Mini Cooper MPG 2024: Efficiency Redefined

November 14, 2023
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Mini Cooper MPG 2024: Efficiency Redefined 

Every driver prioritizes fuel economy when shopping for a new car. If you’re a mini enthusiast seeking a Mini Cooper with high fuel efficiency, there are several options from the 2024 Mini Coopers. Mini Cooper MPG compared from the previous years, has made a significant step in ensuring that drivers get high fuel efficiency with the 2024 versions. 


For instance, if you compare most new 2021s and 2022s, Mini has greatly improved from offering an average combined MPG of 30 to 108, which the 2024 electric Mini has to offer. This showcases Mini’s continued efforts in saving fuel costs and reducing carbon footprint with their vehicles. Continue reading to learn more about Mini Cooper’s redefined efficiency in 2024. 

Mini Cooper MPG Performance 

2024 Mini Cooper MPG varies across the Convertible, John Cooper, Hardtop, Countryman, Clubman, and the all-electric versions. According to, the Mini Cooper Convertible automatic offers an average of 30 combined city/highway MPG. Countryman offers an average of 27 combined MPG, while the Hardtops offers an average of 31 combined MPG. Mini Cooper S offers an average of 27 combined MPG, while 


The 2024 Mini Cooper SE Hardtop all-electric has the highest MPG of 110. These high MPGs make the 2024 Mini Coopers one of the most cost-effective vehicles of 2024. It also means that you will get much more mileage with less fuel. 

Efficiency and Cost Savings 

With the high MPG that the 2024 Mini Coopers have to offer, it’s clear that they’re one of the most cost-saving small vehicles you can get. That’s why it’s a popular choice among young drivers looking for a moderately luxurious car with low maintenance. This also makes them a suitable option for Mini enthusiasts seeking a Mini Cooper lease for the short or long term. Its high MPG is also a key player in their modest insurance premiums, which lowers the overall lease cost. 

Leasing for Efficiency 

There are several Mini Cooper leases you can explore. The Motoring Lease offers its lease according to the number of miles that are perfect for you. All you have to do is decide on the miles you need for your lease timeline, and your dealer will set up a leasing plan that suits you. Mini also offers a Traditional Lease option that allows car owners to set the number of miles they want for their lease and switch the lease terms at the end according to their convenience. 


New Mini Cooper MPG owners can also choose the Pre-Pay and Take Off, which allows them to pay off their entire lease upfront and pay flexible discounted payments with a purchase option. Finally, Mini offers a lease option that allows you to pay up to seven security deposits on a new lease or transfer a lease balance from a different arrangement at the end of an existing lease. 


With these lease options, anyone owning any of the 2024 Mini Cooper models can spend less on their Mini Cooper Lease, considering the fuel efficiency and low fuel costs they offer. 

Get Your Mini Cooper Lease at Braman Mini of Palm Beach 

Mini has undoubtedly produced an array of high MPG Minis throughout their 2024 models. With the efficiency that comes with these vehicles, this is definitely the car to own if you’re looking for a low-cost, low-maintenance vehicle. It also offers a reasonable ROI on anyone seeking to own a Mini through its leasing options. 

If you’re looking for a Mini with the best mileage, look no further than Braman Mini of Palm Beach. We offer a test drive to all our clients and detailed advice that will make your buying experience quick and convenient. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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