper.  The 2021 MINI John Cooper Works GP top speed is a robust 165 mph, and it is easily the most dominant Mini ever made with the most power.  It offers 332 pound-feet of torque and 302 hp, with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that can get you to 60 mph in 5 seconds.


The 2021 Mini John Cooper Works GP raises the bar with more than 70 hp in place.  Exclusive to the 2021 Mini John Cooper Works GP top speed is a special oil cooling and supply system.  Its suspension is also lower, and the exhaust system is specific to the model.  Wheel arch covers of flared carbon and bespoke aprons, both front and rear, aid in taking the aesthetics of the car to a whole new level.  Don’t expect rear seats in this version because they have been removed to aid in the performance ability of the car.


With its turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the 2021 Mini John Cooper top speed performs its best when track-focused.  It’s fun to drive, too, but just 3,000 models of this type are being made worldwide so if you want to get your bid in for one, you’d better act fast – faster even than it can drive with all its aerodynamic elements.


The 2021 Mini John Cooper top speed hot hatch has an 8-speed Steptronic Sport auto transmission that is Aisin-sourced and exclusive to this model.  Words to describe this multi-faceted and high-power-wired tiny beauty have been aggressive, exciting, unique, and snappy.  The 2.0-liter engine has been reconfigured with upgraded pistons, crankshaft, and connecting rods for better performance.

Find a John Cooper Works GP for sale to bring a little more excitement into your life.

manual transmission

What’s So Special About the MINI Oxford Edition?

From day one, MINI was conscientiously designed and manufactured for maximum efficiency. Born in the midst of a fuel crisis, Sir Alec Issigonis helped develop a gas (or petrol) sipping car that could still comfortably accommodate rear passengers. Using innovative design and engineering, he ended up creating one of the world’s most iconic brands. Today, MINI is just as committed to efficiency – and this includes cost-efficiency for owners. It is one of the most accessible luxury brands on the market. The 2021 MINI Cooper Oxford Edition makes it even more “ownable.” 

What is the 2021 MINI Cooper Oxford Edition? 

The MINI Oxford Edition is a specially priced hardtop that is dedicated for college students, recent grads, and active or recently retired military members. For about $20,000, these folks could get one of the world’s best – and zippiest – automobiles. Approximately $7000 of add-on features are included, including automatic transmission, exterior paint upgrade, heated front seats, panoramic sunroof, Cosmos 17 inch wheels, and anthracite headline. Of course, the Oxford Edition comes standard with black leatherette upholstering, parking distance sensors, black roof and mirror caps, and a 6.5 inch color infotainment display. 

Part of any MINI is also great gas mileage. The 2021 MINI Cooper Oxford Edition gets about 27 mpg city and 35 mpg highway. If anyone could stand to save at the pump, it’s our students, grads, and those who serve.

MINI Oxford Edition Reviews

MINI Oxford Edition reviews are kind; this is a good, solid, reliable (and fun) vehicle. While an “entry level” model and only available in hardtop, this is a terrific deal. And we have even better news.

In 2020, MINI expanded availability to everyone. That’s right: you don’t need to be a student or recent grad. You don’t have to be in the military or recently retired. You can be a teacher, a nurse, an entrepreneur, a plumber, an electrician…. You get the idea.

Now, this is likely a temporary measure given the chaos that 2020 has brought to the world. Thanks, MINI, for giving us a silver lining! It also means that if you’ve been eyeing a MINI hardtop, now is the time to get behind the wheel. 

2020 White Cooper 2 Door

MINI Oxford Edition Is Here

What is the MINI Oxford Edition? Well, it is a smooth, paved road to a classic vehicle that is fun, quirky, agile, and, of course, safe. In their effort to be the best car for students, the Oxford Edition has been exclusively reserved for those who are attending college, those who have graduated college within the last year, active military members, and recently retired military members. And no, you don’t need to attend Oxford – the line is an ode to MINI’s production roots in Oxford, England. But, given the chaos of the pandemic, the brand is opening the program to everyone!

2020 MINI Oxford Edition Review

MINI is rolling out the Oxford Edition to all US customers. Vice President, MINI of the Americas, Mike Peyton, says, “Our Oxford Editions are all about offering MINI models with incredible value at an attractive price, without giving up style, substance, and MINI’s fun-to-drive characteristics.” Already one of the more accessible luxury vehicles, the Oxford Edition makes MINIs within reach of more customers.

The MINI Oxford Edition comes with a price cut of about 25%. That means that you can pick up an already-reasonable Cooper Hardtop 2-Door or 4-Door (which start at about $20,000 and $21,000 respectively), for several thousand dollars less. And it won’t be stripped down, bare-to-the bones, college-budget empty either: all MINI Oxford Edition Hardtops have a 6.5 inch infotainment screen, park distance control, Bluetooth, backup camera, panoramic sunroof, and six-speed manual or automatic transmission. 

MINI has also added the Countryman to its Oxford lineup, allowing buyers to pick up more room without breaking the bank.

MINI was founded during a fuel crisis and has always been priced to drive and own. This heritage continues with the MINI Oxford Edition, now available to all. Visit Braman MINI to learn more.