The New MINI E Starting Production in November 2019

April 11, 2018
Electric MINI Cooper

Next November, you have more to look forward to than just digging into turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie (though, yes, definitely look forward to that too… and cranberry sauce… gotta have cranberry sauce). Everyone’s favorite fun and zippy brand is set to start production of the MINI E in late fall 2019. What do we know about this electric MINI Cooper so far?

Not a lot… but just enough! MINI loves to keep drivers on their toes – so it’s no surprise that the brand is ramping up anticipation by holding details close to the vest. Spy cams have caught this electric MINI Cooper during its extensive testing phase, but it’s been effectively camouflage. Oh, MINI: you’re killing us!

i3 Lessons

What we do expect is that this electric MINI Cooper will learn from, and improve upon, the BMW i3. Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW Board Member (MINI is under the BMW Group umbrella), says, “[The MINI E] carries a lot over from the i3. We have learned a lot about electromobility, which is why we say that we’re entering the second phase. Everything learned from i3 will be applied to MINI’s EVs.”

MINI is tailor-made for electric capability. Small, lightweight, gutsy and agile already, the next iteration will undoubtedly be completely on-brand. Expect it to be 100% MINI – which means a joy to drive and a cheap date at the gas pump. Torque and responsiveness, with the vehicle’s low center of gravity, will help it “stick to the ground” better than ever before.

The New Electric MINI Cooper: It’s so MINI

Most telling is, perhaps, this statement from brand boss Sebastian Mackensen: “We always joke and say if Issigonis [the engineer behind the original MINI] would invent the MINI today, it would definitely be an electric car. It is the answer to current challenges, as the original MINI was in 1959.”

Production should begin in November 2019 with a release date in 2020, giving you plenty of time to devour your Thanksgiving feast (and recover) before you visit your trusted electric MINI E dealer to test drive this efficient beauty.

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