Why the Mini Cooper S Convertible Resolute Edition is the Perfect Florida Car

July 22, 2022
mini cooper s convertible resolute edition

The Mini Cooper was rejuvenated for the American market nearly 2 decades ago, and today they remain popular and fun cars to drive. Their go-kart-like handling ability, retro-modern styling, and colorful design have made Minis very popular. Each year, Mini has released newer models with subtle changes in the design and available upgrades. The model trending this upcoming year is the Mini Cooper S Convertible Resolute Edition, the perfect Florida car. This compact vehicle offers great gas mileage, fantastic reliability, easy parking–everything you’d expect from a mini. But it stands out as the perfect Florida car for a few reasons. 

What’s New for 2023?

This great-looking Mini with a frosted bronze exterior will wear rebel green paint. The interior will have yellowish cream-colored tweed seat colors. And the special Resolute Edition will have door sill protectors. The package is available on the convertible model but will trade the hardtop’s white roof and mirror caps for black mirror caps. Like other Minis, the MINI Cooper S Convertible Resolute Edition will also give the iconic go-kart feeling with an exclusive and fresh appearance

To make this edition even more special, one can go for the manual transmission, which makes the car even more fun to drive. The Mini Cooper S Convertible Resolute edition comes with many options to personalize, and this all depends on your budget and tastes.

The Mini Cooper S Convertible Resolute edition comes with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that generates 189 hp. The car is compact, lightweight, and the front-wheel-drive is just ideal for the city driving so many Floridians encounter from day to day. The rigid suspension does hold well for city driving, but may not be great on rough terrains. The fuel efficiency for the 3 doors, 5 doors, and the convertible all fall in the same range ranging from 27-30 mpg.

The Resolute edition will come with a unique set of 18-inch wheels in Pulse Spoke Black design, but customers will have the choice of 17-inch alloy wheels in Tentacle Spoke Black design.

The interior of this Mini is exotic and quirky but still retains its user-friendliness for the front seat passengers. Like all Minis, this edition has limited space for rear-seat passengers. However, the headroom is never a problem with the top down. 

Standard features include heated front seats, an 8.8-inch infotainment system, a Sirius satellite radio, a digital gauge cluster, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. You will need to pay extra for Apple CarPlay, Wireless phone charging, and in-dash navigation.

The special Resolute edition also comes with standard automated emergency braking but other navigational features are optional. When it comes to technology, this Mini has optimized operating systems that include audio programming, control of navigation, communication, and many other vehicle functions.

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for the 2023 MINI Cooper S Convertible Resolute Edition starts at just over $40,000. Looking to check it out? Contact Braman Mini today!

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