MINI’s Electric Could Be Ideal for City Dwellers

May 31, 2018
Electric MINI Cooper | Electric MINI E Dealer | Braman MINI of Palm Beach, FL

Today’s electric vehicles can win races and go further than ever before. Yet what if you’re in the city, and you want something that’s beautiful, cutting edge, and reliable? You’re not aiming to win any horsepower contests and you’re not driving a grand tour. You’re going to work, and you need something low-stress with good city performance. You also wouldn’t mind if it turned a few heads. Enter the electric MINI Cooper and MINI E.

Great City Performance

Perfect for city driving, MINIs are fun to drive, and they don’t waste space. The engineering is built around giving you good performance at low speeds. Performance cars are great when you need to get to 200 mph in 3 seconds, but you may notice that they often drive like boats when you’re motoring at 30 mph through the city. Similarly, you can camp out in a luxury car, and you might need to if you’re waiting for a parking space to open that’s large enough to accommodate it.

The electric MINI Cooper and MINI E are built with these challenges in mind. They handle with agility at low speeds. And unless you’re taking one for speed trials, they’ll do just fine on highways, too, going 70 mph like every other car. Their nimble build also lets them sneak into openings that other cars might not be able to make.

The range of 65 miles is plenty for daily driving around the city. You can just plug it into any outlet to recharge overnight.

Getting Ahead of the Electric Curve

When the new electric MINI Cooper models roll in, be sure to visit an electric MINI E dealer to put one to the test. You’ll be surprised at just how zippy it feels. Aside from the quieter drive, you wouldn’t even know it’s electric – it looks just like its gas-powered cousins. It’s just a little more responsible for the planet and easier on the wallet (especially with rising gas prices).

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