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MINI Countryman Cargo Space

Mini Cooper Clubman vs Countryman

Mini Coopers have steadily been gaining in popularity in North America for several reasons including: compactness, ease of parking, driving experience, great fuel efficiency, and ideal city driving. The small size, however, has limited the number of customers who would like to purchase these vehicles, and thus, over the past few years, Mini has slightly expanded the size of its latest models: the Clubman and Countryman. So, today let’s explore the Mini Cooper Clubman vs Countryman.

Both the MINI Cooper Clubman and Countryman have similar features, including the shape and same four-door hatchback design.


The 2021 Countryman is a classy car with many upgrades (compared to the previous models) but more importantly, it has expanded cargo space and roomier rear passenger seating. For supreme comfort, the Mini Countryman will not disappoint. But, how does it compare to the 2021 Clubman, which also offers many upgrades and luxury?

The MINI Cooper Clubman vs. Countryman: 

To start, the Countryman is a slightly larger MINI than the Clubman in length, width, and height. In addition, all Countryman trims come with a standard moonroof and several extra color options to enhance the style. On the road, both MINIs are easily able to tackle all types of terrain effortlessly.

Though both MINIs offer good fuel efficiency, the Clubman is slightly faster than the Countryman, but the latter has 4-wheel drive and offers much better traction. 

While both the MINI Cooper Clubman and Countryman have expanded to seat a fifth passenger, the Countryman has slightly more cargo and headspace. In addition, because the Countryman has split rear doors, it also permits easy loading and unloading of luggage.

The Clubman, on the other hand, features standard heated front seats. Both MINIs have similar driver-assist features, like electronic stability control and emergency brake assist, but the Clubman also has other standard features, such as daytime running lights, intelligent rain-sensing wipers, auto-leveling headlight for better visibility, keyless start, and fog lamps, which are optional for the Countryman. 

Both models have the same modern infotainment system and allow a hands-free operation but only the Clubman offers wireless connectivity as a standard feature. Further, the 2021 Mini Clubman also comes with standard climate control features, which ensures a more comfortable ride – a definite edge over the Countryman.

In regard to the MINI Cooper Clubman vs. Countryman fuel efficiency, there is no difference in the fuel economy between the two MINIs, which average about 29 mpg in the city.


So: Mini Cooper Clubman vs Countryman: Which one is the best MINI Cooper?  For luxury and more space, the 2021 Countryman stands apart, but if you are looking for a sporty driving and comfortable experience, the Clubman stands tall. In the end, the differences between the two are minor and both cars offer similar performance on the road. The only way to know which MINI to select is to test drive one and determine which you like the most.  You can’t go wrong either way.

Finally, the MINI Cooper Clubman vs. Countryman are similar in price. The Countryman S starts at $33,250 for a front-wheel-drive base model, while the Clubman starts at $31,750. Add in the accessories and other fees and the cost averages about $40,000.  Call a MINI Cooper expert at Braman Motorcars today at 1-561-666-4791.  Which is the best MINI Cooper?  Swing on by the dealership today to compare the MINI experience!

MINI Countryman Cargo Space

How much cargo space does a MINI Cooper Countryman have?

The recently introduced Mini Cooper Countryman is a subcompact three-cylinder vehicle with an elegant cabin made of high-quality materials and has many options that can be customized.

The Countryman is fun to drive, agile, and gets you around without any hassles. One question that many potential buyers ask is, “How much cargo space does the MINI Cooper Countryman have?”

The first thing to appreciate is that the Countryman is a compact crossover, and the cargo space is somewhat limited due to the design.

Since the MINI Cooper Countryman has the transmission and engine mounted in the front, the rest of the MINI is freed up to maximize both the rear storage and passenger space.

The MINI Countryman cargo space may be somewhat modest and a tad smaller than other subcompact SUVs, but it offers a number of storage nooks where personal items can be stashed.

The rear seats can provide some maneuverability by sliding backward and forwards, and that can help with cargo and passenger space.

The Countryman MINI Cooper seating offers ample head and legroom, and the seats are supportive of good posture.

A power driver seat is a MINI Cooper seating option that can increase the support and comfort of a longer trip for the driver.

Considering the overall shape and size of the vehicle, the MINI Countryman cargo space is not huge, but it is considered ample for its size.

The MINI Cooper seating can accommodate five persons (although four would be more comfortable) and the option of adjustable seats (moving eight different ways) is available.

The Countryman is second to the MINI Clubman in terms of MINI cargo space at 47.4 cubic feet.  If you have the Countryman plug-in hybrid, the space is slightly less.

This means that because the rear seats can slide forward and backward, you can increase the cargo space to carry several suitcases, including your set of golf clubs.

The 2022 Cooper Countryman is, in fact, bigger in all dimensions than the previous models; therefore, you will note that the cargo space can be adjusted to be a little larger.

Interested in learning more about the MINI Cooper Countryman, contact us today.

MINI Countryman


The 2022 MINI Cooper Countryman is being introduced to the North American market at just the right time.  It is not only the right size, but it is compact, too — just what the millennials need, a MINI Cooper SUV.

Like many other car manufacturers, the makers of the 2022 MINI Cooper Countryman have only made minor changes to the vehicle.  The features that have been working well in past models have not been altered. The few changes in the Countryman that are standard include a lane departure warning, LED headlights, and a complimentary one-year subscription to Sirius XM satellite radio. The newer Boardwalk Edition, a limited production vehicle, will be available as an all-wheel or front-wheel drive.

This Limited Boardwalk Edition Countryman will be easy to spot on the roads because it comes with a distinctive Deep Laguna metallic/glossy paint on a darkish background with its prominent 18-inch wheels. 

The 2022 MINI Cooper Countryman comes with 3 tiers of powertrains, starting with 134 hp turbocharged 3 cylinders.  A better option for some, perhaps, is the Cooper S, which has a more powerful 189 Hp turbo 4-cylinder engine. Experts recommend the Cooper S with its 4-cylinder engine as it provides an additional 55 hp over the standard 3 cylinders of the slightly larger-than-normal size of the 2022 MINI Cooper SUV. 

The interior of the 2022 MINI Cooper Countryman is made of high-quality fabrics and has comfortable seating, even for passengers seated in the back. The interior has many storage pouches to store personal items and your coffee mug. 

All S models come with a panoramic roof, black leather seats, supportive and heated front seats, dual-zone climate, passive entry, and parking sensors. If you are going to be driving on slippery terrain or in wet conditions, you may want to choose an all-wheel drive model, which gives better traction. Other features of the 2022 MINI Cooper Countryman include a 6.5-inch state-of-the-art infotainment system and an 8.8-inch display for navigation. Apple Car Play capability is an option, as is self-parking assistance.  There is also an option for a complete driver assistance package that will permit a heads-up display and adaptive cruise control.

Like all other MINIs, the Countryman is best suited for inner-city driving for small families. The cargo space in the rear is just enough for one small suitcase. While the plug-in hybrid offers the best fuel efficiency, the thriftiest among the non-hybrids is the 3-cylinder MINI Cooper that offers 26 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway.


The base price of the 2022 MINI Cooper Countryman will be $29,950, with the Boardwalk Edition starting at $39,215, and the Cooper S E plugin hybrid bringing the highest cost at $42,350.  As with all MINIs, the 2022 MINI Cooper Countryman comes with powertrain warranties for 4 years or 50,000 miles, great corrosion coverage, and covered scheduled maintenance for 3 years or 36,000 miles.

2020 MINI Cooper Models | MINI Cooper Manual Transmission | Braman MINI of South Florida

MINI Cooper Manual Transmission Returns to US

Did you know that driving a stick-shift vehicle increases fun by 75% and increases your cool factor by at least 50%? Those are completely made-up statistics, but there is no doubt that moving your way through the gears in a manual transmission adds a little spice to the drive and allows you to enjoy a more connected experience with your vehicle. If you agree, we have good news: the MINI Cooper manual transmission is making its way back to the US. 

In 2019, MINI suspended the availability of its six-speed manual transmission models. The reasoning behind the move was that they needed to update the fuel-delivery system in order to boost efficiency and injection pressure. “Additional testing and optimization” was needed before they would re-release the manual option. MINI claimed the hiatus would be short-lived – and they are standing by their word. 

MINI spokesperson Andrew Cutler says that in early 2020, “Customers will be able to resume ordering [two- and four-door] MINI hardtop and convertible models equipped with manual transmission from March 2020 production.”

2020 MINI Cooper Models with a Manual Transmission

It is important to note that not all March 2020 MINI Cooper models will be available with a manual transmission. But, according to MINI, the Clubman and Countryman will be available in manual this summer, as will the John Cooper Works models. Yes, even the JCW! Initially, it was reported that these all-wheel drive performers would be automatic only, but fortunately, this is not the case.

Did you know that 45% of customers who buy the MINI Cooper S want a manual transmission? No, this is not a made-up statistic! It is why MINI is bringing this feature back. People love it! Consumers cite “fun to drive” as the biggest reason for purchasing a MINI, and for many, this means a stick. 

Visit Braman MINI and let’s celebrate the good news together! Ask us about 2020 MINI Cooper models that will be available with manual transmissions. We’re happy to show you why this is an excellent way to experience your MINI.  Contact us today.

Electric MINI Cooper | MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid | Braman MINI of West Palm Beach, South Florida

How to Charge Your MINI

Electric cars have meant real changes for many vehicle owners. Unfortunately, the charging process isn’t always what they expected, and that’s as true for the MINI as it is for every other electric vehicle on the market. In fact, many electric vehicle owners engage in incredibly dangerous behaviors that might not only damage the car, but everything around it as well. 

Fear not: your electric MINI Cooper is remarkably safe – but it pays to follow the brand’s instructions when you charge up your ride!

What Not to Do

A recent survey from the organization Electrical Safety First found that 75% of the 1,500 EV owners surveyed admitted to using unsuitable extension cords at some point to connect their EVs to charging stations. Of those individuals, 75% said that they had linked multiple extension cords together to reach their cars. Don’t!

A Fast Guide

Whether you have a MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid or any other plug in vehicle, use your dedicated, weatherproofed EV charging cable every single time you plug in. The MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid uses the Type 2 charging standard when you’re at home or in public. 

You can find the inlet behind the front left wheel (just in front of the driver’s door). You can open it by tapping on the charging socket flap, then removing the cover of the plug if you need to. Plug the connectors in, and if you’re at home, it should automatically begin the charging process. If you’re in public, you may need to activate a smartphone app or something similar to initiate charging.  

Once you’re plugged in, you can walk away until it’s complete, which usually takes two to three hours, depending on whether you’re using a fast or slow charging station and cable. Keep in mind, though, that charging time can vary, as you have to factor in how low the battery might be as well as a number of other issues. There is an indicator light on the charging socket to help you know more about where you’re at in the process. If it’s green, the charging process is complete. It it’s flashing yellow, it’s still charging. 

If you lock your vehicle when you walk away, the charging cable is also locked. You’ll have to unlock the vehicle before you walk away. Then, you release it by pressing the button on the handle and grasping the charging cable in the gripping area. 

Owning an Electric MINI Cooper can be a fun change of pace, but understanding how and when to charge it safely is nothing short of a must.

Plug-In Hybrid | MINI Countryman Review | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, South Florida

Plug-In Hybrid MINI Countryman Review

According to a MINI Countryman review, “The Countryman is the MINI’s least mini model.” We like to think of it as MINI – maximized. This plug-in hybrid has ample room for five (yes, even if you’re in the back), and with 17.2 cubic feet of space, you can even bring your stuff along for the ride. Leave the rear passengers at home, and you have 46.4 cubic space to work with. What else do you need to know about the big MINI?

The MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid Basics

This MINI hybrid houses the regular 1.5 liter three-cylinder engine, capable of 134 horsepower. This is coupled with a 7.6 kilowatt battery/motor. Combined output is 221 horses and 284 ft-lb of torque. More than respectable!

Now, the hybrid’s range is not spectacular, and that is a common theme of many a MINI Countryman review. It runs about 12 miles on electric power alone. After that, the 1.5 kicks in to power the vehicle. Remember, though, that MINI was founded on fuel efficiency back in 1959, so you’re looking at up to 28 mpg city and 38 mpg highway…. More than respectable! 

If fuel economy and range are your primary goals in a plug-in hybrid, there are arguably better choices on the market. The Countryman, however, offers that distinct MINI look and feel, and it is superior in terms of build and design than subcompact competitors. 

And it’s a manual! Hey, if you love to drive a manual, this is a huge benefit. It’s one of the only vehicles of its kind with this type of transmission. This car is simply a joy to drive and is packed with all the MINI charm you expect. 

Visit Braman MINI of Palm Beach, Florida to learn more about the plug-in Countryman. We’re happy to answer all of your questions.

MINI Countryman Tent | MINI Accessories | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, South Florida

Why Your MINI Countryman Needs a Roof Tent

Want the freedom to hit the road, explore, and embark on adventures when – and where – the urge strikes? Don’t want to drag a heavy – and gas guzzling – camper or RV behind you? You’re in luck. The MINI Countryman tent offers an easy, convenient, and cozy way to camp on the road. 

There are a host of MINI accessories designed to enhance your experience even further. One of our favorites – especially in the summer months – is a tent specially designed for the MINI Countryman. The 2019 is the biggest model in MINI history, and it features ALL4 all-wheel drive. This means you can take the road less traveled. And if you decide to stay, you can set up your roof tent.

Designed by Autohome and the MINI Design Team, the AirTop roof tent easily mounts to the MINI Countryman’s roof (you’ll need a roof rail carrier, another useful MINI accessory). As you drive, its light, aerodynamic design won’t impede gas mileage or performance. When you’re ready to sack out, just release two safety clasps at the front and two at the rear. From there, four gas pressure springs automatically raise the superstructure of the tent.

The MINI Countryman tent offers a sleeping area for two measuring 6.9’ x 4.3’, a high density mattress with cotton cover, rain proofing, two doors, two windows with zips, close-meshed nets to keep pesky bugs away, battery powered LED interior lighting, luggage nets, storage pockets, noise and heat insulation, and an aluminum ladder – which makes climbing up on your roof a breeze.

The rooftop design allows you to create a safe barrier between you and bugs, critters, snakes, bears… pretty much every creepy crawly that wants to investigate your campsite. You’ll also eliminate the uncomfortable problem of waking up in a puddle when it rains. Another benefit, with the tent on the roof, you have more cargo space for your gear and room for a bike rack on the back. Perfect!

This is one of the most exciting MINI accessories on the market. Take advantage of the freedom and flexibility it offers!

MINI Countryman Hybrid | 2020 MINI | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, Florida

MINI Countryman Hybrid Upgrade for 2020 Model

Oh, MINI, what treats are you going to give us now? There is always something new and different on the horizon; but this time, our favorite bulldog brand is going to address a big issue that was present in its MINI Countryman Hybrid. Many were baffled by the tested range of 14 miles – and the addition of 700 pounds of vehicle. In cars that are prized for their lean, agile presence on the road, this was a glaring issue. Luckily, it is one that the 2020 MINI Countryman Hybrid will take on.

The 2020 MINI will receive a major upgrade: while the previous version has an exceptional drive train that made driving a true joy, again, the range was a problem. Parent company BMW will increase the battery size from 7.6 kWh to 10.7 kWh. This will boost the range to an expected 16 to 20 miles on a full charge.

The extra battery capacity also serves other purposes. It will help deliver optimal performance for a longer duration. The 2020 model will manage power output more precisely. It’ll feature three modes:

  • Max Power: Both engines fire at 100 percent.
  • Normal: The advanced computer system will determine how to apply power and from which of the two engines.
  • Max eDrive: This is 100 percent rear wheel drive electric functionality.

Expect more “juice” in Normal and Max eDrive modes. But regardless of which mode you are in, you’re in a MINI! You’ll have an unparalleled driving experience coupled with the sleek, fun, and quirky style you love.

Look for pricing in the spring of 2019, or stop in at Braman MINI of Palm Beach to learn more about the 2020 MINI Countryman Hybrid. You can also peruse our inventory of other great MINI models for sale or lease now.

JD Power Rankings | MINI Cooper Countryman Sale | Braman MINI West Palm Beach, Florida

MINI Ranks Among Highest for Sales Satisfaction

MINI has more than earned its reputation as a beloved, quirky, fun, and budget- and eco-conscious brand. Drivers love the spirit of these innovative vehicles, and, according to JD Power rankings, they are just as happy with the sales experience. MINI placed highest in terms of sales satisfaction, according to the renowned research company.

Reclaiming Its Title

MINI held the title for best in sales satisfaction from 2010 to 2015. In 2016 and 2017, the brand placed second. Never content to be second best, our favorite bulldog-stanced performance beast is back on top! The JD Power rankings study looks at how satisfied customers are with the sales experience and is based on responses from nearly 26,000 consumers.

Thomas Felbermair, VP of MINI Region Americas, says, “We know that today’s consumers have a high expectation for an exceptional retail experience so we are very proud of our dealers for delivering the most satisfying experience when shopping for a new MINI.”

There are 127 MINI dealers in the US, each of which VP Felbermair thanked for their hard work and dedication. Braman MINI is proud to be among these dealerships: we are fully committed to ensuring that each and every customer is given personalized – and never pressurized – attention. The enjoyment associated with owning a MINI should begin even before you slide behind the wheel!

What models are consumers loving? Well… all of them! But MINI Cooper Countryman sale figures look especially strong. This compact SUV, which is also available in a plug-in hybrid, shot up 29% compared to the first 10 months of 2017.

Whether you want to check out a JCW model sale, a MINI Cooper Countryman sale, or a sale on another of MINI’s excellent offerings, you’ll find both the vehicle and the buying experience you want at Braman MINI. Stop in and see us!

MINI Countryman 2019 | MINI Countryman Interior | Braman MINI West Palm Beach, Florida

A Look Inside the MINI Countryman 2019

The MINI Countryman interior represents the highest quality interior in a MINI to date. It’s exceedingly well thought out and keeps up with many far more expensive luxury brands in quality. The material choice in the MINI Countryman 2019 is superb, with a number of leather types available. The interior is luxurious and extensively engineered around the driver.

Driver First Philosophy

What really makes an interior stand out from its competitors is how well its set up. Does it feel natural to drive in? When you reach for a control, do you have to look around and search for it? Or is it set up so well that reaching for it is second nature and you don’t have to take your eyes off the road? There’s so much sensible design built around the driver’s needs that it always feels comfortable.

This comes out even more because MINIs are such incredibly fun cars to drive. When everything is second nature and the MINI Countryman 2019 feels like a second skin, driving becomes much more enjoyable. You react as a driver rather than second-guessing and that can really take advantage of the Countryman’s agile handling.

There’s a remarkable philosophy to the MINI Countryman interior. It doesn’t just feel good, it makes you feel good as a driver so that the experience of driving becomes more natural – and even primal!

Technology for Safety & Entertainment

That’s even before getting to the technology suite or the considerable cargo space. There are multiple assist features including parking sensors and parallel park assist, as well as a head-up display and forward collision warning. From the rearview camera to automatic emergency braking, the number of safety features that come standard in the MINI Countryman 2019 is incredible.

The entertainment system boasts an infotainment display, a larger touch screen, 12-speaker Harman Kardon sound system, Apple CarPlay, and other features.

Expansive Cargo Space

While the interior makes you feel better as a driver, it’s also practical in a lot of other ways. There’s 17.6 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats up. Fold them down and you expand to 47.4 cubic feet. The hybrid is almost exactly the same – just 0.2 cubic feet less on both measurements.

Visit Braman and test drive the exciting MINI Countryman 2019 to experience the thrill for yourself.