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black mini front grill, mini remastered

MINI Remastered: Rock ‘n Roll Trunk

British boutique automaker David Brown Automotive has continued with his tradition of making posh cars, and this time he has created a new Mini model, known as the Mini Remastered Marshall Edition. Partnering with Marshall Amplification, David Brown decided to celebrate the music brand’s 60th anniversary with a Mini Remastered special edition. Essentially, the iconic Mini comes with the music brand’s colors, aesthetic features, and lots of retro rock and roll touches. Celebrate 60 years of loud!


Unlike the other David Brown Automotive Collection of Mini Remastered models, the Marshall Edition has exotic visual accents, both on the outside and inside. So far, the five dozen Remastered Minis have received the exclusive Marshall black paint for the exterior that accentuates the dark chrome and the Marshall gold paint accents that have been linked to the music brand. The Minis also receive pinstripes, a hand-painted coach line, along with the Marshall branding on the doors. The front reveals a small grille, but it is designed to look very much like Marshall’s audio equipment.

There are hints of Marshall’s favorite color that extend beyond the regular paint with the 12-inch black wheels receiving a tinge of gold accent and the Marshall’s gold M logo on the center caps. In addition, the handmade badges are also finished in enamel that is Marshall gold.

In the interior, Marshall and David Brown Automotive continue with the same gold and black music-inspired branding. The dash, switchgear, center console, doors, and hand brake all have the same gold accent finish. 

Even the pedals, including the clutch, acceleration, and brake, have gold features engraved. There is also gold stitching on the black leather seats, which also have a Marshall logo embroidered.


This Mini Cooper with amp in the trunk comes with nice audio upgrades that go beyond the traditional system and include dash-mounted speakers. In addition, inside the glove compartment, you will find a Motif ANC wireless earbud with charging ports.

The most impressive feature of the Mini Remastered, however, can be found in the trunk- it contains a fully integrated Marshall DSL 1 Combo amplifier with its own power supply. And, if you are in the mood for going mobile, there is also a portable Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker.

The Mini comes with a small 1.3 Liter A series engine and a 5-speed manual gearbox. Although, the Mini Cooper with amp in the trunk was not meant for practicality, just for having fun on Friday or Saturday nights outside the local club or bar. Some of the proceeds from the sales of the Mini Cooper with amp in the trunk will be donated to a music venue trust that supports independent concerts.


David Brown Automotive has said that only 60 such editions will be manufactured. The automotive company is known for extravagance and extreme poshness; therefore, do not expect the Marshall Special Edition to be cheap. More likely the Mini will be in the range of $100K.  The Marshal Edition will be hand-built in Silverstone, UK, and will be only available in the UK.

To discuss “all things Mini” and take a test drive of one of the Mini models available at Braman Motorcars, call the knowledgeable representatives at 1-561-666-4791.

MINI Vision Urbanaut

A Future Car Worth Waiting For: MINI Vision Urbanaut

One of the Future cars worth waiting for is the Mini Vision Urbanaut. This fully autonomous electric car with an odd shape may be the wave of the future. Designers at BMW have been tight-lipped about the Urbanaut but it will be an electric vehicle with partial self-driving capability. While still on the drawing board, the Urbanaut will have obligatory swiveling seats, an octagonal grille, and function as a multi-purpose family vehicle with a large sliding door on the side.

From the descriptions provided by BMW, it appears that the body form will resemble the first generation minivans used by the hippie generation of the 70s. But of course, Urbanaut will be much classier.

The concept for the Urbanaut was just revealed to the public but no date has been set for production. The Urbanaut will follow the same footprints as the previous minis- cute with a minimalist design and effective use of all space in the car. The key difference is that this Mini will be autonomous.

However, BMW has been reluctant to divulge any details about the chassis, power train, or the type of autonomous technology that will appear in the Urbanaut. A few things are known; it will be an electric car with partial conventional driving abilities. When not in use, the steering wheel will retract into the dashboard. 

Another feature about the Urbanaut is that it will be 14 feet 8 inches, which is nearly 7 inches longer than any MINI currently on the road. Besides, it will be taller so that the occupants can stretch out. Many of the external features may be similar to the old minis but the one exception will be the octagonal grille (all minis on the road have a hexagonal grille) and the headlights will only be visible when illuminated.

So far there is no firm confirmation if these concepts will come to fruition or when the Urbanaut will be built. Perhaps only a few of the reported design elements mentioned will make their way into the eventual Urbanaut. If you love Minis, visit Braman MINI.

A 4-door MINI Cooper available for lease in West Palm Beach, Florida

What Is a MINI Lease Like?

There are many advantages when it comes to a MINI Cooper lease. You’ve decided on the car – and you know you want that sleek, stylish 4-door MINI Cooper! After all, what is more fun than a MINI Cooper. It’s a car that people love driving for good reason. It’s surprisingly powerful, it has a gorgeous interior and ample features, and if that’s not enough the practical design, low demand for maintenance and good gas mileage all work to make the 4-door MINI Cooper a complete package. 

They also work together to make the MINI Cooper a car with great resale value, which can be good news for folks looking to lease. It’s no problem getting affordable options with a car that can be sold afterward. We know the value of a pre-owned MINI Cooper and as the lessee you’re going to get some of that value when you lease a MINI Cooper

With a MINI Cooper lease you pay for what you need when you need it. That’s it. MINI offers some of the industry’s most competitive leasing programs, and, with MINI Financial Services, you know you’ll have money left in the bank for other pursuits. You’ll be able to drive the MINI you know you want, complete with all the options and accessories you desire.

MINI Cooper Lease: Is It Right for You?

The average American driver purchases a new car every three to six years. Why not make it a lease and leave the hassle involved with car shopping to someone else? When you work with a dealer to lease a vehicle you avoid so much of the usual rigmarole.

If you typically drive under 10,000 miles a year and you want the experience of driving a new car while keeping your monthly payments as low as possible then leasing a MINI Cooper may be a really great option for you. 

MINI Coopers have a high resale value for a good reason. They are good dependable sedans. That said, who among us does not get a little nervous when that extended warranty ends and you are left fully responsible for any possible repairs? With a lease you don’t need to worry about that. Everything is taken care of for you. 

Leaning towards a lease? It’s a great way to get a new MINI for a low monthly payment while staying flexible.

MINI Cooper Lease Deals

>> Inquire about the latest MINI Cooper lease deals at Braman of MINI Palm Beach today.

Mini Cooper 2019 Oxford Edition

Mini Cooper Releases Its Most Exclusive – And Affordable – Car Yet

For young buyers, the new car purchase process can seem shady and stressful – from sales associates who are either too pushy or act as though you’re wasting their time, to products with price tags that astronomically rise with every option – it’s no wonder many prefer to buy used or forgo individual transportation altogether.

Of course, pre-owned cars come with their own set of problems and stressors, often requiring additional money to cover deferred maintenance, and public transportation or ride-sharing are still not totally safe or inexpensive options. Fortunately, MINI is providing an affordable, practical, stylish, and fun solution: The 2019 Oxford Edition.

The 2019 Oxford Edition is very much a case of addition by subtraction: in either two-door or four-door guise, the Oxford Edition trim starts $2,150 less than its base model brothers, yet adds standard features like carbon black leatherette upholstery, panoramic sunroof, 6.5-inch infotainment screen with a rearview camera and Bluetooth connection, the choice between silver or black 17” wheels, and is available in six vibrant colors including the classic British Racing Green and stunning Starlight Blue.

The newest and least-expensive MINI can be had with either a manual or automatic transmission – both with six forward gears – helping the turbocharged 3-cylinder engine return up to 27 miles per gallon in the city and 35 on the highway.

Make no mistake however – the lowered cost of entry doesn’t mean buyers will sacrifice a highquality product or dealership experience. The fit, finish, and ergonomics of each MINI derive from parent company BMW, and their hardy construction has lead to the two-door Cooper being named an IIHS Top Safety Pick in 2018. Furthermore, Braman MINI of Palm Beach clients enjoy the same level of service no matter their vehicle’s MSRP, which includes three years of covered maintenance and free car washes for life!

The 2019 Oxford Edition stylishly and successfully meshes affordability with a premium ownership experience.

“The MINI Oxford Edition represents a tremendous value for college students and recent graduates who are looking for a fun, stylish car that won’t break the bank. Eligible students and graduates can save thousands on a well-equipped MINI that is ideal to get them to get to campus or their first job out of school in style,” says Randy Clements, Department Head of Product Planning and Aftersales for MINI USA.

The Oxford Edition is offered exclusively to members of the U.S. Military, current college students, and recent graduates within the past 24 months. Young college and graduate drivers will be required to provide a transcript or diploma for an associates, bachelors, medical, law, or other graduate program attended in order qualify. This makes the Oxford Edition not only affordable, but exclusive – another benefit for those keen to stand out in a crowd.

Unfortunately, the Oxford Edition is only available for a limited time, so stop by Braman MINI of Palm Beach today to learn more and test drive one for yourself!

MINI Electric | 2020 MINI Cooper SE Hardtop | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, Florida

First MINI Electric Named

MINI already has hybrid models on the road (e.g., the Cooper SE Countryman All4), but the beloved British brand is poised to release its first mass produced all-electric vehicle soon. The 2020 MINI Cooper SE Hardtop may be a first for the automaker – but it won’t be the last.

MINI Electric

Details about the Cooper SE are still scarce, but MINI has let a few slip. For example, the electric vehicle will have the same powertrain as the BMW i3. Engineers made some tweaks, such as shifting the driven wheels and electronics to the front end, to accommodate the Cooper S architecture. The i3 has a range of about 114 miles; the Cooper SE is expected to deliver about the same.

To accommodate for the extra weight of the battery (the SE is about 384 pounds heavier than a base Cooper), MINI borrows the springs from the Clubman and Countryman, uses unique dampers, and elevates the ride by 0.6 inch.

MINI engineers balanced the goals of adapting to full electric capability with retaining that classic zip and handling. From test drives, they more than accomplished that mission. The added weight doesn’t hinder performance, and the Cooper SE moves effortlessly through twists and turns. More good news: thanks to the 170 hp boost in power, the electric MINI feels faster than a gas-powered MINI Hardtop.

The brand has said they plan on introducing more fully electric models to the family soon.

The 2020 MINI Cooper SE Hardtop will roll out early next year and is expected to be priced similarly to gas models. If you have your eye on a MINI electric vehicle, come in and speak to the experts at Braman MINI of Palm Beach. We’re happy to answer your questions about this model or others that strike your fancy.

MINI Cooper customization, buy a new MINI | Braman MINI in West Palm Beach, Florida

MINI Cooper Customization Speaks to Today’s Auto Shoppers

What really matters to today’s auto shoppers? What do they care about most when looking to buy a new MINI? You might be surprised. According to a recent survey commissioned by MINI, it all comes down to personalization, making the power of MINI Cooper customization absolutely essential in today’s market.

About the Survey

The market research firm Engine handled the survey, looking for car shopping trends both among general consumers and millennials alike. Their results are based on a sample size of 1,003 adults, half men and half women, all of whom were eighteen or older. The survey was conducted in November of 2018.

Customizing for Men More Than Women

The survey results found men ranked customization as two times more important than women, and millennials, more than anyone else, were looking for some serious options, particularly within the car’s technology and infotainment choices. A close second to the need for customization was the demand for interior comfort and style.

Nearly 59% of those responding, though, really looked for the ability to personalize a vehicle, not just in the world of wheels and color choices, but also in many other areas.

Why It Matters to MINI

MINI has long looked toward offering customers a variety of options. The goal with the entire vehicle line has been to encourage customers to make the car their own, and with continual redesigns and added options, many have been able to do just that.

The Reality of Today’s Car Buying Market

In a world where nearly every commercial claims people want bigger and better SUVs and trucks that provide cargo space, the simple reality is that today’s shoppers want so much more. They’re looking for something MINI has been offering for years – better personalization. So, if that’s at the top of your priority list, too, maybe it’s time to lease or buy a new MINI.

MINI Special Editions | MINI Cooper Special Edition | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, Florida

MINI Debuts 60 Years Edition

Our favorite British automaker is turning 60, and in true MINI fashion, they are giving us a present. The MINI 60 Years Edition features exciting new styling, a gorgeous interior, creative use of space, and that agile performance ability that we all know and love. This icon is a master at remaining true to its roots – while staying open to new ideas. MINI special editions always deliver – and we’re expecting great things from the 60 Years MINI Cooper special edition.

Door Options

The MINI 60 Years Edition will be available in a 3-door and 5-door model and will feature British Racing Green IV, pepper white top, two-tone wheels, and buttery soft interior leather and trim. You can also choose from Midnight Black metallic, Moonwalk Grey metallic, Melting Silver metallic, and MINI Yours Lapisluxury Blue non-metallic with the eye-catching pepper white or black roof and mirror caps. Bonnet stripes with a special anniversary design completes the look.

A Historical Nod

This MINI Cooper special edition evokes the brand’s racing history. It is sporty from end to end. You’ll get the fleet-footed performance you want with touches that make you feel like a pro racer: anniversary design seen in the LED logo projection, sports leather steering wheel, sports seats, LED headlights and fog lamps, white turn indicators, LED rear lights in the Union Jack design, and MINI Driving Modes and MINI Excitement Package with ambient lighting. Add an on-board computer, rain sensor, automatic AC, and storage package, and you have a vehicle that is anything but ordinary.

The MINI special editions commemorating 60 years of innovation will be available in March 2019. Visit the experts at Braman MINI to learn more!

All Electric MINI | MINI Concept Cars | Braman MINI Palm Beach, Florida

All Electric MINI to Deliver Good Green Fun

“We’ve always been quite clear that we don’t want this to be a boring car. Anyone could bring an electric car to market, but it’s got to drive right, it’s got to fit right with the brand, and I’m quite confident this will.” – Steve Roberts, MINI’s head of corporate and used cars

Roberts is speaking of the eagerly anticipated all electric MINI. Due to take over the streets in 2019, this MINI is guaranteed to be a lean, green, fun machine.

MINI Concept Cars to Become a Reality

What do we know about the all electric MINI? It’s expected to be similar to MINI concept cars that debuted at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July of this year. It’ll blend performance and sustainability beautifully, and as Roberts says, “We want people to get out and have a smile on their faces after driving that car with the typical go-kart dynamics.”

MINI has held off introducing an all electric model until technology had advanced to the point where they could offer an eco-conscious ride without sacrificing their distinctive, and beloved, driving style. This model will also deliver great range, enabling drivers to hit the road with confidence. While BMW is mum on specifics, a 300 mile range seems likely.

BMW will build the electric drivetrain at its e-mobility center in Bavaria and then finish assembly at its UK plant. It looks like the all electric MINI will be a three-door hardtop. Beyond that, specs are scarce at this point.

What we do know is that we can’t wait to get behind the wheel of the all electric MINI. It’ll deliver that fun, quirky appeal we all know and love with what we expect to be industry-leading electric technology.

Affordable Cars for College Students | MINI Oxford Edition | Braman MINI of West Palm Beach, Florida

MINI Offers Affordable Cars for College Students

It can be hard to find an affordable ride while you’re in school. High quality, affordable cars for college students don’t exactly grow on trees! The ones you can find often aren’t of the highest quality, and they certainly don’t come with additional options. This is the reason the MINI Oxford Edition was made. It breaks these rules and carves out a new mold.

MINI Oxford Edition Price

The MINI Oxford Edition is made for college students and recent college grads, and it’s priced for them as well. It’s open to full- and part-time students who are either at a two- or four-year accredited college or university. If you’ve graduated within the last 12 months, the MINI Oxford Edition is still available to you. The “list price” is $19,750 for the 2-door and $20,750 for the 4-door.

One of the best parts of this is that it comes with $6,900 in optional features as standard – there’s no extra cost for them. That includes an infotainment system, touchscreen, rear-view camera, park distance control, teleservices and emergency call, upgraded wheels, choice of transmission, dual-pane panoramic moonroof, and heated seats, just to name a few elements.

Making Students, Grads, and Parents Happy

This allows college students and recent college grads to enjoy a quality car that isn’t stripped of features. MINIs are renowned for their fun driving dynamics, easy control, high safety ratings, reliability, and of course their looks.

Affordable cars for college students are rare, and MINI set out to deliver cars that should appeal both to students and to parents who may be helping with that purchase. The goal is to provide a car that both will be happy with the student or recent grad driving for years to come.

Stepping Into the Larger World

When you first get out into the world from college, there are a lot of potential setbacks. It can seem overwhelming. Having a car that will be there day in and day out, that will be fun to drive as long as you have it, and that will keep you safe can do a lot to keep you active, engaged, and relaxed, whatever else may happen. The MINI Oxford Edition is a car you can take into the world with you.

MINI Electric | MINI Hardtop | Braman MINI West Palm Beach, Florida

MINI Teases Electric Hardtop

The MINI electric is an exciting prospect. The MINI hardtop lends itself well to a fully electric vehicle. It’s already a light but strong car with an aesthetic that blends modern functionality with a retro look. That’s just another way of saying it’s a lot of fun to drive.

A Tease of Things to Come

The currently teased MINI electric looks very good. It maintains that funky MINI look with its big, round headlights and unsubtle features. The look is smart and eye-catching.

We still don’t know the exact details of the electric MINI hardtop, but it looks like it will have a single, front-mounted motor. At the rate that battery technology is advancing, MINI is staying quiet on the exact specs.

This is smart, since what’s available closer to production may present even better options than what’s available today. What we do know is that it will continue to push MINI’s classic mobility forward. Performance and nimble handling should feel familiar and advanced.

What We Do Know

The grille will obviously be sealed off, since the electric motor won’t need it. The four-spoke wheels that are unique to the teased concept car will be kept for the production line, which should get underway come 2019.

Range is anticipated at 200 miles or more. This again depends on the exact battery specs at the time of production. Electric vehicles are, of course, easier and less expensive to maintain. Join this with potential tax credits and they become extremely sensible vehicles to own.

An Electric Wave

With this in mind, the new MINI electric is part of a larger push by BMW Group to launch 12 new fully electric cars by 2025. The new electric MINI should be one of the most affordable in that group, allowing drivers to enjoy superb, fully electric performance as soon as next year.

We’re excited to see what this new MINI hardtop has to offer, how it performs, and how owners customize theirs. More than anything, though, we can’t wait to see how owners decide to show off their new MINI electric.