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manual mini cooper transmission

A Manual Mini Just Became a Collector’s Item

MINI pauses manual transmission manufacturing.  Like many auto manufacturers, MINI is also facing supply chain issues and this has created a slowdown in the production of their next generation of core models, including the Countryman Crossover and the three-door Hatchback. Because of the supply chain issues, MINI has had to simplify the production of cars on the assembly lines, and the bottom line is that the company has decided to temporarily cease the production of MINI vehicles with a manual gearbox. How long this production halt will last is not known but most experts indicate that it should last for most of 2022 and probably longer. What this means is that owners who already have a MINI with a manual gearbox might have a collector’s item in hand.

The key item that has halted the production of manual MINIs is the short supply of microchips. There is a solid demand for microchips, and this has also affected the global market. For now, MINI has not stated if the move to cease manual MINIs will be a temporary or a permanent move.

When looking at why MINI pauses manual transmission manufacturing, other factors that are affecting the supply chain in the car industry include the war in Ukraine and shortages in semiconductors. One of the issues for MINI is the wiring harness that comes from Ukraine is also not available. It is the wiring harness that holds together the system of wires inside the car. Without stability in the supply chain, MINI states it is pointless to make partial manual cars that will just sit on the assembly line. Instead, the company has decided to focus on the production of automatic MINIs to meet customer demands.

If the microchip shortages continue, the next generation of MINI models will only be automatic models. This will primarily affect the Countryman and the new Hatchback, which are expected to go on sale in early spring next year.

While the manual gearbox MINIs are on hold, MINI is also set to release a fully electric version in two trims. The base-level model will have a 40kWh battery that will provide a range of 185 miles on a single charge. The more powerful variant will have a 50kWh battery pack that will have a range of 250 miles.

Like other car manufacturers in the last fifty years, MINI has traditionally sold more automatics than manual cars. However, there are many MINI customers who prefer cars with a manual gearbox. At present, MINI offers a manual gearbox with its MINI Cooper hardtop, hardtop 4-door, and the MINI Cooper Clubman. Since MINI pauses manual transmission manufacturing, so far, there is no set timetable on how long the production hold on a manual MINI will last. MINI has said that it will continue to monitor the situation and ensure that its customers remain satisfied with its new automatic models. The supply chain shortage is also being heavily felt by GM, BMW, Ford, and many others. If you have a manual MINI, do not be in a hurry to get rid of it because it may not only increase in value, but perhaps it will become a classic.

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mini cooper app

A Look at Why Owners Will Love the MINI Cooper App

Besides the performance wars among car manufacturers, we have now entered the digital age and the app wars have started. To stay head and shoulders above the competition, MINI has released its own MINI Cooper app for owners in the USA. With the introduction of the app for MINI owners, MINI will now allow its customers a new level of service and connectivity for their cars. The MINI Cooper app can easily be downloaded at no cost and has many great features, including integration with Amazon’s Alexa, navigation features, and remote access to the car. More importantly, MINI owners can also send navigation destinations from third-party apps. 

For owners, the new app for MINI owners will be the universal interface for their MINIs, displaying all types of information, including remote service, time of service, and car status. In addition, the app will quickly show if the MINI is locked or unlocked. If you are the one who is always forgetting where you parked the MINI, fear no more as the app also comes with a vehicle finder button. And if you have your hands full and can’t be pressing buttons, Amazon’s Alexa will make your life easier by offering rapid connectivity through voice control. In addition, Alexa will also be compatible with other smart home devices and will check your messages, play music, and perform searches.

The best part is that the MINI Cooper app will also monitor your car service requirements and intervals and allow you to make any service appointments not only for your all-electric MINI Cooper SE, but also for the MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid. The app for MINI owners also provides access to MINI roadside assistance.

The app for MINI owners provides you with immediate details about your MINI like vehicle status (oil info), ventilation/climate control, charge and climate timer, charging history, and access to charging stations.

Further, the MINI Cooper app always knows your location. Other functions include map search, free text search, dealer search, points of interest search, parking detail screen, and destination details.

To make your driving hassle-free, other functions in the app include financial services, roadside assistance, and reporting a problem. In addition, the app will provide you with all the latest information on MINIs, recalls, service alerts, and scheduling an appointment.

The app has very similar features to those rolled out by BMW. The MINI app started the rollout last year and hopes to have it launched in more than three dozen countries in 23 languages globally. The MINI app is all about enhancing your connectivity to the digital world and keeping you firmly in control whether you are outside or inside your MINI. 

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black mini front grill, mini remastered

MINI Remastered: Rock ‘n Roll Trunk

British boutique automaker David Brown Automotive has continued with his tradition of making posh cars, and this time he has created a new Mini model, known as the Mini Remastered Marshall Edition. Partnering with Marshall Amplification, David Brown decided to celebrate the music brand’s 60th anniversary with a Mini Remastered special edition. Essentially, the iconic Mini comes with the music brand’s colors, aesthetic features, and lots of retro rock and roll touches. Celebrate 60 years of loud!


Unlike the other David Brown Automotive Collection of Mini Remastered models, the Marshall Edition has exotic visual accents, both on the outside and inside. So far, the five dozen Remastered Minis have received the exclusive Marshall black paint for the exterior that accentuates the dark chrome and the Marshall gold paint accents that have been linked to the music brand. The Minis also receive pinstripes, a hand-painted coach line, along with the Marshall branding on the doors. The front reveals a small grille, but it is designed to look very much like Marshall’s audio equipment.

There are hints of Marshall’s favorite color that extend beyond the regular paint with the 12-inch black wheels receiving a tinge of gold accent and the Marshall’s gold M logo on the center caps. In addition, the handmade badges are also finished in enamel that is Marshall gold.

In the interior, Marshall and David Brown Automotive continue with the same gold and black music-inspired branding. The dash, switchgear, center console, doors, and hand brake all have the same gold accent finish. 

Even the pedals, including the clutch, acceleration, and brake, have gold features engraved. There is also gold stitching on the black leather seats, which also have a Marshall logo embroidered.


This Mini Cooper with amp in the trunk comes with nice audio upgrades that go beyond the traditional system and include dash-mounted speakers. In addition, inside the glove compartment, you will find a Motif ANC wireless earbud with charging ports.

The most impressive feature of the Mini Remastered, however, can be found in the trunk- it contains a fully integrated Marshall DSL 1 Combo amplifier with its own power supply. And, if you are in the mood for going mobile, there is also a portable Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker.

The Mini comes with a small 1.3 Liter A series engine and a 5-speed manual gearbox. Although, the Mini Cooper with amp in the trunk was not meant for practicality, just for having fun on Friday or Saturday nights outside the local club or bar. Some of the proceeds from the sales of the Mini Cooper with amp in the trunk will be donated to a music venue trust that supports independent concerts.


David Brown Automotive has said that only 60 such editions will be manufactured. The automotive company is known for extravagance and extreme poshness; therefore, do not expect the Marshall Special Edition to be cheap. More likely the Mini will be in the range of $100K.  The Marshal Edition will be hand-built in Silverstone, UK, and will be only available in the UK.

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Mini Cooper Electric

2023 MINI Cooper SE to be Shorter and Smaller

Mini has just introduced its 2023 Mini Cooper SE, and the manufacturer has played it smart. It has kept what has worked in the older models and only made a few cosmetic changes to the new electric Mini Cooper. However, the one thing that is different about the 2023 Mini is that it’s lighter and slightly shorter than the older models. This does not mean, however, that the interior will be compromised for legroom. The reason is that the new electric Mini Cooper will have wider tracks, which will create more interior space. Furthermore, the widening of the Mini will allow the engineers to fit a larger battery that will permit a range of 114 to 120 miles, which may seem low at first thought, but the car is meant for the city or a daily commute.


The totally electric 2023 Mini Cooper SE will be assembled in China and supplied with parts by Great Wall Motors. To date, the 2023 Mini is the only totally electric Mini, but the manufacturer states that it does plan to make more EV vehicles by 2030.

The new electric Mini Cooper will be available as a two-door coupe, hatchback, and a convertible.  Like past vehicles, the 2023 Mini Cooper SE will come standard with Apple CarPlay. Other minor changes include a half dozen interior trim choices. In addition, the Mini Resolute Edition special edition package will also be available.

Like all previous models, the rear seating is limited to two people. With a greater width than previous Minis, the SE has a low center of gravity with excellent road traction. The Mini Cooper SE has go-kart-like handling, it is fun to drive, it is zippy on the roads, and it is easy to park. If you want speed, it will easily go from 0-60 mph in 6.1 seconds, which is quicker than many other smaller EVs. The SE Mini Cooper has two regenerative braking models: one that permits the vehicle to coast like a non EV when the accelerator is lifted and the other more aggressive system that reduces the need to press on the brake pedal. The interior offers many standard features like heated front seats, automatic dual-zone climate control, hands-free passive entry, LED front lighting, and rain-sensing windshield wipers.

Mini does offer an option for driver assistance technology, like pedestrian detection and forward collision warning.  As far as the battery is concerned, about 80 percent of Mini’s battery can be fast-charged in 35 minutes, and, at home, it may take four hours for a full charge.


The 2023 special edition model will be called the Mini Resolute Edition, and this comes with rebel green paint with mirror caps and a white roof. It will also feature bronze accents on the grille and some exterior trim segments, plus bronze stripes on the hood. Besides the 17-inch wheels, the inside front seats will be sporty, and the steering wheel will be leather-wrapped.


The base price for the 2023 Mini Cooper SE is $29.900, plus an $850 destination charge – both amounts unchanged from the previous year. In addition, the Mini will be eligible for a $7,500 Federal EV tax credit. This makes the 2023 Mini one of the most inexpensive EVs on the market today.

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converting a classic mini to electric

Converting a Classic MINI to Electric

With the price of gas going up, MINI Cooper is head and shoulders ahead of other car manufacturers with its innovations. It is now fitting some of its classic cars with an EV drive train. The reason the company has selected the classic MINIs is that they are typically lightweight, do not have significant complexity in their engines, making them well suited for electric power. If the owner finds that the traditional MINI classic engine is too expensive to maintain or too difficult to operate, they may ask for the EV conversion. Of course, the car has to be shipped back to the factory for electrical conversion to an electric MINI.

The conversion of a classic MINI to an electric MINI is not a novel concept. In 2018, MINI did reveal a MINI that had been swapped with an EV drive train at the New York auto show. The interest from customers was so great that MINI decided to develop a formal program called “the MINI Recharged,” whereby the classic MINI is swapped with an EV drive train.


First, you need to ship your classic MINI to the factory. You take it to the dealer, and they ship it for you. At the Oxford MINI Plant factory, a dedicated team is in charge of the conversion. 

The fuel-powered inline-four is then traded for a 90kW electric motor. Next, the central instrument panel is then swapped for a novel panel that will display the selected gear, speed, range, and drive temperature.

The battery can be charged at home or at charging grids and will give you a range of about 99 miles on a charge.

MINI owners do not need to worry as these changes are reversible. The old engine is marked and stored in the event the owner doesn’t like the new EV version. All you have to do is reship the MINI back to the factory. While not much is known about the performance of these converted EV MINIs, the few anecdotal reports online indicate that the owners are happy.


First, these conversions are only for MINI owners in the UK. Secondly, MINI has not stated the cost of shipping for this conversion, but anytime a car goes to a factory for major workup, the costs are not minuscule. Third, if the MINI is your only car, you will be left without one for some time. So far, there is no word how long the factory reset takes. And, if you do not like the conversion to the EV, then the whole thing has to be done all over again, and who do you think pays for these costs?

Best advice, if you want an electric MINI, make that decision up front.  It is usually not cost-effective to convert a traditional gas-powered car into an EV later.  To learn more, visit the professionals at Braman Motorcars or call them at 1-561-666-4791 today.  They know all the latest news about MINIs and a myriad of other cars.

Used Mini Cooper

The Best Used Mini Cooper Through the Years

The Mini Cooper has been around for about 60 years (nee 1959). Throughout the years, vehicles (not only mini) made up until 1990 or 2000 were not considered wholly reliable. It is only in the last two decades that most cars have become reliable. Relatively, today it is rare to see car breakdowns on the highways. There are many phenomenal Mini’s out there, so let’s look at the best used Mini Coopers. 


In 2000, Mini Cooper was taken over by the German carmaker, BMW, and the new owners knew that they had a product with potential. Most people liked the iconic Mini Cooper, but if it was to survive, they had to fix the issues. What is the best year for Mini Cooper? BMW engineers went back to the drawing board to renovate the car. It took several years to iron everything out, and, starting in 2014, a re-engineered Mini Cooper with the same iconic exterior was produced. Now, eight years later, the problems that once were a turnoff to buyers have disappeared and Mini Cooper is again in demand, and not only in North America but across the globe. It has taken a while but, judging from sales and car ratings, the Mini Cooper is doing well and is back on track. If you had to buy a used Mini, however, how far would you have to go back to get the best used Mini Cooper?


First, if you are searching for the best used cars, if possible, it is best to avoid models made before 2015, no matter how inexpensive they seem to be. This includes the first-generation Mini Coopers from 2002-2006 and the second-generation Minis from 2007 to 2013. Granted, there are a few older models that are great cars, but considering the history of the first and second-generation Minis, it is a gamble, especially if you are not a mechanic. So, what is the best year for Mini Cooper?


The most reliable Minis are those that have been produced from 2015 up to 2021. However, if you go by consumer reports, the best used Mini Coopers are those made between 2018 and 2021. The price of a used Mini Cooper depends on the model, make, year, and mileage of the vehicle. In general, used Mini Coopers from 2018 to 2022 will cost anywhere from $20,000 to $35,000. The annual maintenance cost for a used Mini Cooper varies from $300-$750.

The Upgrades

Since the takeover of Mini Cooper by BMW, the latter has made several important changes to the car, which include the following:

  • The length and height of the car have been increased to enlarge cargo space and improve passenger comfort.
  • Almost all Minis come with extra bundles of goodies that include cold weather package, sports package, premium package, and Mini wired package.
  • In 2015, by upgrading the base of the 3-cylinder engine, the Mini has become an ultra-low emitting vehicle without compromising its performance or power.
  • In 2017, the manufacturers introduced four new body colors that include midnight black. pepper white, Lapis luxury blue, and British racing green. 
  • In 2018, the Minis came with a rearview camera and rear parking sensors as standard.
  • In 2019, the exterior was updated with the Union Jack insignia on the taillights.
  • The latest Gen 3 models feature a 4-door hatchback, which is a slightly bigger car than its predecessors. The 2022 model also features a new front-end fascia with a large grille.

Current History

Over the past few years, surveys indicate that Mini Coopers made after 2015 have had very few recalls and consumer reports indicate no major issues. There are ample positive reviews about used Mini Coopers from 2015 onward that you can check out.


If you decide to buy a used Mini, here are some tips:

  1. First, buy the used Mini Cooper from a reputable dealer.
  2. Get the car thoroughly inspected no matter whom you buy it from.
  3. Get a VIN check and a detailed report on the car’s history.
  4. The key to longevity and trouble-free driving is regular maintenance. A few hundred dollars spent on annual maintenance will save you a major league headache later. 
  5. Finally, if you want your Mini Cooper to last, adopt good driving habits. 

Give Braman Motorcars a call at 1-561-666-4791, their Mini Cooper division, and ask about the best used Mini Coopers to get an expert’s advice.

Mini Cooper Custom Roof Art

Get Customized: Limited Edition Mini Cooper Roof Art

The rejuvenation of the MINI Cooper two decades ago has been a resounding success and one of the reasons why this vehicle has done well is because the manufacturer has continued to be innovative, creative, and forward-thinking. Worldwide, close to 350,000 MINIs are sold each year and the reasons for the popularity include: 1) it’s a really fun car to drive; 2) it’s less expensive than a lot of other “fun” cars; 3) it’s easy to park; and 4) it’s just the right size for inner-city driving. 


MINI has always believed in the self-expression of its cars. Now, there is one more added artistic feature to the car, a designer MINI Cooper roof art, which gives the MINI added glamour and a unique, distinctive look. The MINI Cooper limited edition roof art best describes MINI’s motto, “We are all different, but we’re better together.”


The MINI Cooper manufacturer has collaborated with three creative artists to uplift the roof with a creative, exotic, and vibrant design. The initial prototypes of the MINI Cooper roof art look absolutely fantastic! MINI USA says that the MINIs with the three art pieces layered on the roof will only be available for a limited time. Further, the murals will also be showcased in the suburbs of Brooklyn and Soho, New York, and Portland, Oregon.

This artistic collaboration is part of MINI’s “Big Love” campaign, which is intended to spread love and peace among different cultures and races. MINI USA believes that this MINI Cooper limited edition roof art will send a powerful message to the masses about peace, fun, and love. The rooftop designs are vibrant, vivid, colorful, and they are eye-catching and mesmerizing, potentially provoking thought and conversations about the world trying to live as one. Besides showcasing the artistic talent, MINI is also showcasing sustainability in a fun and creative way at the same time.

The three artists who have designed the MINI rooftops include:

  • Rich Tu is a Filipino artist who calls his work “Hiraya,” which means, “fruit of hopes, dreams, and aspiration.” He has created a hand image with an eye in the center with surrounding tendrils.
  • Shane Griffin, who calls his artwork GRIF, has created a multicolored sheet flapping in the wind. Originally from Ireland, Shane lives in New York and has also worked for Apple, Nike, Kanye West, Adidas, and many others.
  • Shawna X is another New Yorker who has created the artwork, “Roads we travel,” which shows people in different poses with colorful ovals in the rear. She utilizes several mediums to showcase her art, including spatial, digital, and motion spaces.


MINI USA will be offering the custom-designed MINI Cooper limited edition roof art by the three artists to celebrate National Immigrants Day. This day was first celebrated in 1987 at the 101st anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. This annual observance is a reminder of America’s immigration history and its contributions to society. All donations will go towards supporting the American immigration council. Way to go, MINI! The pricing of the MINI Cooper roof art models has not been released yet.

To learn more about MINI Coopers and perhaps drive one for yourself, see Braman Motorsports MINI. Customize your MINI with one of these three eclectic designs today and tell the world how you feel.

Mini Cooper Electric

2022 Electric Mini

Like most other automobile manufacturers, Mini Cooper has also decided to go electric. The company has stated that by 2030 most of its vehicles will be electric. The automaker released its first MINI Cooper electric car three years ago but has made many changes to the all-electric 2022 vehicle. Even though the company is partly owned by BMW, it still retains most of its iconic “MINI” features and remains a fun car to drive in the inner cities. But what does the 2022 electric MINI offer?

Mini Cooper Electric

The Future of Mini Cooper Electric Cars

If you are looking for the 2022 MINI Cooper electric SE to take you a long distance on a single charge, that’s not going to happen yet. Because MINIs are small cars, the size of the battery is also limited. With a small battery, the mileage offered per charge is also less. The current MINI offers up to 130 miles, which some may argue is low, but the MINI hatchback was never made for long-distance driving. With the small battery, the mileage will be able to get you anywhere in most cities in the U.S. with plenty of battery power to spare. 

The car has ample acceleration that will allow you to zip in and out of congested, narrow streets. It can accelerate to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds, which is good enough for inner-city driving, where speed is not always of utmost importance.

Under the hood is the typical BMW-designed synchronous compact motor unit with a low-lying battery giving the car a low center of gravity. This design gives the MINI great agility and allows go-kart-like handling ability.

There are four drive modes to select from which include sports, mid (default), green, and green+. Irrespective of the drive mode, however, the SE 3 has abundant zippiness and the ride is comfortable.

The exterior of the 2022 MINI Cooper electric hardtop is not much different than the previous models except for the upgraded rear and front bumpers, compact grill, and a new wheel design. Inside, the SE is most comfortable for the front seat occupants. The 5.5-inch display is not much different but there is a redesigned steering wheel and various instrument signages which provide information on battery charge level, power level, drive mode, etc.

Other features include heated front seats, dual-zone climate control, Sirius satellite radio, hands-free passive entry, rear-view camera, LED front lighting, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and level 1 and level 2 charging cables.

The 2022 MINI is one of the most affordable EVs on the market with a MINI Cooper electric price of $30K. Granted, it will not take you hundreds of miles on a single charge, but for city driving, it is a superb environmentally conscious car that is fun to drive. It is one of the few cars that is still eligible for a federal rebate that will shave off $7,500 from the MINI Cooper electric price.

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MINI Countryman Cargo Space

Mini Cooper Clubman vs Countryman

Mini Coopers have steadily been gaining in popularity in North America for several reasons including: compactness, ease of parking, driving experience, great fuel efficiency, and ideal city driving. The small size, however, has limited the number of customers who would like to purchase these vehicles, and thus, over the past few years, Mini has slightly expanded the size of its latest models: the Clubman and Countryman. So, today let’s explore the Mini Cooper Clubman vs Countryman.

Both the MINI Cooper Clubman and Countryman have similar features, including the shape and same four-door hatchback design.


The 2021 Countryman is a classy car with many upgrades (compared to the previous models) but more importantly, it has expanded cargo space and roomier rear passenger seating. For supreme comfort, the Mini Countryman will not disappoint. But, how does it compare to the 2021 Clubman, which also offers many upgrades and luxury?

The MINI Cooper Clubman vs. Countryman: 

To start, the Countryman is a slightly larger MINI than the Clubman in length, width, and height. In addition, all Countryman trims come with a standard moonroof and several extra color options to enhance the style. On the road, both MINIs are easily able to tackle all types of terrain effortlessly.

Though both MINIs offer good fuel efficiency, the Clubman is slightly faster than the Countryman, but the latter has 4-wheel drive and offers much better traction. 

While both the MINI Cooper Clubman and Countryman have expanded to seat a fifth passenger, the Countryman has slightly more cargo and headspace. In addition, because the Countryman has split rear doors, it also permits easy loading and unloading of luggage.

The Clubman, on the other hand, features standard heated front seats. Both MINIs have similar driver-assist features, like electronic stability control and emergency brake assist, but the Clubman also has other standard features, such as daytime running lights, intelligent rain-sensing wipers, auto-leveling headlight for better visibility, keyless start, and fog lamps, which are optional for the Countryman. 

Both models have the same modern infotainment system and allow a hands-free operation but only the Clubman offers wireless connectivity as a standard feature. Further, the 2021 Mini Clubman also comes with standard climate control features, which ensures a more comfortable ride – a definite edge over the Countryman.

In regard to the MINI Cooper Clubman vs. Countryman fuel efficiency, there is no difference in the fuel economy between the two MINIs, which average about 29 mpg in the city.


So: Mini Cooper Clubman vs Countryman: Which one is the best MINI Cooper?  For luxury and more space, the 2021 Countryman stands apart, but if you are looking for a sporty driving and comfortable experience, the Clubman stands tall. In the end, the differences between the two are minor and both cars offer similar performance on the road. The only way to know which MINI to select is to test drive one and determine which you like the most.  You can’t go wrong either way.

Finally, the MINI Cooper Clubman vs. Countryman are similar in price. The Countryman S starts at $33,250 for a front-wheel-drive base model, while the Clubman starts at $31,750. Add in the accessories and other fees and the cost averages about $40,000.  Call a MINI Cooper expert at Braman Motorcars today at 1-561-666-4791.  Which is the best MINI Cooper?  Swing on by the dealership today to compare the MINI experience!

Are MINI Coopers Reliable?

used 2020 mini cooper

The Mini Cooper has been around for many decades. The car first evolved in the UK after World War II, and by the ‘60s and ‘70s, it appeared to be just the right car for the narrow British roads. In addition, besides being compact, the car consumed less gas, was easy to drive, and could be parked in any small space. The Mini Cooper was sold around the world, and its stylish appearance quickly made it a global icon. But, the question remains: are MINI Coopers reliable?

By the 1980s, Mini had fallen out of favor because of a couple problems, including lack of reliability. Recalls were common and complaints were numerous throughout the 1990s, including the driving system, the engine cooling system, and the suspension. By the 1990s, no one wanted a Mini Cooper as it was deemed to be less than worthwhile. Mini Cooper reliability was pretty questionable.

In 1994, BMW acquired the Rover Group, and the Mini Cooper underwent a rejuvenation. The new three- or five-door Mini with the hardtop became an instant hit. Not only was the new Mini elegant, but it was also a great car for millennials and small families. And with gas prices rising globally, the car was in big demand. People started asking, “Are the new Mini Coopers reliable?”

Early reviews from 2003-2010 touted it as the car of the year in many countries, but all of the hype was a little premature.  Yet again, Mini Cooper reliability was a question on many people’s minds.

But, as time wore on, the Minis made between 2000-2010 still had technical and functional issues. Owners frequently had to bring Mini back for unscheduled repairs. It was back to the drawing board for BMW. The German technicians analyzed every aspect of the car and then released the third generation of Minis (mks); and finally, there was a product that proved to be functional, fun to drive, AND reliable.

Each year since then, the manufacturer has been making slight upgrades to the Mini. Fast forward to today, and the Mini Cooper is sold around the world and is in huge demand. The current 2020 model is similar to the 2014 model and has kept improving. BMW has learned from its past mistakes, has left untouched what has worked, and has fixed the issues that were causing problems.

Even though Mini has released many models over the past decade, the most popular are the: Cooper S, Mini Cooper, and Countryman. While they all have slight variations, from the standpoint of reliability, they are all fairly similar since they have the same engine.

Has Mini Cooper reliability gotten better? The Mini has come a long way. The latest models have excellent handling, are fun to drive, have improved aesthetics, and have become very reliable cars. Today, the Minis have earned excellent ratings. Complaints like those in the early 2000s are very rare.

Now, are Mini Coopers reliable? Based on current data, if you want to purchase a used Mini Cooper, the Minis from 2016-2020 models are recommended. These Minis have had the fewest complaints and have earned the most driver satisfaction. In many surveys, the Mini Cooper has earned a top spot as the car of the year because of dependability and affordability.

In the end, while the Mini Cooper is a great car, it is not for everyone. It caters to a certain segment of the population, usually millennials and younger families, millennials, and those who want a car just for city driving or to run small errands. It is not a car meant for long-distance traveling nor is it meant for large families. The latest generation of Mini Coopers all fall under the F generation, except for the Countryman and Clubman. If you are considering buying a used Mini, it goes without saying, you need to get the car inspected thoroughly by a licensed mechanic. Go over the history of the car to make sure that it has not had any major issues, and purchase it from a reliable dealer. But if you stick to models made after 2016, you most likely can’t go wrong.  To answer any questions you may have, don’t hesitate to contact Braman Motorcars MINI at 1-561-666-4791 or come by our showroom today.