You Can Now Add MINI Accessories to Your Electric Cooper SE

August 16, 2021
Mini Cooper Electric

MINI Cooper accessories have been popular for quite some time now, adding functionality to these much beloved vehicles.

From options that turn your MINI into a weekend warrior in its own right to add-ons that mean additional functionality from the backseat, MINI enthusiasts are always looking for great ways to do more, and the number of accessories for the MINI Cooper has only grown in the past years.

Fortunately, those who have just purchased an Electric Cooper SE can now share in the power of those accessories. 

What MINI Cooper Accessories Are Now Available for Electric Owners?

If you love your electric, but you’re ready to make sure it does more for you than get you from point A to point B each day, you’re certain to love the brand new line of accessories, especially if you’re looking to spice up your weekend.

Add a railing or a roof rack system that means you can travel almost everywhere. With the roof rack system in place, you can also purchase the MINI roof box that allows you to stow your bike helmet, tent, or even picnic supplies.

It has a capacity of 320 liters and is around 1.90 meters long (which is plenty of length for your skis, too! This sleek black box comes with embossed stripes and the MINI logo. It can be locked and accessed from either side.

Need a bit more room? Once the roof rack system is in place, you can stow your bike when you add the touring bike holder. No matter what size your bike is, you’ll be able to carry it almost anywhere with a high strength-aluminum clamping system and two tension straps. 

If you’re not looking to carry anything but you do wish your passengers in the rear seats had a bit more, you may want to have the Travel and Comfort system installed.

This basic carrier is easy to mount between the headrest rails of either front seat, and you can add a number of different attachments including a tablet holder or a universal hook for a bag. There’s even a folding table that can be used as a work surface.

Fully adjustable, it’s held with the Travel and Comfort system so no matter where you go or who you’re with, your rear passengers will have access to a bit of extra space. 

Electric MINI owners everywhere are looking for a bit more versatility, and the MINI accessories now available to them provide that and so much more.

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