MINI Introduces the New MINI Convertible

May 09, 2016

MINI Cooper Convertible | Braman MINI Palm Beach

Are you excited? You should be – MINI has just introduced the new MINI Convertible and it’s everything you dreamed it would be. Brand new, fresh for 2016, you have dozens of choices at your fingertips. From colors to wheels, there’s something for everyone. It’s hard not to get excited when you visit Braman and discover what you could drive home. Just imagine – Florida sun shining, your brand new MINI Cooper Convertible with the top down, the wind blowing by as you sweep down the road with the engine purring under the hood.

It’s hard not to smile at that thought, isn’t it? Braman is just as excited as you about the new MINI Convertibles. You can easily reserve one at their website or stop by the dealership to discuss it with the experts. They’ll be more than happy to show you what will soon be on the lot – that is, unless they’ve already received some in. In that case, take a test drive! Being able to fully experience a new MINI Cooper Convertible is the best way to go. It allows you to be around everything; touch the leather, see the engine, feel the way it drives, how it handles, brakes, and check out all the technology packed inside.

Of course, you can always ask about additional options as well. Just as with any MINI, customization is always a possibility. After all, you should get the ideal MINI that you deserve. Not sure you need to head to the dealership just yet? Check out the MINI Cooper Convertible on the web and use the live chat online to speak with a Braman representative. They can provide you with answers to your questions and you can feel more knowledgeable about the new MINI Convertible.

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