New MINI Coopers

  • Electric MINI Cooper | Electric MINI E Dealer | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, FL
    Today’s electric vehicles can win races and go further than ever before. Yet what if you’re in the city, and you want something that’s beautiful, cutting edge, and reliable? You’re not aiming to win any horsepower contests and you’re not driving a grand tour. You’re going to work, and you need something low-stress with good
  • MINI Cooper Lease | MINI Cooper Models | Braman MINI of Palm Beach
    Will MINI offer a car subscription service along the lines of Access by BMW? There are a lot of indicators that suggest it’s only a matter of time. Imagine holding a MINI Cooper lease that allows you to swap models as you see fit. It’s like Netflix – but for cars. You subscribe, and as
  • Electric MINI Cooper
    Next November, you have more to look forward to than just digging into turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie (though, yes, definitely look forward to that too… and cranberry sauce… gotta have cranberry sauce). Everyone’s favorite fun and zippy brand is set to start production of the MINI E in late fall 2019. What do we
  • Black MINI Convertible for sale in West Palm Beach, FL
    How can you say no to brand new MINI cars? At Braman MINI West Palm Beach, they’re always saying yes. Yes to new models. Yes to more special offers. Yes to more satisfied customers. And it’s not all talk – with Braman, it’s real. There are so many new MINI cars at Braman MINI West
  • New 2015 MINI Cooper S Convertible for sale at Braman MINI in Palm Beach, Florida
    Beautiful new MINI cars for sale as far as the eye can see! Braman brings forth colorful MINIs of all shapes and sizes, brand new and waiting to hug curves and zoom down straight roads. It’s like stepping into a candy shop with so many MINIs to choose from. In fact, you might find yourself