MINI Offers Affordable Cars for College Students

October 30, 2018
Affordable Cars for College Students | MINI Oxford Edition | Braman MINI of West Palm Beach, Florida

It can be hard to find an affordable ride while you’re in school. High quality, affordable cars for college students don’t exactly grow on trees! The ones you can find often aren’t of the highest quality, and they certainly don’t come with additional options. This is the reason the MINI Oxford Edition was made. It breaks these rules and carves out a new mold.

MINI Oxford Edition Price

The MINI Oxford Edition is made for college students and recent college grads, and it’s priced for them as well. It’s open to full- and part-time students who are either at a two- or four-year accredited college or university. If you’ve graduated within the last 12 months, the MINI Oxford Edition is still available to you. The “list price” is $19,750 for the 2-door and $20,750 for the 4-door.

One of the best parts of this is that it comes with $6,900 in optional features as standard – there’s no extra cost for them. That includes an infotainment system, touchscreen, rear-view camera, park distance control, teleservices and emergency call, upgraded wheels, choice of transmission, dual-pane panoramic moonroof, and heated seats, just to name a few elements.

Making Students, Grads, and Parents Happy

This allows college students and recent college grads to enjoy a quality car that isn’t stripped of features. MINIs are renowned for their fun driving dynamics, easy control, high safety ratings, reliability, and of course their looks.

Affordable cars for college students are rare, and MINI set out to deliver cars that should appeal both to students and to parents who may be helping with that purchase. The goal is to provide a car that both will be happy with the student or recent grad driving for years to come.

Stepping Into the Larger World

When you first get out into the world from college, there are a lot of potential setbacks. It can seem overwhelming. Having a car that will be there day in and day out, that will be fun to drive as long as you have it, and that will keep you safe can do a lot to keep you active, engaged, and relaxed, whatever else may happen. The MINI Oxford Edition is a car you can take into the world with you.

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