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Used Mini Cooper

The Best Used Mini Cooper Through the Years

The Mini Cooper has been around for about 60 years (nee 1959). Throughout the years, vehicles (not only mini) made up until 1990 or 2000 were not considered wholly reliable. It is only in the last two decades that most cars have become reliable. Relatively, today it is rare to see car breakdowns on the highways. There are many phenomenal Mini’s out there, so let’s look at the best used Mini Coopers. 


In 2000, Mini Cooper was taken over by the German carmaker, BMW, and the new owners knew that they had a product with potential. Most people liked the iconic Mini Cooper, but if it was to survive, they had to fix the issues. What is the best year for Mini Cooper? BMW engineers went back to the drawing board to renovate the car. It took several years to iron everything out, and, starting in 2014, a re-engineered Mini Cooper with the same iconic exterior was produced. Now, eight years later, the problems that once were a turnoff to buyers have disappeared and Mini Cooper is again in demand, and not only in North America but across the globe. It has taken a while but, judging from sales and car ratings, the Mini Cooper is doing well and is back on track. If you had to buy a used Mini, however, how far would you have to go back to get the best used Mini Cooper?


First, if you are searching for the best used cars, if possible, it is best to avoid models made before 2015, no matter how inexpensive they seem to be. This includes the first-generation Mini Coopers from 2002-2006 and the second-generation Minis from 2007 to 2013. Granted, there are a few older models that are great cars, but considering the history of the first and second-generation Minis, it is a gamble, especially if you are not a mechanic. So, what is the best year for Mini Cooper?


The most reliable Minis are those that have been produced from 2015 up to 2021. However, if you go by consumer reports, the best used Mini Coopers are those made between 2018 and 2021. The price of a used Mini Cooper depends on the model, make, year, and mileage of the vehicle. In general, used Mini Coopers from 2018 to 2022 will cost anywhere from $20,000 to $35,000. The annual maintenance cost for a used Mini Cooper varies from $300-$750.

The Upgrades

Since the takeover of Mini Cooper by BMW, the latter has made several important changes to the car, which include the following:

  • The length and height of the car have been increased to enlarge cargo space and improve passenger comfort.
  • Almost all Minis come with extra bundles of goodies that include cold weather package, sports package, premium package, and Mini wired package.
  • In 2015, by upgrading the base of the 3-cylinder engine, the Mini has become an ultra-low emitting vehicle without compromising its performance or power.
  • In 2017, the manufacturers introduced four new body colors that include midnight black. pepper white, Lapis luxury blue, and British racing green. 
  • In 2018, the Minis came with a rearview camera and rear parking sensors as standard.
  • In 2019, the exterior was updated with the Union Jack insignia on the taillights.
  • The latest Gen 3 models feature a 4-door hatchback, which is a slightly bigger car than its predecessors. The 2022 model also features a new front-end fascia with a large grille.

Current History

Over the past few years, surveys indicate that Mini Coopers made after 2015 have had very few recalls and consumer reports indicate no major issues. There are ample positive reviews about used Mini Coopers from 2015 onward that you can check out.


If you decide to buy a used Mini, here are some tips:

  1. First, buy the used Mini Cooper from a reputable dealer.
  2. Get the car thoroughly inspected no matter whom you buy it from.
  3. Get a VIN check and a detailed report on the car’s history.
  4. The key to longevity and trouble-free driving is regular maintenance. A few hundred dollars spent on annual maintenance will save you a major league headache later. 
  5. Finally, if you want your Mini Cooper to last, adopt good driving habits. 

Give Braman Motorcars a call at 1-561-666-4791, their Mini Cooper division, and ask about the best used Mini Coopers to get an expert’s advice.

MINI Countryman Cargo Space

Mini Cooper Clubman vs Countryman

Mini Coopers have steadily been gaining in popularity in North America for several reasons including: compactness, ease of parking, driving experience, great fuel efficiency, and ideal city driving. The small size, however, has limited the number of customers who would like to purchase these vehicles, and thus, over the past few years, Mini has slightly expanded the size of its latest models: the Clubman and Countryman. So, today let’s explore the Mini Cooper Clubman vs Countryman.

Both the MINI Cooper Clubman and Countryman have similar features, including the shape and same four-door hatchback design.


The 2021 Countryman is a classy car with many upgrades (compared to the previous models) but more importantly, it has expanded cargo space and roomier rear passenger seating. For supreme comfort, the Mini Countryman will not disappoint. But, how does it compare to the 2021 Clubman, which also offers many upgrades and luxury?

The MINI Cooper Clubman vs. Countryman: 

To start, the Countryman is a slightly larger MINI than the Clubman in length, width, and height. In addition, all Countryman trims come with a standard moonroof and several extra color options to enhance the style. On the road, both MINIs are easily able to tackle all types of terrain effortlessly.

Though both MINIs offer good fuel efficiency, the Clubman is slightly faster than the Countryman, but the latter has 4-wheel drive and offers much better traction. 

While both the MINI Cooper Clubman and Countryman have expanded to seat a fifth passenger, the Countryman has slightly more cargo and headspace. In addition, because the Countryman has split rear doors, it also permits easy loading and unloading of luggage.

The Clubman, on the other hand, features standard heated front seats. Both MINIs have similar driver-assist features, like electronic stability control and emergency brake assist, but the Clubman also has other standard features, such as daytime running lights, intelligent rain-sensing wipers, auto-leveling headlight for better visibility, keyless start, and fog lamps, which are optional for the Countryman. 

Both models have the same modern infotainment system and allow a hands-free operation but only the Clubman offers wireless connectivity as a standard feature. Further, the 2021 Mini Clubman also comes with standard climate control features, which ensures a more comfortable ride – a definite edge over the Countryman.

In regard to the MINI Cooper Clubman vs. Countryman fuel efficiency, there is no difference in the fuel economy between the two MINIs, which average about 29 mpg in the city.


So: Mini Cooper Clubman vs Countryman: Which one is the best MINI Cooper?  For luxury and more space, the 2021 Countryman stands apart, but if you are looking for a sporty driving and comfortable experience, the Clubman stands tall. In the end, the differences between the two are minor and both cars offer similar performance on the road. The only way to know which MINI to select is to test drive one and determine which you like the most.  You can’t go wrong either way.

Finally, the MINI Cooper Clubman vs. Countryman are similar in price. The Countryman S starts at $33,250 for a front-wheel-drive base model, while the Clubman starts at $31,750. Add in the accessories and other fees and the cost averages about $40,000.  Call a MINI Cooper expert at Braman Motorcars today at 1-561-666-4791.  Which is the best MINI Cooper?  Swing on by the dealership today to compare the MINI experience!

2022 MINI Cooper Exterior

2022 MINI Cooper 4 Door Specs and Pricing

News about the rejuvenated 2022 MINI Cooper 4-door hatch is filtering in and for the most part, there are no significant new changes compared to the previous models.

The iconic car still retains its same style and design with no major changes in the mechanics of the MINI. The 2022 MINI Cooper will be available in manual as well as an eight-speed automatic.

2022 MINI Cooper Types

The MINI will be available in hardtop as well as a ragtop convertible. The hardtop will also be available in 3 and 5 doors. The 2022 MINI will be available as a three-cylinder with 134 hp or a four-cylinder engine with 189 hp.

2022 MINI Cooper Exterior

It appears that the exterior is similar to older models but there is a new body-color insert on the front grille. The older fog lights have been removed and replaced by standard LED headlights.

However, two features that are distinct for the 2022 MINI Cooper 4-door hatch are the multi-colored (toned) roof and the new wheels.

2022 MINI Cooper Interior

However, it is the interior that has the most changes. The hardtop and the convertible have both undergone a modified dashboard with distinct air vents.

The digital instrument setup is the same as is the touch screen infotainment system, which also includes Apple CarPlay. Unfortunately, the MINI still does not offer an Android Auto feature.

The steering wheel is slightly smaller but comes with a heated option as well as a variety of choices in upholstery. Also new is a digital gauge display, lane-departure warning, and SiriusXM satellite radio.

2022 MINI Cooper cost?

The 2022 MINI Cooper in all three trims (classic, signature, and iconic) will cost at least $500 more than the 2021 models. The cheapest will be the 2-door hardtop Cooper Classic at a base price of $23,400.

The Signature in hardtop form will be an additional $1,000 and the convertible will cost an extra $750. However, the Electric Cooper’s price will remain the same with a base price of $30,400.

For consumers who want a reliable vehicle with style and comfort, the base model is very affordable but if you are looking for some luxury features and the “WOW” factor, go for the S models, which are just as fancy as other hatchbacks made by Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes.

The 2022 MINI Cooper will enter mass production in March and be available at dealerships within a few months.

Because the upgrades are minor, the price increase is not expected to be significant. But if you are on a tight budget and still prefer the older MINI look, you will not go wrong with a 2021 model.

Moms Just Want to Have Fun!

Are you dying to break free from the conventional ‘mom car’ mold? Then it’s time you were formally introduced to one of the most dynamic and stylish cars on the market: the 2020 Mini Cooper Clubman. Don’t be fooled by the “compact” designation—the Cooper Clubman is a daring combination of fleet-footedness, German-grade engineering, surprising utility, and British panache. If 5 full grown adults can fit in here, you can definitely fit all of your kids AND their sports gear, with room to make that last minute snack run to Target.

Better Than Your Kid’s Art Project

Your kids can build-a-bear however they want, why shouldn’t you be able to do the same with your car? With dozens of options making for hundreds of combinations, the Cooper Clubman isn’t just another beige-mobile rolling off the assembly line; it’s a work of art created by you, for you. From different steering wheels to mirror caps; contrasting exterior trim to interior ambient lighting, and more. The Cooper Clubman is ready to be the envy of the car line drop off.

A Laundry List of Upgrades

The Cooper Clubman’s exterior is treated to a host of upgrades over its siblings. The addition of LED headlights, an upright rear hatch, and all-new grille, add just the right touch of maturity. New colors available for 2020 include Indian Summer Red, British Racing Green, and MINI Yours Enigmatic Black. Couple any of these with the pristine piano black interior trim, and you’ll always feel classy—even on the way to a 5 year- old’s birthday party.

A Helping Hand

You’ve got your hands full as a mom. That’s why the Cooper Clubman includes keyless entry and a power tailgate. When it’s time to drown out the bickering and pleas for ice cream, blast your favorite song through the incredible 6.5-inch infotainment screen via Apple CarPlay, Satellite Radio, or your Bluetooth device. The optional Harmon Kardon sound system will be literal music to your ears—it’ll even make the 2,765,981st repeat of Baby Shark sound good.

Safety First!

Trips to school, sports practices, and your local bulk wine distributor are full of distractions. Fortunately, the Cooper Clubman is one of the highest-rated vehicles in NHTSA crash tests. With Active Driving Assistants including Forward Collision Warnings and Automatic Emergency Braking systems as well as airbags with adjustable inflation rates depending on the severity of an accident, you and your loved ones can remain safe on the road.

Purse Second!

Filling up your tank every week adds up quickly. Fortunately, the Cooper Clubman offers 26 MPG around town and 34 MPG on the highway! Wave goodbye to the gas station and say “Hello” to more retail therapy! With pricing starting at $30,900, the Cooper Clubman has the space and efficiency you need and at the price you dream of!

You’ve read about them, dreamed about your own, and probably been passed on the highway by a MINI recently. There’s a reason why the Cooper Clubman is so popular for families—it’s kid and parent-approved, high-tech, and has plenty of room to boot. Drop the ‘Mom Car’ and visit Braman MINI of Palm Beach today to test drive the all- new 2020 MINI Cooper Clubman today!

Mini Cooper 2019 Oxford Edition

Mini Cooper Releases Its Most Exclusive – And Affordable – Car Yet

For young buyers, the new car purchase process can seem shady and stressful – from sales associates who are either too pushy or act as though you’re wasting their time, to products with price tags that astronomically rise with every option – it’s no wonder many prefer to buy used or forgo individual transportation altogether.

Of course, pre-owned cars come with their own set of problems and stressors, often requiring additional money to cover deferred maintenance, and public transportation or ride-sharing are still not totally safe or inexpensive options. Fortunately, MINI is providing an affordable, practical, stylish, and fun solution: The 2019 Oxford Edition.

The 2019 Oxford Edition is very much a case of addition by subtraction: in either two-door or four-door guise, the Oxford Edition trim starts $2,150 less than its base model brothers, yet adds standard features like carbon black leatherette upholstery, panoramic sunroof, 6.5-inch infotainment screen with a rearview camera and Bluetooth connection, the choice between silver or black 17” wheels, and is available in six vibrant colors including the classic British Racing Green and stunning Starlight Blue.

The newest and least-expensive MINI can be had with either a manual or automatic transmission – both with six forward gears – helping the turbocharged 3-cylinder engine return up to 27 miles per gallon in the city and 35 on the highway.

Make no mistake however – the lowered cost of entry doesn’t mean buyers will sacrifice a highquality product or dealership experience. The fit, finish, and ergonomics of each MINI derive from parent company BMW, and their hardy construction has lead to the two-door Cooper being named an IIHS Top Safety Pick in 2018. Furthermore, Braman MINI of Palm Beach clients enjoy the same level of service no matter their vehicle’s MSRP, which includes three years of covered maintenance and free car washes for life!

The 2019 Oxford Edition stylishly and successfully meshes affordability with a premium ownership experience.

“The MINI Oxford Edition represents a tremendous value for college students and recent graduates who are looking for a fun, stylish car that won’t break the bank. Eligible students and graduates can save thousands on a well-equipped MINI that is ideal to get them to get to campus or their first job out of school in style,” says Randy Clements, Department Head of Product Planning and Aftersales for MINI USA.

The Oxford Edition is offered exclusively to members of the U.S. Military, current college students, and recent graduates within the past 24 months. Young college and graduate drivers will be required to provide a transcript or diploma for an associates, bachelors, medical, law, or other graduate program attended in order qualify. This makes the Oxford Edition not only affordable, but exclusive – another benefit for those keen to stand out in a crowd.

Unfortunately, the Oxford Edition is only available for a limited time, so stop by Braman MINI of Palm Beach today to learn more and test drive one for yourself!

Buy a MINI Cooper | MINI Cooper Owners | Braman MINI Palm Beach, Florida

5 Reasons to Buy a MINI Cooper

Why buy a MINI Cooper? Let us count the ways! From a design that conveys a heavy dose of attitude to a performance heartbeat making itself known in every curve, MINI Cooper owners know they’ve got an agile car that will surprise even the most jaded critic. In other words: the MINI Cooper’s just going to make you smile.

  1. Appreciate its design. Few other cars leap out and tell you to enjoy – thoroughly. The MINI Cooper’s practical, sure, but it’s also art you can drive. In the middle of the city, it fits in. On the beach? It fits in. On the road for a camping weekend? It fits in. It fits in precisely because it stands out as fun and unique – and fun and unique fits in anywhere.
  2. Double down on agility. When you buy a MINI Cooper, you’re getting one of the most nimble cars on the market. It’s not going to beat a Porsche on grand touring, but it can literally drive circles and drift figure eights around it. The MINI’s not interested in drag racing you; it wants to impress you with tight, nifty, agile racing.
  3. Driving should FEEL fun. MINI Cooper owners aren’t pretending to fly spaceships or staring and swearing at the 10,000 knobs and dials underneath their arm. They are feeling the bite of tire on the road, the eager burst of the engine, the lean of the next turn. The MINI’s got racing blood in it, with a long heritage of track duels and impressive rallies.
  4. The price is good. Heck, to you can buy a MINI Cooper pre-owned when you’re still in college or the one working on the renovation. They’re accessible in a way most cars with their attitude and performance aren’t.
  5. They have more space than you think. Expect comfort – even if you’re tall. You can fit a family comfortably or two people with luggage on a romantic getaway.

For what you’d use a car like this to do, it’s going to come through every time, and it’s going to be reliable doing it.

MINI Cooper Models | MINI Cooper Lease Specials | Braman MINI of Palm Beach

Catch ‘Em If You Can: A Racing Lifestyle

We love our Braman family. Today, we introduce you to the Fichters. Parents Traci and Guy are long-time customers – and they have a few future racing champs on their hands. Their children Jason and Jillian know how to put MINI Cooper models through their paces.

Race Car Heroes

It all started at Palm Beach International Raceway. More specifically, 14 year-old Jason became involved with Palm Beach Karting at 14. His sister Jillian would soon follow. Today, Jason is 20 and Jillian is 17. They travel across the continent to compete in pro racing events such as the Pirelli World Challenge.

Jason has finished top five in the PWC championships his two seasons of racing. Jillian got a later start, but is catching up quickly. They both competed in the 14-Hour Enduro at the Daytona International Speedway. It’s an intense event that’s part of the ChampCar Endurance Series. Despite their team starting 124th in a field of 128, they nabbed 30th place and fifth in their class.

Racing Toward Dreams

Racing MINI Cooper models doesn’t get in the way of their schooling, either. Jason is majoring in business management at Palm Beach Atlantic University, and Jillian intends to attend medical school. Jason would like to eventually manage a race team and a performance shop. They’ll both continue to race and compete and, if anything, racing has helped with the discipline needed to attain such lofty career goals.

If you or your kids want to try out racing, start with the basics: safe driving in swift agile cars. MINI lease specials are a great way to introduce yourself to the sport – or simply enjoy a gutsy, spirited ride. Stop by Palm Beach Driving Club to see Jason, Jillian, and other racers test their mettle, and stop by Braman to feel the thrill for yourself.

Changes to Expect for the 2017 MINI Hardtop

MINI Hardtop for Sale | Braman MINI

There are certain vehicles that have such a distinctive – even iconic – look that any changes can seem unthinkable. How can one improve on the best, ardent fans ask? The truth is that luxury automakers are continually improving on their most popular models. MINI is no different. When you visit showrooms looking for a 2017 MINI Hardtop for sale, what changes can you expect to your beloved bulldog?

The most noticeable change is that the Hardtop will have soft curves and a sedan-esque appearance. We kid! Fear not. There will be no major design changes – or mechanical changes for that matter. The Hardtop will still be the MINI we know and love. What is different, however, is the Media Package.

In 2016, you could opt to include a Media Package with your Cooper or Cooper S. For a tidy $750, you’d enjoy a dashboard screen, Bluetooth streaming audio with voice control, center armrest, and MINI Connected. MINI Connected features elements such as parking assistant, heads-up display, touch controller, JourneyMate (trip planning app), Motoring Command Center, real time traffic updates, navigation, RSS feeds, integrated Twitter, Pandora, and web radio, Green Route (shows you the most fuel efficient route), and much more.

The 2017 Hardtop will offer the Media Package as standard. This enables drivers to maximize their MINI experience and stay connected, whether they’re running errands across town and journey cross country.

You can also opt for the Seven special edition trim, which includes bold color choices – British Racing Green metallic, Midnight Black metallic, Pepper White, and Lapisluxury Blue. Additional elements include Melting Silver roof, exterior mirror caps, and hood stripes, 17 inch two-tone alloy wheels with Seven logo, Seven badging, and sports seating in Diamond Malt Brown fabric and leather.

Now is the ideal time to seek out West Palm Beach MINI lease deals. See what the 2017 MINI can offer you.

MINI Takes the Gold with “The Defiants”

MINI Cooper Deals | Braman MINI

Unexpected stories are always appreciated. They are the kind that get written into legend, into the annals of history. And MINI highlighted numerous Olympic athletes this year due to their amazing stories and ability to defy the odds. In this, MINI has dubbed them “The Defiants” and showcased these athletes in an ad to support them and everything they do.

The ad wasn’t just about MINI Cooper deals. It was about showing how it is important to overcome labels, how these labels are not what defines us, and we are who we want to be – even if sometimes it means fighting against the odds. Some of the athletes included were Jake Gibb, a volleyball player who is a two-time survivor of cancer, IIbtihaj Muhammad who is a Muslim fencer, and Carlin Isles, a Rugby player who was once marginalized as “a special ed kid.” Labels have followed these folks – and more – throughout their lives, and they’ve had to work hard in order to show people their true abilities.

Other athletes who participated in unscripted interviews about their challenges included Serena Williams, boxer Claressa Shields, boxer Carlos Balderas, weight-lifter Morgan King, and swimmer Cullen Jones. Each of them had a story to tell, and MINI wanted to help them reach ears across  the nation.

Braman Palm Beach supports MINI’s campaign in every way, and we’re proud to be a part of such an amazing company that goes to the lengths it does. They, too, encourage you to defy labels. You are not just what others say you are. Far from it. You are you – and you decide what that means. Be yourself at Braman Palm Beach and drive home knowing you’ve done something for yourself. Something that will enhance your life and open up new possibilities.

Don’t just Buy a MINI, Create a MINI

Buy a MINI | Braman Bentley

Finally, a car that matches your rebellious spirit and reflects your exquisite taste. The new MINI Clubman boasts that buyers have over 10 million ways to create a MINI. Are you ready to MINI Yours?

For both 2-and 4-door hardtop MINI Clubmans, the aptly named MINI Yours program is an excellent way to customize everything from that intense metallic Lapisluxury exterior color you have always fantasized about (it was originally a color for royalty- how suiting) to the Real-Time Traffic Information display to get you to your destination faster and safer.

You can design your Clubman from the outside in. And, if this was not enough reason to buy a MINI, the options now include go beyond those iconic Union Jack mirrors you have been coveting. For example, why settle for one driving mode? The 1.5L twinpower turbocharged engine can be paired with the MINI Driving Modes. These give you more handling control or more fuel efficiency depending on your mood and the terrain beneath you. This way, you can customize your MINI’s performance– after you have already customized the car itself.  

The MINI Clubman also boasts more interior space than ever, making it feel less like a MINI inside and more like a clubhouse. Adding to that is the option for a Harman/Kardon Sound System that includes 12 speakers throughout the vehicle, and the mood lighting that includes 12 settings and 255 colors to match your personality.

Perhaps the most fun feature is the dual-pane sunroof, which is as huge as it is refreshing. If you are not quite sure if you should choose the standard center display or upgrade to the 8.8” XL display complete with audiobook access and other infotainment, you can always check out each feature at a MINI dealership nearest you. They can help answer all your MINI questions.

Don’t buy a MINI; create one. And don’t just drive it. Experience it.