50 Years of the MINI Cooper

December 27, 2014

History of the MINI

The MINI Cooper has been with us for a long time. Starting with a simple idea, it has since expanded into a world-renowned brand where quality and unique design come together in perfect harmony. The design hasn’t changed too much since its first creations, a vast difference between MINI and other car companies who constantly seek to revamp and outdo each other and themselves.

MINI got its start in 1957 when fuel prices were beyond what most people thought they might ever see, thanks to the aftermath of WWII. Vehicles of the time in England ate up plenty of gas, which wasn’t exactly helpful in the situation. So Sir Leonard Lord of the Morris Company decided change was needed. He requested that Alec Issigonis, his top engineer, create a fuel-efficient car that could still carry four adults and remain affordable. Challenge accepted. Innovation began.


The first MINI made its debut in 1959 with its wheels in places no one had ever seen, an engine turned sideways, and plenty of passenger space. But it quickly caught on and took the 1960s by storm. In 1961, John Cooper transformed his MINI into a zippy racing machine – and the MINI Cooper came to life. It won international races multiple years in a row.

Over time, the MINI became an international sensation, and its popularity never waned. In 1999, it was named European Car of the Century. The history of the MINI is a unique and inspiring one. People love to customize their MINIs and have since their inception. Today, MINI vehicles can be found all over the globe, and MINI is continuing to look for ways to improve upon the beloved car, making it even better without changing its core concept and classic look. What will the next 50 years of MINI have in store? Only time will tell, but the ride is sure to be a good one.


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