2016 MINI Convertible

August 09, 2017

2016 MINI Convertible | Baman MINI

There is an image that many people have about Americans who live on the West Coast. They envision that these people spend the vast majority of their time surfing, sitting around a bonfire, and driving up and down the coast in a convertible.

Unfortunately for many, a convertible just doesn’t seem to be something that they’ll ever be able to afford. Most luxury convertible vehicles tend to come with a high end price tag that goes along with their high end name. The 2016 Mini Cooper Convertible, however, is a whole new breed of convertible vehicle, and is one that may make your California cruising dreams come true.

At first glance the Mini Cooper Convertible looks extremely different from anything that you’ve ever seen before, yet at the same time, it’s completely familiar. This is because the designers kept the Mini Cooper lines that we know and love while adding a few little features and unexpected curves that give it a much different look than any of it’s predecessors.


More On the Mini Cooper Convertible

The first thing any convertible lover needs to know before they search for a Mini dealer in Florida is that this vehicle is like no Mini you’ve ever driven before. The Mini Cooper Convertible has the same feel as the original Mini, unlike the larger Mini vehicles. But it also has a more powerful engine, allowing for 134 horsepower in the base model Mini. Owners can also choose to go with the larger 189 horsepower engine for a small bit more. No matter which way you go you can rest assured that you’ll have more power than you’ll ever need under the hood.

But how is it to drive? All Minis are, of course, a blast to drive. That said, there’s something about this convertible that makes one immediately want to search out a way to lease a Mini the moment after they’ve driven one. Maybe it’s the more powerful engine? Maybe it’s the fact that the new Mini Cooper Convertible has the same sharp handling as the previous Minis? Or maybe the convertible aspect of this gorgeous vehicle puts it over the edge and makes it something that people covet.


About the Roof

Remember a long time ago when convertible vehicles required that you manually put the cloth roof back if you wanted to go “topless”? Thankfully electronics make this much easier, and the roof not only retracts and returns at the push of a button, it does so at speeds up to 18 mph and in 18 seconds. Of course no one wants to get wet which is why the 2016 Mini Cooper Convertible also has an app that tells you when the rain is expected to come your way so that you can get the roof back in place before the first drop falls.


Unique Marketing

One thing that the company does well is advertising, and the strategy for the new model will likely be responsible for encouraging a large number of people to head to a Mini dealer in Florida in order to check it out for themselves. The marketing campaign’s slogan is, “stay open”. This slogan works twofold: to remind people of all of the fun you can have when you keep the top down on your vehicle and to encourage people to leave their cubbies behind so that they can explore the world in their new adventure-seeking car.


The previous Mini Cooper campaign proclaimed, “Always Open”, and it was a very popular slogan. This new campaign pays homage to the previous, feeling like a sequel in the Mini world. Mini’s goal is to empower customers to be open-minded and to explore the world around them. If this doesn’t encourage people to step out of their comfort zones and to try something new, nothing will!


The marketing gurus behind the Mini campaigns took gorgeous photos of the new convertible on streets lined with colorful buildings and signs. These bold and vibrant hues are paired with a beautiful blue sky conveys the message that Mini’s sleek convertible is bound to brighten anyone’s outlook.


One unique facet of the Mini Cooper Convertible campaign is the online film that will be released. This online film was shot by director Joachim Back, an Oscar-winning director, and will be released in stages. The film will begin with a trailer which will lead users to a landing page. Slowly, but surely, the film will be unfold in its entirety, so that the anticipation is raised as the Mini Cooper Convertible becomes available.


The Verdict

Here’s the thing: you don’t need a funky, fun marketing campaign to make you want to lease a Mini. Simply sitting in the vehicle and taking a test drive is usually enough to make any driver realize that this smooth, sweet ride is one that they simply choose not to be without anymore. Remember: you don’t need a sleek marketing campaign to help you realize your goal of cruising the roads with the top down and your spirits up.


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