MINI Convertible

  • mini seaside edition
    Perfect For Florida: Mini Seaside Edition Minis are known for their unique appearance, size, speed, and fun-driving experiences. The new Mini Seaside Edition, launched to mark the 30th anniversary of convertible Minis, doesn’t drift away from its earlier models. However, its styling fits in perfectly here in sunny South Florida. Mini Seaside Edition Exterior and
  • The 2021 MINI Sidewalk Edition, the latest MINI convertible, now available for sale in the United States
    MINI, an independent brand of the BMW Group, has announced a new launch in the United States. In dealerships now, the latest MINI convertible is stylish and offers the high level of performance we expect from the brand. The unique blue-and-black-themed rag top known as the Cooper S is being relaunched for the 2021 model
  • 2020 MINI Cooper Convertible | Sidewalk Edition For Sale | Braman MINI of South Florida
    MINI’s convertible lineup combines the agility and character that the brand is renowned for with an extra dose of fun. They took their quirky appeal to the next level with a special 2020 MINI Cooper convertible charmingly named the Sidewalk Edition. What does this sporty little performer have to offer?  What’s a Sidewalk 2020 MINI
  • Mini Cooper Convertible Lease Dealership | Braman MINI Palm Beach
    The MINI Cooper is such a perfected classic that all the changes now can be refinements. Many of these are continuing technical improvements, but that doesn’t fully capture the extent of improvements in the 2019 MINI Cooper Convertible. As a MINI Convertible dealership, we’re always excited to see all the new bells, whistles, and customizations
  • 2016 MINI Convertible

    • August 09, 2017
    There is an image that many people have about Americans who live on the West Coast. They envision that these people spend the vast majority of their time surfing, sitting around a bonfire, and driving up and down the coast in a convertible. Unfortunately for many, a convertible just doesn’t seem to be something that
  • The MINI Cooper has always been a highly rated, and even more beloved, vehicle. The precision, care, and attention that each car receives means that drivers can feel confident and comfortable behind the wheel – no matter what road they choose for their adventure. So it should come as no surprise that the MINI Cooper S
  • Are you excited? You should be – MINI has just introduced the new MINI Convertible and it’s everything you dreamed it would be. Brand new, fresh for 2016, you have dozens of choices at your fingertips. From colors to wheels, there’s something for everyone. It’s hard not to get excited when you visit Braman and
  • Blue 2015 MINI Convertible for sale at Braman MINI West Palm Beach
    Gorgeous colors. Fun driving design. Surprising power. There are so many ways to describe MINI Cooper Convertibles, one could go on for days. When you zip down the highways under sun-soaked skies and beside salt encrusted ocean beaches, your gleaming MINI will flash in the light, with only the intermittent cool downs from passing palm