A Peak at the Next Gen Mini Countryman

May 23, 2023
designing the next gen mini countryman

The next gen Mini Countryman is slated to begin production in Germany in November 2023. The new Mini model so far does not appear to be too different when compared to previous models, but is said to draw some similarities to the BMW X1. Here is a peek at what we can expect from this next gen Mini Countryman.


Reports suggest that the next-generation model of the Countryman is expected to be the most powerful model to date. The Countryman is likely to be powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter V4 engine, and this next-generation model is expected to produce more horsepower. Of course, there will be multiple different variants and trim levels, which would potentially have slightly different specs. There is speculation that the current plug-in hybrid variant could be replaced with an all-electric version, but this may not be available right away in the US.


While we don’t yet know for certain what the new dimensions of the Countryman will be, we can assume it will stick fairly close to the current blueprint, if maybe slightly longer. Some say it may be bigger than the previous generation so as to make room in the lineup for the forthcoming Mini Aceman.

Next Gen Mini Countryman Interior and Exterior

The floor mats, steering wheel, dashboard, and vehicle headliner will be made using carpet remnants and PET bottles that have been recycled. The aim is to reduce CO2 emissions and improve the ecological footprint.

MINI’s commitment to becoming more sustainable by reducing its ecological footprint is evident with the use of cast light-alloy wheels and 70% secondary aluminum in the manufacturing process of the next-generation model.

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The next gen Mini Countryman highlights the commitment of the brand’s efforts to promote a greener future. The new model combines style, spacious interior, sustainability, performance, and versatility.

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